2. They actually released that new feature for the airpods pro called spatial audio and that spatial audio from a listening perspective is outstanding and then, when i first got my hands on it, the auto switch feature was magical right. It would automatically switch between the devices that you were using without you needing to do anything else as long as they were connected to your icloud account and all originally connected through bluetooth. At some point, and for a little while it was awesome and it was magical like i said, i didn’t really understand how it was working, but it was working. But then, as i started to use it a little bit more, it got extremely annoying so i’m going to show you everybody how to fix that and get the confidence back of connectivity with your airpods pro or any other apple bluetooth headphones. So let’s get right into it: Music, Music. So again, i just wanted to show off the one setting that you want to actually turn off when it comes to the airpods pro and that auto switching feature between you know your ipad, your iphone and your computer, and again it was a very magical experience at First, especially with things that you know you didn’t need to get done, for instance, if i’m just listening to music, and i want to switch over to a youtube video on my ipad. It works fine and dandy, but when i need to actually get work done and let’s say, i have a conference call going on on my ipad, but i want it to play out loud, but i also want to have something in my left ear with my airpods.

Coming out of my iphone, then it would really it wouldn’t work. It just really wouldn’t work. So to show you guys exactly, we need to turn off. All you have to do is go into the settings, make sure that your airpods are actually connected, so they can’t. Just be on here not connected, they have to be actually connected and then you go into the little info button and if you scroll down it says, connect to this ipad and if you’re, on an iphone it’s going to say, connect to this iphone by default. It’S set up as automatically and that’s what allows the the auto switching and the magic to happen when it comes to these airpods pro. But when you go and you switch it from automatically to when last connected to this ipad, it goes back into this manual mode. So it’ll always still be as part of your bluetooth devices and it’ll still be here, but then you just go quickly, go and manually just connect them again and it’s very easy, especially if i do it from the control center. I just hold it down, pull it down and then make sure it’s connected this way, and then that way, whenever i want to listen to something on my ipad it’s on the ipad and then whenever i want to listen to something on the iphone, then it’s on The iphone – and this basically turns off that auto switch mode which, for me, has been very very annoying.

Let me know in the comments below, if you guys have had issues like this. If you love the new feature, if it’s hit or miss, if it’s you know bittersweet because that’s how it was for me again originally the first week or so, i thought it was amazing. But then my use cases started to change a little bit and i started to use it more often and it kind of just ruined my workflow when listening to different things from different devices but i’m so used to just manually doing it. So i just went back to the normal way, which is basically the manual way to let you to let the device know. Hey only connect to this thing. If it was the last thing that was used or if you manually change it but that’s pretty much it that’s, the only set you need to change so again make sure your airpods are connected. Go down to right here and then change your setting from automatically to when last connected and you’ll be good to go so let’s go back to the normal view, so that’s pretty much gon na. Do it for this video. I know it’s gon na be a quick one, but it’s, basically just that one setting that you wan na turn off on all of your ios and ipad os devices, so it doesn’t auto switch anymore. That way, you can have a video conference call going on your ipad and then just music in one headphone from your iphone or a podcast, and that way it doesn’t confuse the headphones thinking like hey you’re, on a phone call, which is probably more important than the Music you’re going to listen to, so let me you know rewrite you to that.

Even though you want your headphones to be on the phone and let maybe the video chat, play, live or play out loud, so that’s kind of the biggest use case and the biggest issue that i kept having with those airpods but, like i said, that’s gon na, Do for this video? Let me know what you guys think in the comments below, if you guys have this setting turned on already. If you even knew about it – and one of my subscribers actually showed me this so it’s a huge huge shout out to him, because without that i would still be very, very known of these airpods pro but that’s gon na. Do this video don’t forget to like comment subscribe? We got more coming down the pipeline. Also, let me know if you guys want to see a video of me kind of going through the analytics of me doing the sale of the icon pack, because i want to see if you guys are interested in learning a little bit of the back end see How much money was brought in see how much i pay in fees and things along those lines? Just in case you guys are looking to kind of open up an online store or something like that. But let me know in the comments below but that’s gon na.