Sorry, i got my league of legends open there spin for cash, real money, slots, game and risk free. Okay, i don’t know why they have to say it’s risk free, anyways, it’s slots it’s. I thought i honestly. I thought this was like one of those joker games where it takes you to the website and makes you sign up, but no this isn’t an actual game, um it’s a slots game. All you do is play slots. So let me increase that zoom. So you guys could see it there. You go so it’s, basically it’s sucks, because you got ta tilt the phone in a horizontal way. I, like phones, where i could play one handed, but either way uh it’s an earned, rewards game. Yeah, you could earn, rewards um there’s, not too many ads. You do go into bonus stages where you get a certain number of spins and then you earn another bonus jackpot and you earn a lot of coins and money. I’M sure you know about the game. Let me tell you about the cash out, so once you get to minimum payment um, they take you to a website which is a little weird, but either way. Let me let me lower that zoom again, so you could see that minimum payment with uh coins. So you could use coins and you could use the with the paypal money. You were earn for coins it’s two dollars, but you t you need 10 million coins and you could also do five dollars for 23 million or ten dollars for 40 million yeah anyways um.

Two dollars is the minimum payment with that, and then you could also cash out with the uh paypal, which i believe is 100. So you need a hundred dollars with paypal to cash out or the 10 million with coins and you’ll only get two dollars. So, as you could see in the game now, let’s check out their website if we go to their website, we’ll see that oh look shapekeeper makes this game. I already know them anyways they they don’t, hide anything from the google play store that’s. What i do like at least they’re like hey, you could play this game, you could win paypal they’ll, tell you straight up and they don’t hide it like the other games, do which gives it more legitimacy, but it’s still like iffy to me, but i do appreciate The fact that they don’t hide this google should at least be monitoring these. This at least i’d hope they are anyways. They do have reviews. As we know, shapekeeper has made a bunch of games already. They are huge in these games and they are killing it anyways. We all know shapekeeper – or at least i do i’ve done enough of these guys, games already and uh to be honest, they’re, not the worst ones, guys they’re, not the worst ones. But however, we don’t know if they’re legit, yet or not. There haven’t been many testimonials of them being able to cash out with these games. Anyways let’s read their description, quick, win money and prizes no purchase, so you money so right away.

They tell you hey, you could earn money off this spin for cash hit. The jackpots stunning winning effect play with no in app purchases, keep spinning keep burning now let’s get to the reviews. This is this is the juicy part. Shapekeeper games are my favorite of all the games on google play because they do actually pay. I haven’t won cash, but i have cashed out token several times and they have always paid. I love playing but i’m close to quitting this game. I’Ll, be these so called when real cash apps are all the same. The second i get close to cashing out and earning enough tokens to cash out. The money starts paying very slowly. I really enjoyed in the beginning now that i’m at seventy dollars, and i get no cash and very little coins. The game freezes when you get close to cashing out so it seems like the roadblock, is in effect and what’s going on with these guys start out great, but then now it stopped a few days it doesn’t want to open. So they reply to that one. So, just general tech support they’ll reply to, however, when it comes to like people speaking about the minimum payment or the cash out or the payment proof that they haven’t gotten paid, then they’re like they don’t reply. I find that odd. They only reply to actual technical support. Yeah, it seems like people are getting stuck in the 70s, stuck in the 70s rewards being 10 cents, or often less but that’s how it is that i would give this game.

Oh here’s, a reply, a scam. You get told that there is no threshold, but look at that. You need 100 to cash out. Game stops paying at 70.. This is their reply, hi chris. We are sorry for your bad experience. We are keep optimizing the game and always try to provide better game. Experience, thank you for your feedback that’s. What i call a justin, trudeau response when you don’t really answer the question, you just side track it with another answer to not download this game. It paid really well until you hit 50.. We are sorry for your bad experience. We are keep optimizing and they just reply the same thing they just reply. Uh. We will keep doing better guys, we’re, trying we’re trying to optimize the experience for everybody that’s. Basically your reply with these guys let’s see uh the other games they make so they made lucky money. I played that a lot while ago, it’s just a scratch. I guess there’s this one pusher mania, solitaire lucky spade cash man, lucky plinko, yeah i’m. Sure they’ve made enough planko and pusher games, brick buster, lucky plinko, hyper 2048 dicemaster bubble pop he’s got a lot of games man. This guy’s got a lot of games. Wow uh let’s see if we could get any information about this guy, so he is from hong kong, okay, so they are from they’re a developer from hong kong and it seems like we’re on version 1.

2.2 anyways guys. Let me know what your experience was in the comments: i’d really really love to find out. Uh, it doesn’t seem like uh, i’m gon na be continuing this game that’s for sure, because uh, you know it’s, like you, trust one company and you’d, rather just trust that one company than waste your time on other companies that you don’t know are legit or not. But guys you’ve been through the experience, you know whether there’s you hit minimum payment if there’s a roadblock at the 70 or 60s people say it’s once you hit that you start hitting into trouble. Tell me what your experience was. Was it real or fake or legit? Did you get to minimum cash out and if you’re looking for legit games check out my top five list, i have a top five i’ll leave it at the end of the video in one of the cards it’s. The games i still play, especially bling bling’s, will probably one of my favorite anyways check them out at the end of the cards and, if you’re looking to make money, also i’ll leave another video at the end, because you can make your own website put ads on It and you could make money off just viewing your own ads and like this there’s, no in between it’s, just you and the and the the publisher, i guess, or the advertiser anyways check it out. I’Ll leave a link at the end of the video too, and i also have a membership section.

If you want to be a member, you for believe it’s two dollars, i’ll put your name at the end of the video you’ll be listed, and you will. I will have a draw every month. I will give away twenty dollars depending on how many members. So if i get more members i’ll up the ante, make it forty dollars or whatever i need to make it to make it worth it. I guess for everybody, so um check it out end of the video. I will put all the links in the description and that’s uh, the shapekeeper classics.