Had a lot of people ask me about decorating the medium house, so i thought i would go ahead and do that now. The medium house was something that i did about a week back that showed you how to make a medium sized house in valheim, and a lot of people have built this house and they’re curious about how i would make it look compared to the longhouse builds the Medium house is, you know, kind of small. It doesn’t have a lot of room, so you really need to put a lot of thought into where you’re going to put some items. I had uh the fire in the corner at one point in time, and then i decided to make a change and put a hearth in the middle and then have the smoke go up through the second floor and then out on the top and i’ll show you That a little bit later, the first order of business is always to fix any damage that you might have gotten while building the house – and you know, if you had any kind of weather effects happened. The wood tends to get weathered. So i spent a little bit of time, uh, just fixing it up and and luckily for this particular house build. It was mainly just the floor that was damaged and it didn’t take a lot of time to repair. When i was done with that, then it was on to do some lighting now the heart does give off a lot of light, but you know i do like these wall sconces a lot, because the radius of light is pretty great and you don’t need a lot Of them down to really light up your house so on the core beams, i want to putting down these wall sconces and that really kind of lit the room up.

Then it was on to setting up the workbench area, and so the location that i chose was where i had my initial fire. When i did the build, i thought this would be a good area for it and i kind of wanted it offset. You know i wanted it in an angle, not just you know, flat up against the wall so that i could put you know some things around it that make it look pretty cool. So i spent some time putting down all the items that were necessary for the workbench to get it up to its highest level and then also to make sure that i had enough room for all the items to upgrade the workbench. I always tend to follow off with some sort of seat or bench around the workbench, because i thought it’d be really cool. You know if you’re sitting there working and you had friends over that they would, you know, can kind of kick back on the bench or stool or something or chair uh and just watch. You do your work. Of course, you know everything’s instant inside of valheim it’s, not really realistic, but you know it’s it’s nice for like a little fantasy setting to set something up like that. Of course, the workbench needs a lot of storage. I think that’s, probably the area that really requires the most amount of storage. So i spent some time putting down some of the large chests next to the workbench so that it could store a lot of like wood or you know any other odds and ends that i might find along the way after i was finally satisfied with the workbench Area i decided.

The next thing i wanted to put down was the forge – and i kind of stick with the same concept that i did with the workbench. I wanted it at an angle, not flat up against the wall, and you know the forge is a little bit difficult in the sense of setting stuff down in a close area. The anvil and the quenching barrel actually have a radius that they need to be. Apart from each other, so getting them in the appropriate area not only to be able to upgrade the forged correctly, but also then to turn around and you know not being in the way of each other is sometimes a little bit tricky in these tight areas. I really wanted to have like a a shelf, above my forge just kind of like. Maybe i thought i was thinking about you know what would you store in there and maybe you would store odds and ends in there, as you were kind of building things. So i thought that would be like a cool little area to put a little chest up there on a shelf right above the forge, and then that way i can have you know a nice little extra decor going on with the the forge area. I decided to put down like a little seating area. Next to the forge i thought i don’t know i thought it’d be cool somebody sitting there. You know watching you hammer away and making a sword or something like that, and you know they’re sitting there having a drink and some soup or something you know.

Those little touches just really make your house stand out after the four just started: work on a stone bench area. You know the stone bench. Doesn’T really have like an interaction like the workbench does you’re not really creating items on it, but maybe in the future. They’Re gon na do something with that. I don’t know i’m thinking along the lines that they’ve got some sort of statues that maybe you wind up carving on the stone bench or something more uses for stone. So i thought i’d put that down inside of the house and um. You know, give it kind of a predominant area for possibly you know, building stuff in the future after the workbench area. I wanted to work on my common area, so i i put down the food racks and then the cauldron uh around the hearth, and then i thought. Well, you know: how could you make this a a decent area, for you know a bunch of people to come over and visit, so you really couldn’t do much here because of the limited space inside of the house, but i was able to get down several benches Uh next to the hearth and then i was able to get down like a table just off of the hearth and think that’s. You know kind of thing of like the yarrow or the head of the house they’re at the table, and then you know all the guys are around the hearth or or something along those lines.

Now i really liked the alchemy station or the fermenting station inside of the longhouse, so i did kind of a miniature version of that. I i didn’t like the fact that i had to do full half slabs, so i kind of wind up doing this little shelf to put my fermenters on and it came out pretty well, i mean they hang over a little bit, but they look pretty good and Then i wanted to do kind of. Like a you know, a mini display area. So i you know, i put down some mugs and i put down some mead and then i have a couple other like little potions on the ground around the fermenting area. Just to show that it’s, you know this is my my alchemy station. I decided to finish up the downstairs with the artisan table and then the spinning wheel right next to each other, underneath the stairs going up. I don’t know i think in the future. Maybe i can change that a little bit. You know if they ever give us the ability to display cloth. On the item stand i could see like a table of cloth or maybe some cloaks or something like that hanging around there to kind of spruce that area up a little bit more. Otherwise, it looks okay, but the main point is that you can get all the crafting stations that you need inside of this medium sized house. So it’s big enough for you to be able to put all the crafting stations on the bottom floor as well as some decorations around to make your house look really cool.

And finally, i moved upstairs. You know i was having a challenge to try to figure out what to do with the upstairs, but i thought over in one of the corners would be really cool away from the stairs to have like kind of like a covered bedroom area. Something similar to what i did in the longhouse decoration, where maybe you know like again: that’s the yarls area or the head of the households area and they’ve got a little private bedroom. So i decided to put down a bed in there and put some other decorations, and then you put the banners to hang to cover the bedroom area, and then i had you know a challenge for the rest of it. It’S like what to do with the slope, roof walls and the only thing i could think of really was to put down a lot of storage around there and that way. Uh it give you some storage, some extra additional storage in the upstairs area. Maybe those are your most important items or maybe it’s just overflow. I did put down like a little. You know seating area, some benches and stuff, so you could hang out on one side or uh. You know have a little sitting area to be able to hang out in that area. I don’t know it just kind of made the area look, uh, more complete and then. Finally, i just uh kind of finished up this build with some odds and ends around the house and just added some additional uh decorations uh to make it kind of pop a little bit.

But you know that was it so that’s, the decoration of the medium sized house. I hope you guys enjoyed the video uh after this is gon na just be some music with some views of the inside of the house. Just to show you what it looks like with no commentary and then with just some music. So if you haven’t already hit that like button, if you’re not a subscriber, please subscribe love to have you in the community. If you want to follow me on any of my social media, you can find the links in the description below and make sure to hit that notification bell. That way, you know when i go live and when i post new videos i’ll talk to you guys soon.