I hope that you guys all had an amazing day. I wanted to just provide you guys with a quick little update. I’Ve been posting updates on my instagram. If you guys don’t follow me on instagram, it should be popping up right here. Heads up, i only have one instagram account there’s, so many fake ones out there just make sure that you know that i wanted to update you guys on my overall day, one of the things that i want to share with you before i get started. So the salty people out there don’t get offended. I have been swing trading tesla from the very early stages, i’ve been making videos every single day. I made videos when i was down on tesla so therefore i’m making videos when i’m up on tesla as well. I had a twenty thousand dollar loss on tesla on thursday, i made ten thousand dollars on friday and today i wanted to update you guys on my position i’m going to share with you my plan. My plan is my specific plan based off of my opinion and in no way any stock suggestion. This is simply an update, so you know my thought process when it comes down to why i’m going so heavy on my tesla position. So all together on the day, i cleared a little bit over 51 000 uh. This went into the aftermarket training session and on tesla alone, as you guys could still see.

I have a little bit over 800 shares. I made a little bit over 41 000 on the day and on the open, which is the most important part right net. What i’m actually up on tesla is now 23 000. This is in the very early stages of what i see to be a potential reversal, but of course, just as much as i am up today, tesla only pushed up six percent today. So if it gaps down six percent tomorrow, then again, i’m gon na have to watch my position size and i can just be as heavily in the red as i was today in the green, and you need to know that that’s part of trading that’s part of Swing trading and, of course, that’s part of investing if you plan to hold the position for a long period of time, because you see a lot of upside potential or growth potential. This is you know the roller coaster that you put yourself through. I want to encourage you to take a position in which you are motivated to follow up with, but do not take what such an aggressive position in, which you end up becoming super uncomfortable, and you end up ruining the whole experience for yourself. So, although i did, i feel pretty well off of tesla today, let me go ahead and share with you my plan, so i’m gon na go on the 180 day charges, so you guys can see exactly what it is that i’m looking at uh tesla has been Continuously bullish, since it announced its addition to the s p 500.

, i was in tesla when this happened and ever since then i’ve always had an open position in tesla. Nothing crazy, based off of my overall account size, but i had about you know 40 to 50 shares that i would always hold overnight and i would day trade it with about 100 to 150 shares throughout the day, meaning that i would close out a majority of My position, while still holding a small position as it was so continuously bullish, just in case it continued to gap up. One of the things that we talked about is when tesla hit 900 a share and it continuously got rejected at 8.50. We talked about this multiple times. It was no longer making higher highs and guess what we were preparing for a correction or some form of pullback it’s, not that we knew that the market was going to pull back this aggressively, but, like we’ve said so many times before, no one can predict the Future, but i would rather be someone that prepares for it than to be surprised, and this is a perfect example where, when the market did begin to sell off, i began to invest and buy stocks that i found to be good deals. Stocks like shopify stop stocks like amazon stocks like tesla stocks like or etfs like tqqq as they became very oversold. I found them to be a good deal and i began to ride them back up right, it’s, not like we’re, making a crazy amount of money off of these different stocks.

Well, just depending on how much money it is that you have invested, but what i want to share with you is because it was so bullish before, and this correction happened i’m, not too sure if you’ve paid attention uh to the correlation between the forward, slash nq, Which is the nasdaq future and tesla, but today there’s a very strong correlation and if you’re part of the learn plan profit trading group, you would have seen that during the live trading session today, although we did push up today and we are trading above the ema Line on the four hour time frame, tesla can easily pull right on back, and i am telling you this as someone that’s invested in tesla i’m, not here to try to convince you that tesla’s, you know the best thing in the world. If you don’t see value in it, don’t buy it, but the reason that i’m personally so heavily invested is because of how it’s traded before and because of how oversold it’s become due to current market conditions. The overall market is pulling back and because tech is pulling back so aggressively, it does have a negative influence on tesla and because of what i view to be a good deal opportunity i put in a certain dollar amount that i feel both motivated and comfortable, to Follow up with and that’s the position that i’m in right, i began to buy tesla aggressively as it broke below seven hundred dollars a share, and i began to really load up on tesla as it broke above seven hundred dollars a share at one point today i Had a little bit over eight uh over 900 shares, but of course i sold a majority of that and stayed with 800 shares, as this is where i kind of wanted to stay uh when it comes down to what i hold overnight.

So my overall plan for tesla – just so you guys – can see what it is that i have going on. I plan to continue to buy and load up on tesla up until 750 dollars a share if it ends up going to that price point. I plan to again a goal is something to work towards, not something that has to actually be achieved, but i would expect there to be some form of resistance. Of course, at eight hundred dollars, the sma line is most likely going to be there, and that was an old support level, which is most likely gon na act as a new resistance level. I plan to and working towards selling at around 850 a share so from where we’re at as of right. Now we definitely still have ways to go, but i just wanted to make sure that i share my trade plans not that i plan to sell at 900 it’s. You know based off of previous trading prices. I see a lot of consolidation right around 850 to 860 and i would be very satisfied and being able to lock in my position and lock in my profits around that specific price level. But, of course, if this thing begins to indicate signs of an uptrend and then it experiences any any signs of a resistance at 800 and it begins to pull on back, you guys know that my main focus is locking in profits and doing my part in setting My future self up, so, although i do have the goal of you know, locking in profits at 8.

50, if i see any indication of a resistance i’m going to do me, i’m, going to make sure that i do my part in balancing out my position, size and Making sure that i lock in profits also, one of the things that i want to share with you is how important it is to reduce your position size when things are not going according to plan it’s easy to talk about tesla today, because i made 41 000 On it today and i’m up 23 000 on the open it’s easy to talk about it’s easy to talk about it when you’re in the green. But what about if it begins to pull back there’s two sides to every opportunity and it can easily happen. So if this thing begins to pull on back and it breaks below 700, a share yeah i’m going to be down, but i don’t really care about that big picture right because i’m not going to be selling my entire position tomorrow, that’s, not my plan. My plan is weeks or months from now when it reaches back at these levels, that’s when i’ll lock in profits, it’s, not money that i necessarily need right now. So if tesla were to pull back and break below the ema line, that’s when i’m going to reduce my position size back to about 500 to 600 a share just in case, it does pull on back that i have enough money allocated. You know available. In my account that if it hits 650 or if it hits 600, i have enough money in the reserves in which that i can reinvest into tesla at those lower levels.

Therefore, balancing out my position size at these higher levels, just in case it begins to pull on back so again, balancing out my position, size, making sure the overall direction is in my favor averaging up when the direction is in my favor and it continues to make Higher highs and not being afraid to lock in profits are my biggest focus on tesla and again. Tesla can easily pull on back and i’m telling you this as someone that’s invested in tesla. Does that mean that i’m gon na you know freak out? Does that mean that i’m gon na get super scared? No, it just means that you have to stay cool come and collected, and i would encourage you to implement structure with how it is that you choose to approach it if that’s with a well balanced position, meaning that you have enough money in your position that you Feel motivated to follow up with it, but not so much that you become an emotional mess and just because you’re down you want to give up right. You need to find that balance and it does take time yet to get there. But luckily you have nothing but time when it comes down to scaling in the stock market and that’s kind of where i wanted to leave this um. You know if you actually do the math and how much money i made today or how much i’m up today, based off of the dollar amount that i’m trading with it’s about 10.

So for those that are like making 10 a month and think that that’s not a lot, because you have a 1 000 or 5 000 trading account, i just want to put into perspective as you gain confidence as you gain experience. How effective scaling can be? Not just for trading, but for investing where you can have huge stays when you understand what it is that you’re doing and when you get to a point where you’re comfortable enough and well balanced enough to be able to invest with larger dollar amounts. It’S all about skilling, both in business and, of course, investing and, of course, the stock market so i’m very excited for each and every single one of you and, if you’re excited to scale make sure you drop a thumbs up. So i would love to stay connected if you guys haven’t joined our absolutely free facebook group, that’s gon na, be that first link in the description. We have a little bit over 307 000 members making this one of the largest free facebook groups in the world. For those who trade in the stock market, if you guys haven’t subscribed to our youtube channel, make sure you watch our new videos that we post every single day and if you want to watch me, trade live as soon as tomorrow at market, open that’s. That second link in the description and, of course, that’s, going to be with the learn time, profit like always continue working hard continue following dreams.