All my trader and investor homies it’s, your boy kevin. This is touchdown trades. The home of the number one stock market trading and investing channel on all of youtube in today’s, video, we’re gon na be breaking down gamestop stock, and this stock was a perfect battleground, a perfect hypothetical battleground for the war that has been building for the past couple Of years, the war that i’m talking about is the average investor like me and yourself, taking on the big suits in wall street, the guys with the 250 dollar loafers and the 5 000 suits they just got beat in the ultimate battle. They want to manage our money for us and have us pay them a two percent per year fee, but no longer are we giving in to that and the tensions were brewing and finally, it has exploded and we have won in today’s video we’re gon na be Talking about the battle, how it was fought and how it was won and, of course, we’re gon na be breaking down gamestop stock let’s get it get your four free stocks, valued up to thirty seven hundred dollars when you use the link in the description and deposit. Just a hundred dollars or more that is free money. We will check it out, so the company in question the stock is gamestop and gamestop is a store that we all grew up going to getting the newest video game, but there’s, no doubt about it.

Gamestop is in trouble from a financial standpoint. Gamestop has been closing, stores left and right. It has been crushed by the ronasaurus rex and i don’t think it ever recovers. Why would it recover when you can buy video games straight from the console and we’re headed in that direction being able to download whatever video game whenever you want straight off your console and how about selling of the consoles that is going to be a primarily online E commerce aspect, in my opinion, gamestop, cannot survive just by selling consoles. So i do think gamestop is in a lot of trouble financially, but it didn’t matter. People were looking for a battleground, they were looking for a battleground to fight wall street on and they found it and they found the absolute best battleground to do so. What more of a fitting stock to attack wall street and its entrenched ways than gamestop a millennial’s favorite place to go a video game store is the absolute best stock that this could have happened to and if we take a look at the chart, what happened next Was absolutely amazing wall street, as we know it is dead just a couple years ago, wall street was as strong as ever, but then online brokerages such as robinhood weeble td, ameritrade thinkorswim, started to take over and they started offering zero commission trading this spiked the interest Of millennials and average joes all around the world and we started opening brokerage accounts left and right.

We wanted to do it ourselves. We no longer wanted to pay the big banks, one or two percent per year to manage our money for us. Whether this is good or bad in the long run, only time will tell, but this is angered wall street and they have definitely taken a loss from this. As long as time is told, your average trader investor has not influenced the price of a stock. Ever retail traders have no had had keyword, had no control of the price of a stock institutions, and hedge funds always have controlled the market movements. If they bought a stock, it went up if they shorted or sold out of a position it went down, but times have changed. The battlefield where this war was going to take place was gamestop corporation stock, ticker gme the fundamentals didn’t matter. It was a head to head matchup between one of the biggest short sellers in the arena: citron research and a bunch of kids who were looking to put their foot down and say enough is enough to wall street. So this was the initial run up from under ten dollars a share to twenty dollars, and that was a pretty big move. 100 plus. But then the real madness started to take place over the last week or so, and game stock broke out over 20 and ran up to over 160 dollars per share. So what is next for gamestop corporation stock? What is going to happen next? Are we going to have a crash, or are we going to have the next squeeze in the next leg? Up? Well, let’s break it down let’s talk about it! So let’s talk about my opinion on what happens next with gme stock.

So right now we have a market cap of over six billion dollars as we’re up over a hundred percent on the day, so the sales last year were 5.16 billion dollars, but we’re going to be seeing stores, shutting down, left and right and we’re going to see A massive decrease in revenue this year due to shutdowns and quarantine that type of thing also, we have earnings per shares that are expected to go back up a little bit, but i think the road for gamestop to survive and the window for gamestop to survive is Very very narrow, in my opinion, i don’t think gamestop will be around in existence 15 years from now. Does that mean the stock is gon na crash today or tomorrow back down to where it came from absolutely not, and why is that? Because everybody who’s on wall street, the big short firm citron research – is short selling gamestop. What does that mean? It means they’re betting on gamestop to go down and what results from that, when you have a bunch of wall street bet, traders and investors, robin hood traders and investors and average joe traders and investors buying the stock up, and you have citron research and big short Sellers short selling the stock trying to get it to drop, you have a battle, you have the war and right now the robin hood wall street bet folks are winning that war. So they could very well continue to win win that war and what happens is let’s say these short sellers got short at 20 let’s say they got short at 40.

60. 80.. What happens when they’re down 100 on their position? Is they start having to stop out of their position, and how do you stop out of a short position? You have to buy the stock? So not only do you have robinhood traders, wall street bet traders buying the stock up. You also have short sellers stopping out of their position and buying the stock up, which has resulted in this monumentous short squeeze like we have never seen before. So even as we speak, gamestop is already starting to pull back off 160 dollars per share down to 100 per share. But i would not short this stock with your money, because i think there’s a very good possibility that this thing ramps up one more time and heads up towards 200. A share that is a very high possibility. As short sellers start to stop out and as we see more momentum, come back into the ticker, however i’m not going to be in this stock i’m not going to be chasing it after it’s made this huge move, i’m going to be on the sidelines, watching laughing And enjoying this as us retail traders, we put our foot down and we’re taking over wall street wall street is now ours. It belongs to us the average joe it belongs to us now. I think this is absolutely awesome. I love to see it and people are saying. Oh, this is wall street bets gambling, yeah it’s, a risky investment it’s, a risky trade and it was fun to watch and i loved every second of it.

Alright guys that’s gon na wrap up this video i’ll catch.