We got some brand new fortnite news if you guys do like fortnite or any epic game. If you could consider to use my support of creator code, dad’s hyphen commentary in your item shop or when you purchase epic games, i would appreciate it in this video. We are going to explain the fortnight afl community battles that are coming so there’s going to be some rewards that are involved in this guys and we’re going to read it out here how you can join, how you can get your rewards and how you can get This spray right here, if you guys do, need help with any challenges. I probably have them uploaded on my channel as a tip and trick, so you can go to that uh playlist. Also, if you need my help, you can add me on epic games and dad’s hyphen commentary when i’m live over on twitch at dad’s commentary. If you want to add me over there as well, i will help you with challenges as long as i’m, not as long as i don’t have like a full squad, or something like that. If you want to jump in and play feel free to do that just make sure you come through the twitch to do it i’d appreciate it all right. So this was just released. Fortnite afl community battles are coming, get your guernsey out everyone, because your chance to join your favorite afl team has arrived starting at 9am aedt on january 27th, that is tomorrow.

You will be able to sign up to compete with community creators and play representing 18 afl teams to take your shot at winning some v bucks and footy theme spray, which is right here in the afl community battles, all 18 teams are gearing up to see. Who comes out on top so get warmed up to put your hard work, every member of the winning team will get 800 v bucks. So if your team wins, you get 800 v bucks. Those who play second will get 400 v bucks and those that place. Third. Will get 200 v bucks? You get some free v bucks here, just for participating and winning so it’s kind of, like a competition check out the rules on the afl community battles website. If you fancy it, i do recommend you check the rules out, because you want to know what you’re getting into be one of the first 5 000 people to sign up with the team to have your points count towards the overall team, total missed the cut, no Dramas, mate you’ll still be able to compete as a fan on your own leaderboard for bragging rights and to earn the footy theme spray. You may make your way onto the team if someone drops out too so be ready, make sure to stay flat. Out of the event you wouldn’t want to be iffy teammate now. Would you we’ll see you on the island? So, no matter what, if you participate, you should be able to get this, but let’s, look at the rules and see what they what they have in it.

So one of the things you’re going to want to do is you’re going to want to get to this page right here when you’re at this page, you need to log, in with your epic account, join your favorite afl team player and create to lead the team To victory you’re going to hit the join button right here, just like this, but i can’t because i am not logged in if i was logged in it – would pop up and say uh let’s see here. If i was logged in i’d say this, you need to authorize using your epic games account, so we can track your in game actions and calculate your points in the battle so i’m, not logged in on here i’m. Just on the news page, i will um include this link in the description, so you guys can get here very quickly. Follow these easy steps and earn awesome rewards. So one join one of the afl teams and sign up. So what you need to do is go to a pc i’m, not sure if you can do this on computer. Go to this page log in with your epic account hit the join button complete daily tasks in fortnight. So i do upload videos of daily tasks. So if there’s a certain task, you’re looking for and you’re, not sure how to do it search my channel, i may have it on there for you, so all you got to do is drop a sub to get my notifications when i post stuff turn them notifications On and then, if i upload tips and tricks, they should help you out earn points for every action in the game.

So, no matter what you do, it looks like you’re going to earn points for doing different things in the game, lead the team to victory and get vbox. So let’s see what happens here. So if we click back to this first, one player reward complete at least one daily task to get the punt spray. So all you got to do is get on complete one task: you’re gon na get the punt spray rewards for third place. Every member of the team that make that takes the third place will get 200 v. Bucks rewards for second place. Every member of the team that takes the second place will get 400 v. Bucks rewards for first place. Every member of the team that makes first place will get 800 v. Bucks choose your team, 18 afl teams are fighting to become number one. Who do you want to side with? I said show more here see what it does, so these are going to be your 18 teams right here. So you can pick any one of these that you want fight for victory, side by side with your teammates they’re, counting on you, so let’s just play for free, see where this takes us right here. Let it load this just takes us to fortnight. So basically it’s saying you can download fortnite, so what you’re going to want to do is you need fortnite done type your favorite, team’s name right here, who you want to side with? You can search them they’re all right here.

I can hit join right here, but it’s going to tell me that i need to i need to log in all right guys so make sure that you are logged in and if you wanted to join, like richmond tigers. The athlete bumper let’s hit learn more right. Here, 16 year old from geelong, who has been a competitive fortnight player and twitch streamer for over three years, so this is about him. He’S been a competitive, so he he’s been competitive since he was 13. wow all right so anyway, um these are your teams. This is what you’re going to want to look at right here. You can learn more about them. Make sure you log in to do it. I don’t want to log in right now, because i don’t know what team i’d want to join and it just gives a little bio about them wrong buttons. Trying to get me to log in i don’t want to do that. Don’T want to do that. So right here we will just hit, learn more here and twitch streamer representing mind freak esports as a content, creator and influencer on polynesian descent currently residing in the gold coast of queensland all right guys. So that is just what you want to do. So if you want to get in this event, you want to get your v bucks, you want to get free stuff, you want to compete. This is your opportunity and you do have to start start joining tomorrow, the 27th and then once you’re.

In guys, it says right here be one of the first 5 000 people to sign up with the team to have your points count towards the overall team total, so there’s, only gon na be five thousand people to sign up. You could be on the sidelines, though. First, five thousand fill up like this starting at nine a.m. On the 27th that’s your chance to start signing in all right, and maybe it’s starting at nine, it looks like so get. Joint join now join. Now is what you want to do, and then um yeah. If you guys found this video helpful again drop a like just explaining the rules and details of fortnite afl community battles, so this isn’t on the page for fortnite news right now. It doesn’t mean it won’t populate there but i’m trying to bring this to you guys. So you have it uh again: drop a like and a sub if you’re new and if you’re not new, drop a like.