So it recently occurred to me that there is a ton of misinformation out there about how damage works in this game. So today, we’re going to cover pretty much everything you need to know about how damage works, the different damage types, what the colors of the numbers mean and all of that good stuff, but before we jump into that i’m going to start doing something with all of My videos that are in this style – and that is anytime i’m using admit, commands i’m, going to talk about and show you the admin commands that i’ve used so that you can replicate these tests and do your own tests. So if we hit f5, that brings up the console command and then you type in i’m, a cheater that gives you access to all of the other commands that we’re using. Then you type in debug mode that’s going to allow you to do things like build creatively and fly around god of course makes you invincible ghost makes it so that none of the enemies on the map can see you, the tod that you see there is the Time of day that 0.5 locks it to noon, then you see the command players. 200.. That makes the game think that there’s 200 players online, which scales the enemies in difficulty. Hopefully that gives this troll buddy here that we’re about to beat the crap out of a lot more hp, allowing us to beat on him longer before i need to spawn a new one.

If you do need to spawn a troll in that to beat on the command, for that is spawn, troll make sure you capitalize troll and then, for whatever level you want, you just hit one. That is how many you want to spawn and then for the level that’s your next number so level. Three now you can go higher than level three, but i don’t recommend doing that because they drop a multiplicative amount of resources. So i spawned in a level 20 and accidentally broke my world, so don’t do that um! I wouldn’t go any higher than about five, depending on how good your pc is, then, after you’ve typed in that you just hit enter, and it will spawn a troll for you and you can do the same thing with a bunch of different creatures. Okay, so now that you know how i set all of this up, let’s uh take a look at some damage numbers here. So the first thing i want to do is make sure you have a solid understanding of the damage numbers that you see on your individual weapons. So if you take a look at my skills here, i’ve maxed out axes, i’ve maxed out clubs, i’ve maxed out spears, um and swords pull arms is only level 11 and my bose is 44 knives. We’Re not going to take a look at a knife, but it’s 19.. So anyway, if we take a look at my bronze mace, which is considered a club, you can see that the orange number there beside blunt says: 35 that’s the max amount of damage that this thing is capable of doing.

You can see over there in the parenthesis. There are yellow numbers which is 30 to 35, so this is going to do anywhere from 30 to its max amount of damage, which is 35, but that is only because i’ve maxed, my skill out to a hundred. If we take a look at this pull arm here, you can see its max amount of damage is 45. However, i am only capable of doing 14 to 28 with it. That is because my skill with pull arms is only level 11, so it drastically limits the amount of damage i’m capable of doing with this pole arm same thing goes with swords. You can see its max amount is 35. I can do 30 to 35, but bows. However, the max amount of damage i can do with this fine wood bow is 32, however, i’m only capable of doing 17 to 26.. Now please take note that not all skills work like that, if we take a look at blocking and i’ve covered this in a previous video, my block power for my shield is 100. However, i am capable of blocking 119 and i’m not going to go into any more detail than that if you want to see more detail about shields and how they work uh, what check out my bellhon playlist and it contains uh two videos and they’re actually talking About shields, so the next thing i want to talk about is damage types because weapons have different damage types, they have a physical, well, they all have a physical type, but they can also have an elemental type.

So if we take a look here, we have this bronze mace, which does blunt damage a physical type. If we take a look at the spear, we have pierce once again physical. If we take a look at the sword, it does slash damage once again, physical. However, if we take a look at these poison arrows, they do poison and the frost arrows frost the fire arrows fire. All those can be considered. Elemental silver does a spirit now i know you’re, probably thinking a fire spark. Poison and spirit are not elementals. Uh yeah. I know just uh yeah for this game: they’re considered elemental damage now, you’re, probably thinking. Why does the damage type that they do matter, and that is because everything in the game is affected differently by different damage types and the numbers that pop up, when you are damaging them, are colored in order to display whether that thing that you are attacking is Resistant or its damage type is the thing’s weakness or, if it’s, just normal, it doesn’t matter either way, you’re just getting normal numbers, no extra, no less. So, for example, if we select the bronze mace here and we hit this troll, i know that trolls are resistant to blunt damage, so it is going to show up gray. You can see there. Our numbers are showing up gray. If i select the sword, i know that they are normal when it comes to slash damage, so it’s going to show up white and you can see showing up white and we are also doing more damage.

So once again take a look at those numbers. There. 16. 16. 29. However, if we hit him with the sword right from the bat 31 32 65. now they are weak to piercing attacks. So if we grab our spear and we poke him, you can see 52, 45, 49, so we’re doing a good chunk more damage because we’re using the damage type that the troll is weak to now i saw some people in my comments saying that those yellow numbers Were indicators of doing increased damage and it shows up every time you do increase damage, and i also saw people saying that they were crit damage. They are neither of those things. They only display the thing’s weakness. If i just start tearing into this guy with this mace, you can see that we’re just doing gray numbers it’s, never going to pop up a yellow number. I can sit here and wail on him all day, long and it’s. Never going to pop up a yellow number same thing goes if i’m, using something that’s, just normal damage. So here we go we’re just going to continue to wail on him for a second here and now remember i have these skills maxed out. So if there was crits crit hitting things happening, i would be doing it right now, but we’re not we’re, just hitting him and only white numbers are popping up now. It is possible to actually stagger something using any weapon at all.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be the thing that they are weak to. So i have my mace here and i’m. Just gon na hit this troll a couple of times and hopefully we can get him to stagger here there you go, so you can see we’re doing increased damage when he’s staggered so that’s the same thing that happens when you parry an attack and then they stagger And then you hit them, you can hear that we are getting that little sound indication there that we’re actually doing increased damage we’re just not doing as much as we could do. If we were using an item that he is weak to, so you can see there both of those hits pulled off 30. by the way you fly by hitting the z key when you are in debug mode. So if i hit z, i can fly and b puts us into no placement cost when you are in no placement cost. If you hit tab to bring up your menus here, you can repair items at any time and then you have a full list of everything. That’S, currently in the game that you can just craft from your inventory, so we’re gon na spawn in a skeleton using the command spawn skeleton and uh we’re, just gon na spawn one in at level. Three and then we’re gon na grab a shield here and we’re going to use our bronze sword, because if we hit the skeleton you can see that the damage numbers there are showing up white.

So that means that it’s just normal damage and then we’re going to type ghost again to go out of ghost mode. And that way he recognizes us and then we’re gon na parry an attack and hit. And you can see there or here that both of those did increased damage and we got the notification sounds let’s. Do it again? So did you hear it one more time? So here we go with another skeleton and this time i’ll shut my mouth Music. You can hear there that all three of those attacks did increased damage, so another type of damage that can be dealt is a backstab damage. If we take a look at the knife here, you can see it does 10 times backstab damage. However, if we take a look at our other weapons like the bronze sword, the spear and the mace, you can see they only do three times backstab damage. What the backstab damage does is well, of course, increases it by that amount of time. So if you’re doing 10 damage, you hit them with backstab damage you’re going to do 30, obviously, but that damage comes in the form of when that they do not recognize that you’re around. So if you take a look right now, we’re in ghost mode, this skeleton has no idea. We are here if we walk up to him to hit him with the mace we’re going to hit him with blunt damage, which is his weakness.

So it’s going to show up, yellow so we’re going to get increased damage. There then we’re going to get further increased damage, because our first attack is going to also increase the damage because of the backstab damage, so we’re getting a lot of increased damage there. There you go, you can see, we did it 98. That has nothing to do with being behind them. It just has to do with the fact that they do not know. We are here and that’s only the first attack. So if we spawn in another one and we’re going to hit him with something that’s not going to do quite as much damage – and you can see he now has the exclamation point over top of his head. He doesn’t really see us, but now he’s alert. So we can’t backstab him on top of that he’s already taken damage and if he has any amounts of damage at all, we cannot backstab again. So you can see here we’re not getting the additional damage for backstab. So we have a level three troll here and i just want to show you that the backstab damage has nothing to do with hitting them in the back. So here we go we’re going to hit him from the front and he is not alert right now. So we’re going to get the backstab damage at 150. and now we’re going to hit this brand new one from the back and you can see.

We only did 134 that time, so we actually did less damage hitting for him from the back but that’s just because the damage numbers are random, so that just goes to show it doesn’t matter and if we continue to poke him from the front you can see Here, 50 48 we’re no longer doing backstab damage if we hit him in the back 44. 46 51. So it doesn’t, really matter which side you hit them from. The back stab simply means that they are unaware that you are attacking them and it’s your first hit when they are unaware. So now i want to talk about elemental damage and damage over time and weapons like the porcupine that has two different damage types. It does blunt and pierce and frostner, which does blunt frost and spirit. So first let’s take a look at the elemental damage and damage over time. So what’s interesting with the elemental damage and damage over time is. It appears the damage over time always shows up white. So we hit this guy here with fire damage. You can see he’s burning for 2.1 and that’s showing up white if we do the same thing with spirit arrows or the silver arrows which do spirit damage. You can see it’s showing up white and we come over here to this troll and we do the same thing now. He won’t take damage over time from the spirit, but he will take damage over time from poison.

You can see that pierce there showed up as yellow, but the damage over time is showing up as white same thing. If we drop in some fire arrows here and we shoot him, you can see damage over time showing up white. Now, apparently, the graylings are supposed to take extra damage from fire, they’re supposedly weak to fire damage. If we spawn in a greyling here – and i shoot him with a fire arrow – you can see, he is definitely taking a lot of fire damage, but uh it’s not showing up yellow it’s, showing up white so i’m under the impression that, no matter what the damage Over time, for things is always going to just show up white, because i can’t find anything where it shows up a different color. Now i want to talk about things that have different damage types, so we know for a fact that the troll is weak to pierce. This does blunt and it does pierce damage. However, if i hit this troll with it, you can see that the numbers are showing up gray, now we’re doing a decent chunk of damage there and it could be doing some bonus damage but we’re, not 100 sure, because it’s showing up as gray and it’s, not Telling us that he is weak to the damage, however, we’re doing pierce damage. So, therefore, we should be doing a fair amount of extra damage because we are doing both pierce and blunt, but it doesn’t show us the pierce damage separately and because we’re doing mixed damage – and one of those is blunt we’re, just seeing the numbers show up as Gray, we can also see this in skeletons if we come over here to this skeleton that i have over here and we hit that skeleton.

With this mace we can see yes, we’re getting yellow numbers because whoa we were hitting really hard there we’re getting yellow numbers because they are weak to blunt damage. However, if we select frostner and we take a look at froster’s damage, froster does spirit, so it does damage over time to undead. It also does frost and it also does blunt damage. So we know that skeletons are weak against blunt damage, but if i hit him with frostner, you can see we’re getting gray numbers there, and i think this is what was happening with frost arrows versus draugr. In a previous video that i did. I think that it’s a situation where we’re not seeing the proper numbers, because one thing that they are weak or take normal damage to is overriding the numbers that we would see. That would show us that they are weak. To said thing, so be careful when you are messing with things that have multiple damage types don’t take the color of the numbers that are popping up at face value. That appears to be a bug. What i think they need to do in this situation is actually split. Those numbers up and show us three separate numbers or two separate numbers, or basically a separate number for each damage, type that we’re dealing so that we can see a proper indication of if we’re, hitting them with something that they’re weak against all right. And i think that covers just about everything damage related.

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