. This may be potentially the best month of playstation plus we’ve had in quite a long time your games. This month include the brand new destruction all stars for playstation 5 control ultimate edition, which includes both its playstation 5 and playstation 4 versions and concrete genie on playstation 4.. You effectively get two brand new games as part of your subscription for february, which is absolutely bonkers. So, first up we have destruction all stars on the playstation 5.. This was meant to be a playstation 5 launch game, but sony delayed it in order to release it as a playstation plus game. It makes a lot of sense why they’ve done this it’s, primarily an online multiplayer game. Releasing this full price at launch would have been a bit of a tough sell, but including it as part of playstation plus means that the game is guaranteed a strong player base. Straight out of the gate and it’s a really quiet time for games at the moment, so a lot of people are going to be willing to give it a try. Destruction. All stars is a combination of destruction, derby and overwatch. You can drive around wild arenas in cars, smashing up other vehicles and trying to knock over enemies. You can also jump out of your car to do some parkour and to use special abilities. It includes both single player and multiplayer modes and features 16 unique, playable characters to get to grips with. Alongside this announcement, sony also released a seven and a half minute state of play dedicated to destruction all stars.

So, if you’re, looking for more in depth, information before the game comes out, make sure to check that out in general, i think the game looks pretty solid and more polished than i think i was expecting it to. It reminds me a lot of a game called onrush which released a few years ago and died straight away, which was a shame because it offered a lot of similar ideas to destruction all stars, so i’ve got pretty high hopes for this. I can’t wait personally to check it out next up. We have control ultimate edition, originally released in 2019 for the playstation 4 control is developed by remedy entertainment. The creators of max payne and alan wake control is a really unique and very cool game. You play as a woman who has supernatural powers as she explores this really cool, hidden agency, building, that’s, full of weird secrets and shifting corridors. This ultimate edition contains both pieces of its dlc. If you’re an alan wake fan, you should absolutely make sure you play through dlc, but this edition was also mired in a bit of controversy. If you were planning to buy the ultimate edition on playstation 4, you would receive a free playstation, 5 upgrade. But for those who already owned the standard edition of the game, they would not receive an upgrade for playstation 5, which, for those who bought the season, pass for the original game, felt like a bit of an uncool decision.

However, now that ultimate edition is part of playstation plus fans of the game can get their hands on the upgraded playstation 5 version for no extra cost. This next gen version lets you play the game in 60 frames per second, which is a welcome change, because the game did not run well on the playstation 4, as well as a graphics mode which includes ray tracing. I absolutely implore you to check out control it’s, one of the most unique games i played last gen and finally, on playstation 4. We have concrete genie. This is a nice gentle game that focuses on the main character, as he uses a magic paintbrush to cleanse the polluted town of denska. In our review, we praise the game for its gorgeous presentation, relaxing intuitive gameplay and its delightful playstation vr modes. We gave it a 7 out of 10 overall, definitely a fun little game to spend some time with destruction. All stars, control ultimate edition and concrete genie will all be available on tuesday, the 2nd of february destruction. All stars will be available until april 5th. That means you have two months to claim the game. This also means that you’ve got until monday february the 1st to claim january’s trio of games that was manito on playstation 5 shadow of the tomb raider and greed fall on playstation 4.. So there we have it three, really really cool games. What are you most excited to play? Let us know in the comments below, if you enjoyed this video, please do consider giving it a like and make sure to subscribe to push square for everything.

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