If you like for me, if i’m not going to play a game, i am never going to add to my library, because my library needs douche out. I have a bunch of games from playstation plus i just don’t care for, but maybe you care for one of these games. First up, we got our playstation 5 game destruction all stars. This was a game that was supposed to launch for seventy dollars. Seventy dollars at launch, but it was announced that it was gon na, be a ps plus game. So we knew this game was coming in february and we haven’t really seen a match play out. It’S always been little snippets here and there and i’m worried i’m worried because they went like yeah. We can’t charge 70 for this it’s got to be free, but at best it could be. The next rocket league fall guys at worst, it’s, probably going to be destruction. All stars, few people play a couple for a couple days and then it’s forgotten about uh. Next up is control ultimate edition. If you remember last year, there’s a big kurfuffle that they were. They announced this edition and it wasn’t going to be a free upgrade for people already bot control, which yeah i thought i was pretty scummy i’m one of the ps4 owners of control. Not only did i play and love the game, i platinum the game that’s. How much i like control ultimate edition, and i guess in a way we are getting that free upgrade now with control ultimate edition hell, if you don’t even own the game, you’re getting the control ultimate edition for free, so that’s, very awesome kind of feel bad for Xbox users, because they have to pay for it, and i do think this hasn’t launched yet so this is brand new too so pc.

You already have the ultimate edition from day one because you got a pc, but the ultimate edition, absolutely for free for playstation plus owners as long as you download it. As long as you got, playstation, plus very cool – and it really just highlights – playstation gets it with their free games, they’re picking like really good games that maybe not a lot of people play. You know we all play the grand theft autos, the gta’s red dead redemptions. All the big games call of duties and those come here and there and i think, it’s really great value, but we’ve already bought and played those games. Control ultimate edition is a great game that i feel like a lot of people still haven’t played and that’s a great addition to uh playstation plus uh. Next up we got concrete genie. I hear mixing some good some bad, but at least i hear it’s a very um easy or fun platinum. So if you want a good game to platinum, i would check out concrete genie that’s. What i’m gon na do to pad out my platinums and i got ta, say it’s a pretty solid month. Pretty solid. You got a little multiplayer action. You got some a really great third person, um a little shooter, some a little bit of a horror, but not really like a hor control’s, not really a horror game, it’s kind of like a psychological game. You know remedy games and then you got the r2 fartsy game with concrete genie.

I think a pretty solid month. I think there’s something for everyone here. Um yeah playstation just keeps killing it xbox, they haven’t their games just suck each and every month, and then they try to ask for double the price of xbox live gold and yeah. You know this is why this is why people keep saying to xbox like just cancel: xbox live gold and no one’s asking it from playstation, because they’re giving us games like this each and every month, so shout out to playstation they’re, doing what’s right i’m.