If you want to play and there’s no official links posted by fortnite to register for these tournaments, but you already know guys – i got you so stick around for that. So fortnite just partnered up with pele, who is a legendary soccer player, and we can win literally free skins by playing this tournament. So i’ll cover those skins, i’ll cover how to play how to win and even how to register, because these tournaments are locked for everyone and by the way, fun fact. Over 82 percent of you are not subscribed still, and we are so close to 20 000 subscribers. So a lot of you watching may think that you are subscribed, but you’re not so make sure you subscribe right now and of course, drop like while you’re down there and, of course take a second and use code. Auto click in the item shop. I would greatly appreciate it, but now let’s not waste any more time, let’s jump into this cup. In fact, these 10 cups – okay, so fortnite posted this right here it says football or soccer to some – is coming to fortnight’s your favorite clubs outfits, a new creative hub and we’ve teamed up with legendary player pele to bring you the pele cup compete to earn his Iconic air punch, emotes and new kickoff sets, which i will show you, how they look just in a second, but as you can see, we have brand new soccer skin sets.

So these will probably be the new sweat skins. So let’s take a look at how you can get them before they hit the item shop. Okay, so these skins and the emote is gon na be live in the item shop on january 23rd. So in case you don’t, win the cups. Well, you can get the skin and, of course, the emote by simply buying it in the item. Shop – usually autoclick, of course, but of course, as i mentioned, you can get them for free by playing in this cup on january 20th, and that is not it. For the rewards take a look at what you can get. You can literally win a signed jersey from one of their teams. It is absolutely insane and those things are worth a lot of money. So if you don’t want it yourself, you can honestly sell it. It’S pretty crazy, but okay, there’s 23 teams in total that you can choose from so just like the soccer skins. Of course, you can change the style of your skin and there’s 10 different variants of the male and female outfits so boom here is how they look like there’s, galacticus and yeah. Why does this look like james charles? Like am i wrong, but anyways here is the palace air punch emote, which is basically his celebration of when he scores a goal and yeah we’ll. Take a look at this. My boy, billy literally won 1282 times like my boy, is absolutely correct.

Now, of course, this is not in fortnite. This is in soccer, that is insane dude. Okay, let’s take a look at this brand new cup and how to win it. Okay, so here are all the rules for this new cup and, as i mentioned, there’s 10 cups in total, which i will cover just in a second. So first of all, it doesn’t seem that you have to be in any arena league to actually play this tournament. You can be in any area league and you can play so of course. As always, this means that players in this tournament are going to be pretty bad, so illuminations are going to be pretty easy to get. Our stove here is the format for this cup. As you can see each elimination well, i got an on spotify you’re trolling. So, as you can see, each illumination is only one point and for placement you get 20 points for placement alone and by the way, this tournament is gon na be in solo. So you don’t need any friends to actually play this tournament, which is good for a lot of us, including me. This is so sad guys, but, as you can see as an addition to this tournament, there’s also another tournament called the atlanta united cup and also the seattle sounders cup, and also the los angeles cup, and also the face city cup and also the as roma cup And also the ac milan cup, milan cup sure and also the inter cup, but where there’s more there’s, an australian kickoff cup psych, is not over there’s a rematch cup as well.

Asia and middle east did not get a special cup now. Yes, they do get a pele cup, but they do not get those additional cups which are locked as you can see, but i’ll cover how to register just in a second let’s. Take a look at the price boots for this cup. Super quick, all right. So, as you can see, top 1 and 750 players get the outfits. What just happened. Why did you have to do that? So it seems like we get every single skin, plus the emotes like holy dude. This is insane. You literally get 10 skins plus an emo. This is so worth it to play in, and here are the placements for each region that you need to get and, as you can see, if you get first second or third, you can get a side fc santos jersey, like dude. That is absolutely insane yeah. Look at this it’s worth 300 dollars. You can literally just sell that and make some crazy money now before we get over. All these atlanta, united cups and all the other cups let’s take a look at the requirements. Super quick for this pele cup. So, as i mentioned for arena league, it doesn’t matter what league you are in, you can be in the open league and still play, and, as always, it is super simple. You have to have 2f8 enabled all your accounts to play and by the way it looks like this tournament is going to be cross platform, so there’s no separate press pulls for consoles, pc players and nintendo switch players.

Everything is going to be in the same lobby. So just like for the fncs you console, players are getting absolutely grieved. If you didn’t know, console does not have a separate press pull for the fncs. By the way i made a whole video about that. So go check it out. Okay, so now let’s talk about the atlanta, united cups and all the other nine cubs that you can play, but first let’s take a look at the details that you need to know about this tournament and then we’ll go over the registration process, which is pretty easy. Okay, so these tournaments are basically all the same we’ll be using this tournament as an example. As you can see, these tournaments are gon na, be in solos as well. Okay, so the format is gon na, be the exact same as the other cup. Each elimination is one point and then for placement. It is 20 points for placements, pretty simple stuff, nothing too crazy. Again, you do not have to be in champion leagues to actually play this. You could be in any arena league to play and by the way this cup is on 21st, not 20th. The pele cup is on the 20th and this cup is on the 21st. So if we go to the secret page, we can see all the official rules for this tournament. Okay, maybe it’s, not that secret it’s, literally right here and now here are the prize posts for these cups.

So for most of these cups you get the skins all 10 skins and to get that you have to be top 100 in that cup. But now take a look at this for the manchester city and face city cub. You also get the fancy footwork in game cosmetic e modes, so it looks like for these two tournaments. You also get the e modes, and now this is why this tournament is locked. For you take a look at this. It says register for this event to unlock it in game, see you on the pitch okay. So this is how you can register for this tournament and by the way. Yes, you do have to register for each and every single tournament that you want to play. So if you want to play all 10, then you have to register for all 10 tournaments, so there’s no official links to register for these cups. But i got you boys, you already know i’m gon na leave all the links down in the description to all these registration pages. You can just simply click on every single one of them and we’ll register. It is really easy to do you simply log in the top right corner and you simply click register, and you are done if you’re gon na play all the other tournaments well make sure to register for every single tournament that you want to play. But now take a look at this dude there’s, only one tournament for any east, but for any west there’s two tournaments and for europe there’s four additional tournaments like what is this dude? Oh my god, it’s james charles again, but now wait! Look at this dude! If i go to europe and click face city cup right here, it says duo’s, solo tournament like hello.

What does this even mean? I’M, pretty sure it’s a glitch and it should say solos, because all these tournaments are solos. But then again the format is going to be different. You get a point from top 50 and not from top 75., so i don’t know what’s wrong with this specific tournament. But okay, dude we’ll see what happens and by the way these tournaments are cross platform again and they are cross region. So you should be able to play in different regions if you want to, but of course they’re locked. For now. We don’t know how to unlock this, and the rules for this cup is going to be the same thing as the pele cup, which is, of course, 2fa enabled on your account. But that is all the information that you need to know about this cup. If you enjoyed this, video of course drop like and subscribe, if you haven’t already and yeah. Lastly, hey use code autoclick in the atom shop, especially when buying these skins, all right boys that’s. All i got for this video.