Please my card number yeah, no problem just give me two seconds: yeah it’s one, six, one, eight, nine one it’s on the phone yeah yeah they’ve got a really good deal on icon moments at the minute. You can actually buy them, which is this so yeah. I’M. Still here, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, just before we get into the video lads. If you do want to buy yourself any fifa 21 coins make sure to go to the link in the description and check out. Mule factory they’ve got a 24 7 service, they’re completely reliable, and if you use the code le5 cheap at checkout, you will get yourself a five percent discount, so it’s gon na be a bit of a different video. I i’ve not really done a rant video for a very, very long time, mainly because they don’t do that. Well, however, i, ah i need to talk about this boys. Apparently apparently, apparently, apparently, you can go and buy icon moments from ea employees. Yeah i’m, not joking i’m, actually, not joking! So basically, boys i’ve been sat on twitter pretty much all day like i am every single day and it has actually come out on twitter that people are in certain groups where you can buy team of the years icon moments and all of the best players in Fifa 21 directly from es so picture this right. Richard is right: selling packs isn’t enough it’s, not enough.

You literally have to go and sell individual players. Two different people, two words, entrepreneurship. So, basically guys this all is kicked off from this morning when hectic dukes, who is a pro fifa player, yeah pro free for player there, you go actually came up against someone who had all three icon moments and i’m, pretty sure it was all three icon moments Who were like let’s let’s just skip through the video let’s, just let’s just go through and have a look who he’s got so he’s got ronaldo. This dawner he’s got holly first on and he’s got pele first on and now i’m, not saying anything right, i’m, not saying anything, but how lucky do you need to be to pack those three players, we’re, not even on about just prime ankle moments, are nine. You have to be lucky for that fair enough if he’s packed that fair enough fair enough, but he’s packed holly as well. Oh hang on oh and he’s pat pele as well, so bear in mind boys bear in mind that last year, in the last financial year, ea made the most revenue that they have ever made from any ultimate team. Absolutely most revenue they have ever made that’s, not profit, but you can imagine that profit is the exact same now. A tweet has come out from said thought who said so there’s rumors going around about people who are paying 1 200 to an ea employee. To put prime icon gullet r9 and pele onto your account now in to reply back to this has been so many different screenshots.

Now this is the first screenshot coming in, which is from what i can see here on facebook and it’s from tiziano fast gala. Now don’t get me wrong boys. These could be fake screenshots. These could be people’s look, however, in his club at the minute he has got pele, ronaldo and hullet just chilling, and they are all untradable first owner, so bear in mind the boys that these aren’t people who have gone and bought packs and got them just first Dollar in the club, these are untradeable, because if you look at the bottom, there is a quick sell of zero, which means that the these will have have to have come from untradeable packs. Now you could say well, he’s been doing the league sbc method. He bloody loves the league sbc method, but we’ve seen countless content creators always talking about league sbc method, i’ve, never seen any pack. Look like this in addition to that as well. If you take a look at this tweet over here, this is from a whatsapp group which says thus alp. How much are we talking for the untradables one thousand euros for two moments? One thousand four hundred for three moments: one thousand seven hundred for three moments and two team of the years. Now who has access to this? You tell me you tell me i’ll, give you a minute, ea employees. You could say that different coin sellers could have access to this, but there is absolutely nothing that a coin seller could do to get first owner on tradable things within the club.

The way that coin sellers make their coins is, they buy low and sell high using bots and bloody black. You know how it works. The boys – but this is absolutely disgusting – leads like not only do you have to go and buy fifa packs to get the best players in the game. All you have to trade up like me, and you do. You can now go and just literally pay to win. I don’t think you have any idea how fast i really am now what i’m actually gon na do. Lads i’m gon na leave a link to every single creator that i’m featuring in this. Please, if there’s anything positive that comes out of this go and drop people a follow and just boost up the social profiles, because a lot of people doing god’s work for this, and without them i wouldn’t be able to make this video i’m gon na. Be completely honest, so this next one’s coming in from dennis foot trade that says fyi this icon, stuff and ear thing has been going on for a while. Now these go from the 23rd of the second 2021. So this is a discord message. If you’ve used discord before you know exactly what it is, this guy is basically an instant messenger where you can chat with your friends. So let’s have a read of this there’s, a guy that i know he claims. He has a mate who works at ea and he can load any player onto your account.

Obviously he charges. I verified the legitimacy of these different accounts by jumping on sureplay and he’s shown me first honor on each player and each player played almost the same amount of games, and if you take a look at the team, why do we even bother like playing this game When there is literally just people who can just like buy the best players in the game and like you for me and you – we literally sit – and we just play this game because there’s no better alternative, we enjoy football, we don’t want to buy fifa points. So we either go and trade or play weekend league we put all these hours of graft in, but if you’ve got a material it’s like oh just just chuck a team of the year on the account my mate. Ah, yes, sir, if you have a look through twitter at the minute boys icon moments is absolutely popping off. Like everyone is talking about it, there is honestly, so i don’t, i honestly don’t know what to say. You can see these pictures being circulated again, and this seems like it is getting out, and i honestly don’t know what to say about it. Boys, like usually like the stuff that goes on in the community and i’ll, just look at it and i’ll just be like. I can’t even be asked getting involved, but this is a big thing. Man donk says there are people making thousands like they have to be.

Employees from this people are all talking about it. There’S, even some of the argentinian foot accounts as well, who have been leaking a lot of this stuff. I should be able to see there’s this here, it’s it’s, honestly, a madness boys and usually when stuff like this happens, boys i i don’t. I don’t really take too much interest about it, but i mean just going back to my mate dennis for trade again, but same guy. How boys this is. I don’t know what to say man, i i actually don’t know what to say like. This is honestly one of the biggest scandals that we have ever seen in any fifa and that’s, even with chem gate, where players who were were even getting the full stats because everyone was off chem. There has been countless things the prime icon moments coming out. There has been people not getting rewards. There has been players released onto the game that have then been taken off the game. There’S been people who i don’t know what to say. The boys i’m honestly at my wit’s end with this company, and i don’t know how much more it takes until another competitor comes along and actually does something about all of this boys. Like all jokes aside, all jokes aside, i i’m, just a bit at my wit’s end to be honest and it’s very frustrating seeing this, and i can imagine for you the community like it can be even more frustrating because being on, like the other side of like This corporate giant, that is ear sports.

It always takes its toll on you, because this isn’t this isn’t, what this isn’t, what football’s? Well, it is about what footballs are yeah. You know what yeah i’m just doing a man city of the boys, but all jokes aside, like i don’t, get it. I honestly do not get it boys. If you enjoyed this video. If you agree agree, i even speak. If you agree with anything that i’m saying, please do drop a like on this video, i don’t know what the like tiger would be at all subscribe. If you’re new comment down below – and let me know your thoughts, the boys, but this is ridiculous.