Nobody and nothing could survive that inferno, yet khan did find a dark one there. Now my mission is to find and eliminate it to finish what i started in the past. Trains were ordinary things, but now this monorail seems magic doesn’t it. Our kids won’t know how to operate these things and their kids will probably think this was built by the gods. All right, we’ve reached the station. This is part of the secret metro line. We haven’t explored these times, so don’t wander off, i’ll, try to put some juice on the system and get the lights on use your flashlights in the meantime right, you’re ready, that’s, a good sign rabbit. Maybe we’ll have luck with this mission too power’s working open the gate i’ll cover the passage great. You did fine, after all, all clear move out. Alright, the map shows a collector entry point ahead. Move i’m following go right: there’s a dead end on the left, something alarms stay sharp that thing’s fast. I don’t think we’ll run into anything serious here, great the ladder it’s just a little more walking, then we’ll see if you’re a rabbit or man surface. Put your mask on come on, put the mask on. I don’t want to drag. Stop messing around put on the mask. Enter, tells me not to abandon our people with looking at my ass it’s way. Out of your reach, rabbit Music. Give me a hand here: Music let’s, go to the main entrance, there’s a good shooting position there.

I can cover a lot of territory, you’re supposed to be immune to there. What influence? Oh, i don’t have your gift so hop along rabbit head on in and look for the creature i’m thinking that since the dark ones are so fond of you it’ll sense you or smell you or whatever the they do and come from hiding just try to stay In the open, so i can cover you, we’ll maintain radio contact and if you have second thoughts, don’t worry i’ll. Do it? Okay, then good luck, so something’s still burning where the nest was that’s. Some fine wasteland, you guys sure, did a good job here. It’S strange! Well, it could still be burning after all this time. Well, it doesn’t matter move towards it. I’Ll cover you, i see some kind of movement. He gets ready. Music let’s do it. There’S Applause looks like we pretty much cleaned the place. How are you hey you all right? They are dm you’re doing a decent job, maybe you’re more than a rabbit. After all, there’s something at the edge of the crater. A tree is blocking my view. Okay, go left, there’s a way around what’s keeping you come on.