You know, there’s been a massive move. This company’s been making for the past few days, we’re gon na, go over exactly why the company’s going up what could potentially be happening pretty soon i’m. Also gon na go over other companies that can potentially be going up due to short squeeze so i’m going to cover all this important information coming up now before we get into the video appreciate, if you can hit the like button, if you have any questions, any Comments make sure you drop in the comment section below, and i appreciate everybody that subscribe to the channel and turn on the notification. We have more than 8 000 people, so, as you can see over here, we have a game. Stop short sellers lost more than 1.6 billion dollars in a single day, as reddit traders rebelled against them, so not only is going to be 1.6 billion dollars. In total they lost more than 3.3 billion dollars in 2021. So this all happened by a phenomenon called the short squeeze, so there’s a lot of people that are betting against the gamestop stock, because of course, you know, the company is not doing anything well that’s. Why they’re, potentially looking for this company to go down to potentially go bankrupt? You know so, as you can see over here, the stock price you know started to trade around forty dollars. You know around thirty dollars. You know we have the famous short seller, cytron researcher.

They came out and they said the stock price is potentially going to be going to twenty dollars and that really fueled a lot of people. You know to get involved in gamestop, specifically for wall street bets crowd. You know so there’s a lot of people that are owning shares that are buying calls, especially on friday. A lot of people made a lot of money when the stock went up all the way to 74 dollars within one day up like 51 in one day. So, as you can see some of the gains that people are making gamestop this and one individual made two million dollars in saying that he’s not selling. So the fight against the short sellers and the people that are actually owning the shares or they’re owning some call options. You know they’re saying that they’re not going to be selling their position. So what happens when you actually shortest stock? Is that the short sellers they are going to be borrowing shares from people that are holding the stock and they’re selling them in the market? So if the stock price goes up, you know these short sellers in order to cover themselves. They have to buy back if they want to avoid a margin call. So when they buy back the stock is going to significantly go up just like it’s doing right now. So today, by itself it went all the way to 150 right around over here and close to 150 dollars right around 144 and i pull back all the way to 72 dollars right now, sitting at 76.

, so there’s a lot of people that this is basically award. That’S happening right now, it’s, nothing to do with the company. The fundamentals of the company is really not that attractive. However, gamestop could potentially play a role. They can come out and do a press release or they can file with sec. Saying they’re going to be diluting the shares and they’re going to be introducing more shares, they’re going to be raising capital they’re going to be doing offering that could potentially shift the game of this specific company and who’s going to potentially be winning. You know so right now, the current moment, you know the shortest sellers, they’re losing billions of billions of dollars and, at the end of the day, this is all going to be depending upon who is going to really weather out and who’s, going to have the capital To just really sustain the losses, you know so they’re people that are actually sure at this company. They unrealize losses are going to be millions of billions of dollars and, if they’re not going to be able to realize it, they can just sustain their losses without actually locking in or taking the loss. So, basically, the person that has a lot of money, they can sustain the loss if you’re short and if you have billions of billions of dollars. If you have millions of millions of dollars, you can hold through the squeeze right unless you get margin called unless for things to settle down.

Also, on the other hand, we have wall street bettors that are saying they’re, not selling, you know because they know if they sell that’s, not good it’s going to affect the stock. You know price to go to the downside, so that’s, why they’re saying? Even if they’re up two million dollars, they’re not selling their shares, or some of them are locking in their profits, and we have a lot of people that are made a lot of money. So that is important. That’S, potentially going to be happening for this company is going to be who’s going to be giving in. You know when you look at the retail investors: they’re they’re up a lot if they’re up like a million dollars at two million dollars, and you see the stock price drop within a matter of hours to 72. You know if you’re somebody that’s up two million now you’re only up a million dollars. You know sometimes it’s going to be all mental. You know for you to. Are you going to hold through it? Are you going to lock in your profits? Are you going to sell if you’re going to sell that is going to negatively affect you know the stock price could potentially go down and this is going to be all a mental game between the buyers, the sellers, the short sellers. So, at the end of the day, i think the stock price can definitely be staying around above sixty dollars.

You know fifty dollars for a while. Unless we see you know some huge news come out from gamestop, they them that they may came out and say they’re going to be doing an offering and etc that can potentially drop the stock price to the downside, but in the short term, of course, right now The bulls are, winning people are squeezing their short sellers and they’re. Making a lot of money and we’re gon na see what’s could potentially happen so within the next few days. So let’s talk about another companies that are actually behaving similar to gamestop so i’m, not saying that they’re gon na be going up from like ten dollars to all the way to 74 or 250 dollars. But they have the potential to perform or to be squeezing the short dollars to the upside. So the first stock that we’re going to be talking about is going to be bed bath and beyond. So when you look at bay bath beyond, you know it’s. Actually, it went up today from like around 30 29 30, all the way to 45 to 47. So that is exactly what happened when you look at the short float for this company is 66.85. You know for a gamestop it’s above 100, so that company can definitely experience massive short squeeze. This company also can experience a match with short squeeze so that’s exactly what happened for today. It went all the way up from 30 to you know to 47.

So definitely keep an eye on it. I really do not suggest people get involved in any of these speculative companies, because at the end of the day you know the volatility is so high. You know just like when we saw gamestop, it went from 150 dollars close to 150, all the way to 72. You know so they’re you’re going to be seeing a lot of swing unless you’re just going to hold it for a very long time. There are people that are borrowing shorts and selling this stock because they believe the stock price is not worth it, but they believe the company is not going to be surviving. You know so, and the other company, of course, is going to be mc. So amc due to cobit, you know a lot of movie theaters are going under right now, they’re not going to be performing very well. Unless you know we have the vaccine people recover, you know. Unfortunately, the kobe cases are rising across the states and the relatively not that bad and the short float for this company is 36.58 million. But, however, this is also a candidate for shirt squeeze so that’s. Why you’re? Looking at the stock price went all the way from around 350, all the way to close to five dollars. So these are the two companies that are gon na, be the prime candidates that could potentially be performing a short squeeze pretty soon. If people try to play the sympathy, because these are the companies that have prime candidates to have a short squeeze happen, especially bbby, you know, if you go on wall street bets and other people that are betting, you know that are getting involved in bed bath and Beyond they’re making money, so that is one of the things that, if a lot of crowd a lot of people decide to get involved in bed bath and beyond.

You know they can potentially happen. You know they especially squeeze their shirt sellers at the same time, so that is what’s happening right now with gamestop, but i suggest nobody get involved in it. It’S really speculative and you never know the swing is just going to be up and down a lot. Unless you got involved in it pretty early and you have calls – or you have shares then that’s great, but getting involved in it right now is just really unpredictable right now, so be super careful now let’s talk about what happened to this stock market today, so the Stock market really relatively a lot of things that happened was relatively flat. You know we had big companies are going to be reporting earnings on wednesday. We have apple. You know: tesla microsoft, facebook they’re having a pre earnings rally, especially for tesla it’s up four point: zero. Four percent of the upside we also have apple, which is up 2.7 microsoft. Facebook also they’re rallying to the upside, so we’ll, see wednesday is going to be massive massive day. So we’ll see what’s going what’s going to happen for these companies. So when we look at the important economic reports, we have at 9 00 a.m. We have the fhfa house price index. I have a 10 a.m. We have consumer confidence index also gon na be reported so be on the lookout for that and if you have any questions, any comments make sure you drop in the comment section below and stay away from all these companies they’re very, very dangerous.

You know they might be tempting right now, but they can drop and they can go up and down a lot significantly. So but if you decide to get involved in it make sure you manage your risk, but i catch you guys on tomorrow’s video have a wonderful day.