Now i got a lot to talk about today, guys i got we’re gon na go over obviously gamestop we’re going over a couple of calls. I made uh today before the market closed. Some calls i purchased. I did let the discord know if you guys are interested in signing up for the discord. Click the link down below uh. Hopefully i never make another call like it did on gamestop, but i do have some stuff and updates. I need to make on that because the comment section is blowing up over there, so i got updates on the move that i made with gamestop, where it ended up because i did buy, puts against gamestop like back when they’re like 40 horrible decision i’m, the idiot On the internet right now, it’s, oh it’s, so bad but what’s funny is. I got ta, give it up to the bros at wall street bets. They are animals straight animals. It is insane so anyways for today’s video. I know. Usually i got the brewskis, but i had to pour something a lot: stronger, nice little margarita with probably triple shots of tequila, but we’re gon na go with it. But no seriously. This market is insane but let’s let’s, just let’s hop in the roman portfolio, and then we can talk about all this okay. So, first and foremost, i want to get this out of the way and get this behind me. So, first of all, let’s just look at gamestop guys.

This is incredible, so we are seeing a little bit of a sell off now after markets, but when i was watching this shoot up higher and higher and higher today i mean even this past couple days. It’S been insane now it’s got up all the way to a little over about 245 dollars. What in the absolute hell? This is crazy. I understand it’s the short squeeze i get it. I understand, but i’ve got to say this. My video, like four or four videos ago, i made a video talking about why i was buying a put on gamestop in the video i announced i said i’m only doing 600, which is not a lot of money to me. I said this is a complete gamble. It’S a risk play i was this is what i was expecting. I was thinking that the the next day gamestop was gon na drop a little bit. I wasn’t expecting this much i’ll i’ll, be straight up honest with you guys. I was gon na. Take some quick profits and get out well come opening. Uh gamestop went up a little bit and then dropped back down, and i was able to actually sell to close my put uh for like a five dollar profit. It was all announced. I left it all in the discord because i was expecting a bigger drop as soon as the market opened and it didn’t happen. So i was like okay, i need to get out of it that’s kind of one of those rules you have with options trading.

If something doesn’t do what you think get out of it, while you still can again that’s just up to me, but for real, oh, my god, just a horrible freaking call. It was absolutely horrible. Looking at this, i haven’t told my wife. I walk downstairs i’m, like babe, i probably am looking like the biggest idiot on the internet right now, but again i did get out of the call. I get all the comments like. Ah you f it’s up 216. it’s up to 225.. I get it but i’m out of the position i’m, not losing that bad geez almighty. You guys are brutal in the comment section anyways, so the short squeeze is happening, it’s still going on elon musk himself, even uh. What did he say? He tweeted about gamestop, which i think sent it even higher. It is just incredible what kind of market we are living in right now: it’s, it’s, it’s, crazy, but with that so for today’s video. I have two other stocks. I want to talk about that. I did make moves on and they are wall street bet moves uh. They are kind of my yolo plays i and i’m already up bigging them in the after hours, so we’ll see if it sticks around tomorrow morning and if it stays up, but i also have about a list of 10 stocks. I had an article that was sent to me today. It was talking about the next big shorts.

Are they the next game, stop so i’m going to run through those real quick as well, but man jeez almighty? This has been insane so for the calls. The first one amc i got in, i think it was like an hour or two before the market closed and it dropped after i purchased the call a little bit, but then it shot back up and then after hours, let’s take a look at amc. Yeah after hours, it’s up six it’s up 35 after hours, so that call is going to be looking nice if it stays up for tomorrow morning, it’s got to stay up and then i’m not sure what i’m going to do. Yet. I don’t know if i’ll take profits or not in that yet um i got in on a what is it? Six dollar call so i’m up 85 dollars, and that was this doesn’t account for after marketing increases. So this is just showing what was happening on the increases from up till the market closed and then, after after hours it doesn’t uh, it doesn’t show your your percentage profit yet so i got in on a six dollar call. I bought an out of money. Six dollar call whenever amc was at like 450 or something like that now. The next call i got into was blackberry. Now this one’s a little more risky too, because i’m, not quite sure if blackberry is going to be shooting up as much as because blackberry even came out with some news, and they stated that you know there’s uh or they made an announcement.

That’S saying: hey there’s! No new news on rn there’s, nothing extravagant that has come out newswise newsworthy to send our stock shooting up to where it is so. This is honestly, the amc and blackberry are just yolo plays they’re. Complete gamble plays so we’ll have to see how these end up, but again i did make these both like midday. I believe it was. I can’t remember there’s been so much going on today and i was going to make a video earlier today, but i’ve been swamped with the options trading course we’re trying to jam as much value as we can into that course um, but uh there’s, a link down Below, if you guys want to click and sign up for the pre sale discount on that, so now, as for the next gamestop stocks, there is an article i want to read in here. That does give a list of 10 stocks. I have looked at them. A lot of them have increased already because of the short squeeze going on all these companies, but let’s go through these real quick, and i just want to read a couple of them off and see if there’s any of them that i may be looking into first. One obviously is gamestop: this is a article from behrens. Dillards is one of them on there, so you can see the short interest in this table the percent flow, and then the percent float change. So dillards is on there uh lg and d bbby, just bed bath and beyond fizzy mcdizzle, whatever the hell jeremy says on uh financial education, amcx mac, aso, spwr, skt, so tanger factory outlet malls, i actually used to own that stock.

Many years ago i bought it. Um back for a dividend play i owned. It for a few years got out of the position whenever retail really started going down. I just didn’t see it going anywhere, so i took some profits and just got out and moved the money elsewhere, but all of these stocks – i was kind of looking at today after market and they are all shooting high now here’s the real question: how much higher Are these stocks going to go? Are these going to be the next game? Stop? To be honest, i have no idea it’s crazy to see what is going on in this market. With these types of companies i mean i’ve, never seen anything like it. It’S it’s, just crazy, like fundamentals, are getting thrown out. The window it’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out and how much higher these stocks can go and i’m. Not even gon na sit here and say that these stocks won’t go any higher because i’ve been proved wrong once obviously, and these could definitely keep rising to win to what price, who knows it’s just absolutely incredible to see what’s going on in these stocks, i mean I even called out a stock this morning on the discord, uh aesc and it was a penny stock and it i showed i called it out at let’s – see what is this dollar 85 and it shot up to 235, and i know some members got into it In the discord i ended up not buying it, just because i was literally swamped today with the course and i didn’t buy anything into it, but i called this out on the discord and it’s just like shooting up this market.

To be honest, guys is literally like shooting fish in a barrel it’s, just like almost any stock. You look at if it’s, decent or if it’s risky, as hell it’s, most likely going to go up so it’s, so easy being a stock market youtuber unless you’re an idiot and call out shorting, you know, gamestop or buying, puts on gamestop. I did that, but it’s. So easy to pick these stocks that, like it’s, just incredible this market, what’s going on but here’s the thing: when is this market going to turn around? I do have a video plan to go a lot more in depth into this. Is this market going to turn around in the next couple months? Is it going to turn around in the next couple years? These signs what’s going on right now reminds me of like 99 and 2000. You know the it was probably even crazier back then i wasn’t buying stocks back then i was like i don’t know it’s fifth grade or something like that, but i really do think this is some sort of sign now. Could a lot of people could just say it is a short squeeze which it may be, because the dow and everything didn’t really have a major day. All these other crazy stocks were shooting up to the moon. So what i think is going to happen, maybe is with the amount of money and the new stimulus that may be coming out.

I don’t think we’re going to see seeing a a stock market crash anytime soon. I do think there is a correction set at some point at some time when that’s going to happen me and no one else knows. My guess is that we may see some sort sort of small correction in the uh. You know june july august time frame. I actually was reading an article today. It was really well put together and they were comparing it to 2010., so we’re coming out of the 0809 crash 2010. There was a short correction of like 15 20 and they were modeling that to what’s going on right now. Based off of what happened in 2020 in march, it was like exactly a year after the crash happened and then the bottomless hit the market a year later took a hit of about 15 to 20 percent. So we could be seeing that come march. But who knows? Because, with all this stimulus money, all this money that’s getting flooded into the economy, that’s turning around and being flooded into the market. That is why we are seeing this market go higher and higher and higher it’s one hell of a time to be an investor. I haven’t even got to sip on this marguerite that much i’m lost for words guys i mean i didn’t prep anything for this. Damn video i just wanted to get on here and talk about everything that’s going on because it is insane.

I had some people ask about jj where’s, the video today on the discord i wanted to get in and get one. I was gon na wait for this tomorrow, but i had to do it tonight so guys, honestly, i don’t even know what else to tell you. If you want your four free stocks, click the link down below sign up for weeble fund, your account 100 or more, and you get four free stocks, it’s free money. Also again guys. If you want to sign up for the discord, i have a link down below, where i’m in there almost every single morning, talking about what’s going on, given the plays that i’m doing real time, options trades whatever it may be, and also, lastly, but not least, the Options trading course is almost done, it’s about it’s set to launch. On february 1st, we may have a few minor touch ups that we need to do after launch day, but majority of the material will be in there and guys i’ll tell you this it’s jam packed with value. It is geared towards the very beginner of options. So if you’re, an intermediate trader, you’ve been doing options for a while. This may not be for you, but if you’re a beginner and you want to get started in options trading, this may be the course for you, but with that being said guys, thank you all.