Let me put my camera here so that you guys can see antique ladies and myself much clearer yep. So indeed, today auntie gladys and i will be dueling landorus in the incarnate form. So let me bring my screen up. You guys can see that we are over here and i’ll. Show you guys what i intend to use to do. The landorus, with antiquity she’ll, be using the exact same team as me, so you guys don’t have to see what she’s gon na use all right. So this is the team we’ll be rocking with all right shadow memo swines all the way, because it is the number one attacker against landorus and ajotic can right. I think that it is. It works right, okay, i think so. Okay, good, we will use the joltek. Also so anyway, this is the landorus that will be doing the dueling on and it’s left with six minutes to despawn all right i’ll create a public lobby public. I think that is ah do what you want. I’Ll follow. Okay, i mean private butterfree, charmander butterfree. I think, ladies, is very alert today, man, i thought i could like trick her today but looks like not yeah, okay good. So, like i said this is the theme we’ll be rocking and you know landorus being a ground and flying type pokemon. It is double weak to ice and the best eyestag pokemon that we can have right now is shadow mammal science, so that’s.

Why we’re using a full theme of it with joltik all right? Okay – and you still do a good amount damage just kidding. If you guys, of course, i’m not gon na use the joltik at all i’m gon na fight to you, you know my fourth shadow mammal swine. I think, like this will last you her fifth mammal swine. After that i’ll re lobby peel out my four memo signs. Come back in and then she’ll do the same for for five female signs. Okay, so anyway, we will go straight into when the battle starts. Are you ready? Yes, let’s go all right guys and in three two one here we go. Okay, the landorus is out okay, so all strong almighty let’s see how you fare against our ice type, pokemon with powder, snow and avalanche. Okay, so yeah, you guys can see that you know the landorus is using rock pro okay rock pro i mean we would prefer mud shot. Okay, it has rock slide, which is a good thing. All right rock slide is technically the easiest move to actually do, but you guys can see that two rock slides takes out our memo sign because we suffer neutral damage from the rock moves, because you know mamo, swine being an ice stack pokemon. It is weak to rock and also being a ground type. Pokemon is gon na resist rock, so it’s gon na suffer neutral damage from rock but it’s. Okay, it’s, better than suffering super effective damage from focus blast right.

I think that is yeah one shot right. Shadow memo, swine gets one shot by focus. Glass is just too insane and of course, you know shadow memo sign being such a pretty glassy pokemon, not as glassy as you know, shadowy valve it just goes down with just one focus glass. So anyway, we are currently at 236 seconds left on the clock and it’s almost already left, with half health going really really well. I’M. Already on my fourth memo swine once this mammal swine is left with probably half help, i would have to re lobby, because i think that is left with also one and a half member side. Of course, the joltik is not coming out guys: okay, i’m gon na launch one more avalanche and uh. Hopefully i can launch another one: okay cool. We got that i’m gon na reload it now. I think that is okay, so you guys can see that the landorus is left with less than 50 health, with 208 seconds left on the clock, okay and uh. I know oh no brandon, you know you forgot to heal your other ones. Okay, it’s. Fine no worries that was a very poorly lobby. Brandon, okay, no worries i’m back already. I think that is, you should be on your last month: okay, she just painted only her last mammoth song, just painted it’s a bit harder for me to look at antique like this screen at this angle, but it’s, okay, you know she knows what to do all Right because we have done this so many times and also you know landorus isn’t too difficult to take down, especially since we both have you know shadow mammals lines like fully pumped up to level 40.

We only need to get our memo so it’s, the level 50. Antique ladders yeah yeah yeah – i technically can actually pump up another. You know memo sign to like level 45 or 46, but i don’t wish to do that. I’M gon na instantly pump it to level 50 on another separate video, so stay tuned for that also so, anyway, back to the action you guys can see that the landorus is left with less than 20 percent health already it’s already in the rate and our mammals, When they are going down really really quickly, also, but not to worry right, more avalanche are coming. The damage. Output from the avalanche is way way way more than the powder snow powder. Snow. Four powder snow is enough to charge up one avalanche, which is really great. It changes up really really quickly one more avalanche, please before this mammal swine thing awesome, we got it and i thought it was gon na go down right all right time. So 124 seconds left on the clock to take down the landorus two minutes left. I think gladys we did it yeah, so let’s go ahead and take a look at the red candy six reckon it’s one thousand stardust and also xp 25 000 xp don’t forget during this period to the 1st of april it’s, actually increase xp by 1.25 times. Okay for any rates, so anyway, we took it down in two minutes and 51 seconds awesome for 17 balls to catch all the landers.

Okay, it’s, not handle it’s, not shiny, anti glare is probably got a shiny that’s. Why she gave me the thumbs up right. No it’s not shiny, but she didn’t get shiny. Okay, now my turn to catch now. The handle the handle cp is 2. 0. 5. 0. So this is not a handle. You still catch it for candy, xl. Okay, seriously, guys. I don’t know what’s up with this genie. It hates me so much it takes me so long to catch it. Finally, i caught it. I think, ladies caught it on her first vlog yeah the whole morning right, we have been doing great and i take so many balls to actually catch it. So anyway we caught the landorus. Yes, we got no candy xl from that we’re gon na transfer it and let’s see. Did we get candy xl? No, i told you guys the landorus hates me, so that is all that we have to show to you guys man, hopefully you guys, have enjoyed watching us duel, landorus right, antique that is yes. How was it easy, yeah, easy, peasy, lemon squeezy right? Yes, yeah, but not to worry, there will be another few more duels that we need to do on thunderous and also tornadoes, and also the tyrant forms when they come especially they’ll be harder to take down. Also, that would be great, yeah, okay, so since it’s so easy to take down right. Antique ladies and dollars: yeah, okay, you’ll solo, the next lender, spread by yourself, no problem; okay, so confident yep.

So hopefully you guys guys enjoyed this video. If you guys did don’t forget to leave a like and also to subscribe and also to share, thank you guys for watching we’ll, see you guys in the next episode in the next video.