I know i’m, not speaking of which muggings are beat. Oh Music, come on, bring it home i’m. Today i just can’t time it hyperman. I shall respect your body. I can appreciate that if i would piss on it, it was just this one. What can you do in here? Get off my body, you maxi pad the kilken mud. You’Ve, already defeated me, the harshest adversary you’re, on to win. I thought i just fell off for a second come on man. What the was that guys, it all spawns in by 3, 10 and so feel free to jump. If you want to get like surprise them, i mean i feel like it. Didn’T all spawn in battery 10., you have another enemy, final boss. He has arrived on the field he’s a chicken too, who wins this is thrown out fake news ever kale has entered the battlefield gon na. Do it, though don’t let the chicken win? Oh, he did it fake news. He didn’t win all right. The guy who spawned across from me, immediately jumped off the edge master chef. Oh sake. How could you win that have been up against someone just walked off again. Lawrence is alive still yeah i’m. Just waiting for master chief to actually move or just brush him now, while he is not paying attention, sir, i need a nuggie. Do the jump spyro you catch me off, guard and i’d be impressed. It spawns in at 3 10.

. Do it don’t champ! Once again, this is like one of the only custom games you actually consistently win on a regular basis, so i’d prefer to be good at other things. To be honest, with you, like finishing that novel finishing that novel, not being a fat couldn’t, take your feet, you beat him it’s me and you i swung too early god, damn it you’re such a idiot me and you could around a fight of a lifetime. Then elites belong inside my burgers, not in the battlefield Music. Oh it’s done you spyro. That was sick. Next me and the chicken kill me chicken days. I want some chicky nugs it’s all about turkey, dinosaurs bro. Next, oh, is this still about going on over here. I know the reason i am, i think max is gon na try and break beat him to you. So it’s like a three way. I know it’s what you’ve always wanted, but probably not in this kind of fashion hacks but he’s, always always trying to work me into a freeway. How the is this going to play out youtube melts need to have your fight. He, oh my god. I shot him in the face, as he was about to hit me with a hammer. He was in the air and everything horrendous went, dropping they’re all coming for us at one cell. No, oh, no you’re a ah jesus christ. You almost dragged me in that’s miss lawrence. Ah, oh my god.

No, i like it! How you didn’t last very long out there i basically saw muggings, get smashed by a hammer, was in so much shock about what i just saw that i then got killed by a hammer. Just dies instantly, yeah let’s see bugging you lauren thunder died yeah, he deserved it. If i’m completely honest, hmm sounds like he deserved it why’d. I have to stand next to his chicken. I thought we segregated elites. You got ta cool down with a racist. I know you’re all about it in real life. Were you dragging me into the game? Um boys, oh yeah, you’re, behind me, hello. I mean it’s, probably good when you were like 12, but you know since of humor changes, so it no longer becomes funny. I haven’t seen it since oh i’ve seen clips of it. I think man, what a piece of millions it. Oh, no, i don’t even know lawrence had died. I’M. What are you blind? He didn’t scream or anything. He went quietly. Laurence died in complete silence. He was in blitz, i don’t know if laurence gets stabbed in real life, he just doesn’t say anything there’s, just one sigh of relief that was all he’s like. Thank you yeah. What up let’s get him over here? Music let’s go help him, never mind. Hi jedi master, you are now dead, been dead for for a while someone would say he was never truly alive. This little black raisin of a heart was barely pumping blood through his veins laurence’s heartbeat just from three big within 10 minutes, it’s just enough to get him through it that’s.

Why you sleep 22 hours a day, oh my god that rock lauren’s run behind me. 100. Couldn’T kill me if you’re paying attention. You know. I hate seeing just this blue fish man just sprint out: it’s, actually terrifying, guys, we’re dropping people, two people have just died, you’re, so lucky i ran out of sprint there it’s, just the beach goes left. Dear god. Now we’ll be surfing usa in no time guys just stay alive. You, your chicken, oh mate, that guy was like mid swing of the hammer it out hey. If that was a noise i made when i died i’m embarrassed. The last moment should be shame, you’d die and then, as you went up to the afterlife you’d just be like why? What the makeup? Why is that? The last thing i gave to the world it’s been leading up in my entire life. Every choice of a mage led up to that noise. You don’t really get to choose what noise you make when you die, though it just kind of happens: doesn’t it dude, i’d, legit, just farted and coughed at the same time, that was sick yeah. We should do that when i die. Finally coughing at the scenes, i’d be pretty lit, that’s, like summon the devil spawn in the canyon i spawn on the island. I’M gon na make a fat hike there, though jesus christ i’ve just spawned on one of the island. Three other people on here greg’s place.

I’Ve just entered the canyon i’m passing under that bridge. I see someone megan’s bearded chickens on one end and then there’s another guy. We just lost lawrence, oh dear all, right i’m, nearly there please hurry i’m passing those trees out. Oh dear, no, no, no! No you’re on your own nipple! I don’t want to be left alone. How does the how about you think i feel past two like like super challenges, one way, far away from alex run? Oh dear, i tried, i tried, died like a coward i’m, just going to give me a minute i’m just going to leave and join again very nice it’s, a small use of arm along right. There there’s another battle going on between end rock and that’s. Why i’m watching, because then drop killed me vanishing out this gun bit of chicken’s dead, easy it’s just dead on the other side of the cliff? I really want to know how that happened. It seemed like he had the upper hand i don’t know. Maybe he fell. Looks like a fault you dreamed me and beat that jeez. That was a bit of a surprise attack pulling out the big guns. I wouldn’t waste it at that distance. It says oh wow, that was a shot. I don’t know if one of them sees the other one i can’t tell i can’t tell ventrac can see they’re looking like in the right spot, but they’re missing each other it’s been annoying.

I spawned near the waterfall, but i’ve just caught a glimpse of someone. So i’m definitely not alone i’m spawning across the river mucks be true truce. If you see white and red spot and truce yeah, i see it alright, thank you. That means i’m scared and alone, and mostly scared. I’M gon na get some kit and i’m gon na come find. It is anyone at greg’s place. Oh yeah, i’m there. Now, oh, my god, the truce is off. I just wanted to get some and find my boys. You can kill me next time. You see me lawrence don’t go outside. You can probably see me where i died. I died like 10 meters away from you, there’s the rock out there yeah and trucks taking off, but there’s still quite a few people around the canyons that have snipers and so it’s. Pretty sus going out there at the minute laurence i’m on the middle island. If you can find me, oh, why is that my job, because i’m trapped here, i’m surrounded by rivers? Are you gone you’re on your own? Sorry, oh no it’s! Exactly where i was when i left alone too, do you guys reckon i could make it to the cornucopia you open that tower up on the cliff busty? I can see lawrence from his perspective, it’s, like peeking out so muggins, my ass. What happened to him meeting up with the boys? I got sniped by end truck, i mean there’s still, one of our boys still alive, so we still got a horse in this race choose wisely lawrence there’s, nothing there’s a funeral in the middle as a dmr.

At the other end, i think that’s what i would go with that’s up in the falcon and i’d leave this life behind there’s, a beard of chickens, lawrence he’s, the bastard that killed me he’s, going up lauren’s just coming up. Where is it straight from no left? I’M, so confused you’ve like crossed each other one straight to your left: oh you’ve, just missed him. He’S heading towards the bridge. You just came from oh someone’s sniping at him, uh, oh lawrence. Where is he? Oh he’s been sniped laurence don’t go near him, get out of there lawrence the medications just entered the canyon he’s on one it’s buzzing. I actually understand. Is he on my? Are they near me, he’s in the canyon, the guy who you were following, got sniped by the guy in the canyon it’s, the final boss, laurence? He can take him he’s, not in the canyon anymore, he’s on the island. Is there anyone near me that’s all? I need to know with occasions playing this like an mlg doing like crouching and and zips up zooping around. You survived lauren. Congratulations on pure cowardice alone too, that you came near people they just they end up, unfortunately, getting killed by other people, damn straight all right. I’M on the island floating stuff in the sky, hold him i’ve got kill. Did he almost died already? Oh, i do not go further up. Do not go further up. I left. Are you dead? Yes, sorry.

I left. Yeah don’t go up there, that’s, where rock is that’s going to kill me. There’S laurence’s corpse the the sort of bunker area, though just below you there’s a full on what happening. Oh jesus, who got you? Oh yeah. I know altar jello or something. Oh, my god, are you miles away and all it’s my turn to be the last man wiggins. There is someone currently on one of the hills. Well like in the canyon yeah. I see him, maybe you’re a firework, and now i will be commencing some apple asmr. This is a red apple and that concludes apple. Asmr is looking right at you. I see him. Oh him out sniper you rest in peace. I’Ll get the grave. Still sorry start, chiseling away my name boys, oh he’s, he’s on it mate does he have bullets? Still it was a pose and making that like it does have bullets. I can’t tell because he’s heading in your direction with a jet pack, though so, oh me, well just run yep. I see him. Let him come to you bait him in behind the rock blow him up with a fuel rod, he’s heading in your direction. He’S gon na get very close in the air. Oh it’s, amazing, the out yeah two: are you slightly embarrassing dude? I did it thanks for watching another below average video, please like. If you enjoyed, leave a comment and share with your friends and click.

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