Yes, we love the disney pins, okay and their blind box, which just makes them even better so disney pins. This is the food series i kind of wish they actually had names for the series that they put on the box. Me too, we just make the names up yeah we do so. These are actually made by disney. These are disney parks, pins, sometimes you’re lucky and can find these online um because we haven’t been to the parks – and i don’t know two years ago, two years or something yeah very long time, but we get to open pins, which is fun that’s. True, so six to collect in this food series, so it looks like a fruit series actually well, no, because he has honey, yep, they’re, all fruit anyway, six to collect two mysteries. We don’t know who they’re gon na be. We have ten packs, so we could get the full set today cool. I hope we do. I hope we do too i’m gon na go first go ahead. These boxes are a lot bigger than normal, so i’m thinking, maybe the pins are going to be bigger. Hopefully, let’s see okay, our first pin whoa that has a very um matte color back yep it’s like pewter colored yep, so it has the 20 21 pin trading logo, the disney logo and all the copyright stuff, and we have mickey mouse gold, bananas, that’s really cute. So i love bananas. Bananas are delicious.

Banana smoothies are really good um with other fruit too yeah, but mickey looks so cute he’s swinging from a little vine. Here he has a banana in his hand, he’s a healthy mouse, mickey tarzan, yeah, tarzan, mickey tarzan, all right. So very cool pin we’re gon na put our pin board over here. Okay, that was a good start. It was a good start. I am hoping to get this stitch pen with the pineapple or pooh bear yeah. I know shannon would like to have either one of those so yeah should we also like, maybe who the mysteries are either no clue. Okay, i have uh, oh a duplicate, a gold banana duplicate; oh no, see it’s good thing. I went first let’s, try the duplicate! Okay, go again: okay, you have to find a new one, wouldn’t that be fun if they were all mickeys. No, that would not be fun. That’S happened to us before it has happened to us. I will go get more pins. If that happens here we go okay. This is not a duplicate, so this is a completely smooth, rectangle. Okay, so it’s gon na be the mystery. Oh okay, donald, oh donald’s, cute yep. This is so fresh, so he just has like it’s a grapefruit or something right. The oh that’s kind of like it looks like an orange or maybe a grapefruit um he’s a citrus duck. I guess yeah that’s a cool looking pen that is cool.

I, like the stripy background behind him, yeah that’s, not what he would say. No, in my in my mind, that’s much better something like that all right, that’s cute, that’s, a really large pin it is i like these a lot okay, we may have a big orange cat joining us soon, he’s crying to get in the studio, so paul’s going To let him in so he’ll probably run over here at some point and get in the video all right. Next pin! Oh good! This is gon na, be a different pin. I’M gon na wait to turn it over till paul’s back because paul really wanted to see this one it’s stitching, sweet, sweet, sweet pineapples are delicious. They are. I love pineapples, so there’s little stitch inside the pineapple. Oh man, this one really reminds me of disney world. It reminds me of ohana, which is a restaurant at disney world, which is really delicious, but it’s still closed captioning not available. Here we go you’re, not gon na get on the table. Shaq. Here we go he’s like nope, you told them. I was gon na get on the table so now i’m. Not this is another new one. Oh that’s upside down. Okay, there we go. This is the other mystery paul, really yep. You got both mysteries, pretty cool. Who is it? Oh, you make me coconuts. I love coconuts that’s, cute chip and dale well, that’s an awesome pen. You make me coconuts, that’s, you and me put the lime in the cooking, which one would you be? Oh, i definitely have to be chip really.

I feel like chip is the one that’s kind of always like yeah, dale, you’re being silly or you’re, not and you’re the silly one. So i do agree with the two of us. I do agree with that. I would just be. I would just more be chip because i’m, a darker complexion. Well yeah, i tan more. You do tan yeah, i don’t tan yeah, but my nose can’t sunburn, so yeah so i’m. Okay, with the attitude of dale, i was doing personality wise. I agree with you. I agree with you on that you’re much more fun and in the moment, chips more, like you know, there’s a job to do or yeah that’s, true, okay, so we need minnie, mouse and pooh bear all right and we have five packs. Five we’ve got a chance, be very quiet. So, with these series i don’t feel like the mystery. Pins are rarer. I don’t think they are. I don’t think they are. We have another mickey mouse going bananas. Okay, go again, you sure yeah. I went twice in a row, i don’t know well yeah yeah, Laughter, okay. I think i have a donald. I think you do too a donald, donald, okay, okay, you go ahead and go all right. Now. We’Ll just go one and one, and just like that. We’Re down to three chances to get two pins that’s how it i use goes scissors. Also yeah. These bags are a little tougher, they’re strong here we go.

Oh, this is different good job, paul wow! Oh i like the color. This is it’s like a copper, looks like a penny. You know why, because it matches honey, honey, bun, honey buns are delicious, so there’s pooh bear with his little pot of honey. So this one this one has a lot of like the copper etching on it yeah. I really like that pooh bear with his jar of honey they’re, not really honey, buns, they’re, cinnamon buns, but paul, and i like sheets, not sheets wawa cells, yup. We don’t have wawas here, but every now and then, when we’re visiting family, which has been over a year um, you can go to the wawa and get the cinnamon bun and it’s delicious it’s really good. So if you live near a wawa and you eat their cinnamon, buns have one and think of us that’s right. Okay, two chances now to get minnie come on minnie mouse. Oh, we have another pooh bear that’s a cool pin, though that is a really cool pen. I love the back of that it’s up to you to get minnie minnie’s adorable and she has a strawberry. I love strawberries, yup and i love minnie mouse and she’s very cute. Just like you. Thank you. Come on minnie all right, we’re gon na do the fast reveal ready one two. Oh another boo bear. Okay, all right! We did not get the full set. We missed out on minnie but i’m kind of well.

I wanted minnie i’m kind of okay with that, because at least we know that it was minnie yeah. We got the two mysteries, but now we need to open more so we can find minnie. Oh we will. We will okay, so shannon out of the five that are there, which one’s your favorite um, okay, so real quick paul said we will open more. I just want to encourage you right now. If you have never checked it out to check out paul and shannon’s collector corner – or you can just type collector corner into the search bar and find us because we open a lot of pins on that channel too true, um and we’ll probably open these over there. Yup, so my favorite is all five yeah they’re really cool. I really don’t know how to pick a favorite. Every one is so cool for a different reason. Yep. If you’re gon na force me to pick oh i’m, forcing you, i think, i’m gon na go with go bananas mickey because that’s just a very kind of different thing for mickey mouse, i don’t know it’s unique. I feel like it’s funny that you picked that, because i was going to pick that too, because yeah there’s so much mickey merchandise out there. I feel like mickey’s just everywhere and he kind of just blends in the background a lot of times but that’s a really cool pin. I was gon na pick, donald trump too.

So since you picked that one i’m going to pick pooh bear because i really like that copper detailing on it, okay, cool, how about you guys, which one of these and now there’s the cat, did you like the best leave a comment down below? Let us know: leave the video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it hit. The share button make sure to subscribe.