We have got some more awesome news from fortnight today, and this is about fortnight community battles. This video is to go through everything you need to know about fortnite community battles. Remember i cover this type of topic, all the time so do subscribe. If you want to know all about the upcoming events and ways you can get free rewards in fortnight, today is fortnite community battles where you join your favorite afl team player and creator to lead them to victory. This is a free to join community battle, so you don’t have to pay or be subscribed in fortnight crude and to be in battle pass. This is just free to join and you have to register and there are some steps that we need to follow. But i’ll talk about those in a minute and we’re going to scroll down now to the actual team section, because these are these are the 18 teams that are fighting to become number one and who you’re gon na side with. So there are 18 teams. As i said – and this is the important part, because, if you’re picking the wrong team or the wrong creator or the wrong player within a team that isn’t going to do particularly well, then unfortunately you’re not going to win the free rewards. You’Ll be able to get one reward, but you won’t be able to get the free v bucks, so it’s interesting that fortnight have done it this way where you can actually join whatever team.

You want to you, you don’t go into a random selection, so it could be that this is weighted in a way that so many players pick one particular team to join the popular team, perhaps or a popular creator, whatever it may be, and if that one is Severely weighted to um, obviously having more players in it. Does that automatically mean that they’re going to win more players mean the more daily tasks that are completed more daily tasks are completed the more points you get, the more points you get, the more likely you are to win it’ll be interesting to know if it is An average points per player and added up over time or whether it’s just accumulation of points that’s the bit we don’t know yet and it’d be interesting to find out over the coming days and weeks, and here are the 18 teams, though, as i mentioned so, do Take a look at them now, but also putting this at the end of the video. So you can go back and decide which team you want to join so let’s, just scroll back up onto this blog post itself and talk about the rewards that are available so i’m going to skip to place uh one. So if you used to become first place so rewards for first place is every team member of that team, and that takes the first place, will get 800 feedback. So if you join one of those 18 teams and one of those 18 teams win um, every single member of that team, so you included, will get 800 v bucks for free.

This is an awesome way, um to get the community involved in playing fortnight daily and i’ll talk about that towards the end of this video as well. The reason why fortnight be pushing these types of battles, community battles or competitions that are out there as well. Obviously we had one announced yesterday so going back to um. The second place is going to be raw for second place every member again, every member of the team that takes second place will get 400 v bucks. So, even if you um pick a team that isn’t quite top um, but you come in second place – you’re still going to get 400 v bucks for participating and coming second, and that even goes on to the third place, some more v bucks available. So every member of the team that takes the third place will get 200 v bucks, so some awesome prizes there available for the top three teams out of 18.. So if you pick one of those top three teams, you are going to be in for winning some v bucks be interesting to know in the comments section what team you’re going to pick in the um, so you can kind of share your thoughts with other viewers Of this video it’d be really interesting to know we’re going on to uh the player reward. You kind of i skipped over it earlier, but as long as you’re playing and you’ve completed, one daily task in this competition, so you’ve signed up you’ve registered and you complete one daily task.

You’Ll be able to get this spray called the punt spray. So this is american football league punch spray that is available by just participating in doing at least one daily task. So just a recap of what you need to do to follow the steps to earn these awesome rewards. So the first one is join one of the afl team which i showed earlier but i’ll be showing at the end of the video and sign up. So you can use this blog post to sign up and i’ll put a link in the description below. So you can go directly there now. The second step is to complete in daily tasks in fortnight. Obviously, the more daily tasks you um complete. It moves on to the next step, which is earn points for every action in the game. So the more daily tasks and the more actions you do in a game, so the more you’re playing fortnite. Essentially, then, obviously the more points, your team will accumulate um and this will lead your team step four to victory and get the v bucks. So, just going back to what i was mentioning earlier and fortnite in general, so they’re really pushing players back to the game as many as they can get back to the game and fortnite has had a dip in um usage and playership over the last season. And i think it got to um a place where it’s probably been the lowest in the whole of the fortnight history since season three um in chapter one so it’s, definitely on the the decline.

At the moment, lots of the games are popping up where they come more community based, like rust, um you’ll see a lot of content creators playing at the moment and various other games that um have a lot of collaborative feel. So this is the reason why fortnite are probably introducing these competitions and these battles um, to make it more community, make more people play together and essentially give you free rewards for playing the game, rewarding people for playing the game it’s. Something is quite normal in games like fifa, for example, the more you play it and the more rewarded, the more chance you’ve got of get it didn’t, better football players, and obviously, with this you’ll, be able to use your v bucks on cosmetics and skins that you Want in the game as well, obviously, you won’t gain a competitive advantage like you do in fifa, but it’s interesting that they’re trying to go for this more pay. You play the more you play, the more rewards you get so definitely worth joining and picking a team. Um you may win v bucks, even just by joining and not doing anything or just doing one one of those tasks, for example, i’m, going to leave you with the 18 teams that are now available, um on here and hopefully um. You have found this video useful i’ll just put this all in the outro, so you can kind of look at the teams and the creators that are available and if you have found it useful, then do drop a like.

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