I think it’s best that we go over a certain trivia that we might not have known for this i’ll be going over the 10 facts. You probably didn’t know about the banished throughout the entirety of the halo media. Before i begin, though, i should warn some of you. This video will contain plot points from the recent halo novel shadows of reach, so a spoiler alert is now in effect. So without further ado, let us begin number 10. Not all saint healy within the banished are mercenaries when it was announced that the saint healy would be fighting alongside the juror hanai in halo wars 2. Many of us were in disbelief. I mean these two races have hated each other for a long time. Long before the covenant fell apart, and especially after the great schism when 343 confirmed that these elites would simply be mercenaries hired by the banished, it made perfect sense, the sangili war warrior species and it stands the reason that many of them pretty much want to continue. Fighting but there have been some saint healy to have joined simply out of loyalty to atriox in one shape or another. You may or may not be surprised to know this, but the saint healy are as diverse as people as any other. Some of them are honorable. Some aren’t, the most notable example of this is when the silent shadow unit under the command of russia, as a veil, turned their back on their commander to join forces with atriox.

They grew tired of constantly hunting down jira hanai for revenge of what happened a few years ago and honestly, they found this whole crusade meaningless with atriox. They found a new purpose to fight and die, not for honor or for faith, but for themselves and to carving out a future that they choose. Other notable examples of this are insulin, gato guy, an ex silent shadow who joined the banish sometime prior to the events of shadows of reach until he was forced to defect to the keepers of the one freedom at the end of the book. Another example could possibly be the upcoming character yeagawdamnai the cyborg sangili, who is also part at the hand of atriox, and there are many other sainthili who feel this way. Also, i mean not: all of them can be covenant or sword to saint helios. Not all of them have to be religious fanatics nor honorable warriors it’s. Never that cut and dry number nine, some within the banished still revere the forerunners one of the main reasons. The bandits set themselves apart from the traditional covenant group, is that it isn’t, driven by any religious beliefs, in fact most within the faction, are irreligious most, but not all of them. Atriox’S right hand. Decimus was among these when he entered one of the cartographers on the ark he was known to have been in awe an awe that was reminiscent to what a jerohanai would react when in the covenant – and there were even some within the banish that still believed in The great journey itself – i am, of course talking about the keepers of the one freedom back when they were just a sub faction within the banished during the events of shadows of reach.

But when the portal to the ark was open on the planet reach, they broke off from the banished stealing atriox’s, lich and departing through the portal intending on activating the array and beginning a great journey. So, despite their loyalties to atriox and all he stands for some within the banished, be they brutes elites or grunts still have religious beliefs, regardless of their warlike nature. Number eight, the banished have a super carrier. Yep you heard me the banished now have a super carrier within their fleet. Since halo wars 2. We only had a small tidbit of what the banished fleet was like in the beginning. We knew that they only had one assault carrier, the enduring conviction and a few covenant cruisers. Throughout the years we’ve seen their fleet grow from sdv, corvettes and other ships, but in shadows of reach we get confirmation that the bash now have a super carrier in their armada. This ship was used to prevent the unsc from landing more troops on reach. This was i mind you during the peak of the created uprising. Whether or not this ship is the same class as the cso that we saw in halo. Reach is unclear, but if it is, the unsc will have more to worry about than just guardians, hunting them down number 7. The banish was formed during the events of the prototype and the heart of midlothian. For years now there has been a common misconception by some of you that the banish was formed early in the covenant war by around 2535.

I believe, but the initial bash rebellion didn’t occur until later on in the war between 2548 to 49 during the covenant invasion. On the planet algolas, most of you might not know this, but this event also occurred during the events of the halo legend story arc. The prototype and the evolution’s motion comic the heart of mithlothian. So when we see atriox’s origins explained in halo, wars, 2’s cutscenes. What we’re really seeing is the same conflict as ghost and baird fought in in their respective stories, and it definitely makes sense for the bash’s origins given how bloody that invasion was sending 40 brutes at a time, you’re bound to get a slaughter number six. The banished are close to uniting the jerohannai homeworld, with atriax being the powerful and intelligent leader that he is. He is also very popular with the wider jiro hanai community, as many know, without any stable leadership following the death of the prophet of truth in halo 3. The brutes began fighting amongst themselves igniting a civil war on their homeworld of deutsch and for nearly six years they ward over each other for resources, land and power. But, according to the only sections within the phoenix logs within halo wars, 2 story and the spartan field manual, the banishes influence grew rapidly across the planet. Many brutes see atrox now is a symbol to rally behind, and it seems that deutsch and probably the majority of cheryl hanai might reunite under his leadership and that’s, probably just a footnote to what atriox’s ambitions are, but just how stable would it be without atrox around? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see number five.

The banished have a working relationship with humans. There are so many differences between the banished and the covenant, but their main differences is their treatment towards humans, where the covenants saw them as nothing more than infidels and heathens. The banished, on the other hand, saw them more as assets when they can be useful or obstacles to be removed, and, despite what the games may imply, the band is not openly hostile to the human race just with the unsc and the united earth government. On the contrary, humans, like other covenant species, could theoretically join the banished so long as they abide by atriox’s laws, but in practice not so much. Given that the wounds from the covenant war were still fresh, while we haven’t seen any banished humans. Yet in the halo media, the spartan field manual confirms that banished chetans have established communications with human criminals. This could obviously range from mercenaries, criminal, underworlds, etc, and i hope this is still a thing because in shadows of reach, atriox has something of a aggressive view on humans after returning from the ark, but i think that’s a topic for a different video number. Four. There were vanished, kiki are present during the events of halo wars 2., when it was revealed that the banish would be a violent, mercenary faction as a primary enemy faction within halo wars, 2 story. It made perfect sense for the kig yard to appear. As a member of the faction i mean their entire culture is based on piracy, raiding collecting goods and trinkets etc.

But, alas, this was not the case with 343, confirming that there were no kikijar mercenaries present on the ark, but for those of you who have bought the walmart edition of shadows of reach, we’ve got a little something in the short story. Sacrifice you see when the band’s cheat and minus attempted to board the forerunner dreadnought? He had a companion joining him. It was a kikiar named ika, he was a slicer and a technician and he was able to access the dreadnought for the banished. So it seems that there were kikiara on the ark, but just not mercenaries. This kickyard could just be another technician that the banished hired to help with their operations on the ark. But the more likely reason is that ika is an official member of the banished like most gero hanai and some st healy. He may not care for profit or personal wealth, maybe he actually believes in aatrox and the banished cause. But whether this is the case or not is unclear. Only time will tell number three atriox’s mace inspired the banished symbol, one of the most unique and, dare i say, iconic weapons in the halo series. Atriox’S signature weapon chain. Breaker is more than just another. Energy based weapon made from parts of a saint healy, blood blade. It serves as the war master scepter, and it also serves as the inspiration for the insignia of the banished dub the mark of atriox. It was modeled after the above view, image of the mace and its energy blades modeled after a weapon of power, and might it was fitting for such a powerful symbol of atriox’s strength, cunning and resourcefulness number two escheram was atriox’s mentor.

The big main villain set to appear in halo, infinite war chief escherim brought a new essence of bloodthirst and savagery, but apparently there’s more to him than just that. According to shadows of reach, esheram was once the mentor or descalo to atriox himself. This brute helped mold atriox into becoming the powerful war master that we all know and love him today. Atrox is powerful cunning and strong enough to take down three spartan, twos ones, who previously took down an entire squad of sangili. If atrox is capable of all this, one can only imagine what his mentor can bring to the table. He could be more than master chief could even handle we’ll just have to wait and see what this warchief will dish out and at number one the banish isn’t as united as you might think. Since the bands was introduced, they seemed more organized than most covenant. Splinter groups after the fall of the covenant empire and that’s, saying something considering this is a group that’s led by gerald hanai and it relies on cooperation between other elements, mercenaries, species, etc. Sure there have been moments of disobedience and some inner rivalries, but nothing that warrants any major discord, but shadows of reach shows us otherwise see when atriax left for the ark he left esheram in charge of the wider banished forces in the milky way. Since the warchief was once the war master’s mentor, he thought he could leave ashram in charge and maintain order and stability.

Unfortunately, he did anything, but ever since atrox departed for the ark aboard the enduring conviction, chieftains and clans throughout the banished ward with one another over resources bases, you name it all to gain atrox’s favor, if or when he returned. This was evident on reach when two banished clans, the legion of the corpse moon and the ravaged tusk clash with one another over their respective bases when they should have used their resources in finding the subspace portal to retrieve atriox. This comes to show that despite atrox’s, superb leadership without his dying hand, the journey will revert back to their savage natures and given their warlike culture. It comes at no surprise that the gerald hanai within the bench would go instantly at each other’s throats, but with the war masters return to the milky way. This instability isn’t likely to last much longer he’ll, probably beat the other clan leaders into submission or reaffirm esheran’s position in the banished, but who can say, and there you have it that’s my top 10 facts. You probably didn’t know about the banished.