Collection has been announced for animal crossing new horizons. This is really exciting news and something that i know a lot of people really wanted myself included. This just got announced today so i’m gon na go over the details that you need to know here. If you guys are excited for this, video be sure to leave a like and if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe and turn on channel notifications for more animal crossing videos so on their website and on their social media platforms. Buildable announced that coming soon is an animal crossing new horizons collection, which is really exciting. I know lots of people really love build a bear, and there has been some demand for this online, which i’m actually gon na show in a minute um. We don’t really have any more details other than this, sadly so it’s, a very vague kind of thing, and at the moment, we’re, mostly just gon na, have to kind of guess what they’re gon na do with this. Sadly, but i’m sure we’ll get more information soon. As you can see on their official website, you can actually put in your email address and you can get notified when there is more news, of course, when they fully announce the collection. I’M. Probably gon na make another video. So you could just turn on my notifications, but you know that’s an option there for you guys if you want to you, can get notified by build a bear when they announce more about the collection.

All we know for now is it is going to be animal crossing new horizons, themed it’s, not just like animal crossing in general. I think this is really good news, because we don’t really have that much animal crossing merch. Now it seems like right now. This is only confirmed for america and the uk, but i’m sure it could potentially happen in other places too, but for now those are the two places where you’ll be able to actually get these items, like i said, hopefully, we’ll get more information soon. There really isn’t that much in the way of what they’ve actually mentioned yet but i’m sure we will discover more as time goes by, as you can see almost a year ago now on may the 22nd build a bear actually kind of teased that they were going To do this, so people have been asking for this for a long time. As this article reads, when a fan tweeted the build your own stuffed bear companion company stated that a build a bear x, animal crossing club would be a cultural reset. The official twitter account responded with wow we’re taking notes, and they did. I don’t know if they’ve been planning this this long back, but that would kind of make sense. It seems like from this announcement, though, that they probably don’t have anything to actually show yet because, like i showed you that was literally the whole announcement, it’s very vague, it doesn’t tell us exactly what we’re going to be getting, but, of course we can speculate.

I mean if you guys, want an indication of how much people really want this to actually happen. There was an entire petition online with people asking for there to be a build, a bear collaboration for animal crossing, and you know there’s actually quite a few of these. If you go on like twitter or anything, you can see a ton of people talking about it, so definitely really exciting. I’D love to get a hold of these myself and i guess the main question on our minds is which villagers or characters will get turned in to build a bear. Plushies now i’m guessing we’re going to get isabelle tom nook, maybe we’ll get blabbers and those kind of characters. I could definitely see them doing. Celeste she’s very cute. I think all of the sort of major special characters will get a plush. I think it’d be a big shame if it was just tom, nook and isabelle, which, honestly i could actually see them doing. The reason why i say that is because i feel like a lot of companies who do merch just focus on tom, look and isabel which come on merch creators. There are more characters than tom look and isabel out there. I love those two, but we need a proper variety. The only good news here is, they said: it’ll be a collection, so i don’t think it’s just gon na be two characters. I think it will be quite a few, but it’d be great if they did some villages too.

The reason why i’m, showing maple on screen right now is that i think the little bears in the game, especially like stitches, would make perfect build a bear plushies. So i’m, really hoping those characters will get turned into them. We’Re gon na have to see, though, and i’d love you guys. Let me know down in the comment section below which villages and characters do you think should be turned into build a bear. Plushies there’s a lot of potential here so i’m really curious to see what characters are actually gon na announce. When that happens also, could we perhaps see some kind of in game collaboration with build a bear? This definitely seems a lot less likely, but can you imagine if, when they released this, we got some little gifts in our game of like plushies, in the game kind of like these ones, i’m showing on screen but of the villagers and characters that they made? I think that would be adorable imagine having like a little stitches plushie. That is the size of like the puppy plushie. I think that’d be absolutely adorable. One of tom look isabel that’s, the kind of items that we need in animal crossing horizons. So hopefully we can see something like that. I love you guys. Let me know down in the comment section below, like i said, which villagers or characters do you think they’re gon na turn into build a bear plushies, which ones are we likely to see? Definitely drop a comment below so i can get your thoughts and if you made it to the end of the video, be sure to leave a comment saying bob’s gang.

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