Welcome back dream, chasers to a brand new daily, manifest episode. If you’re new around here, i am andre’s imperial welcome back to our family of dream, chasers we’re visionaries, like you, and i manifest the life of our dreams today, we’re talking about the five things you need to know about the great conjunction between jupiter and mercury. On march 5th, 2021, keep in mind that you can access this link in order to schedule a one on one 30 minute goal with me. If you want to work directly, this is my instagram. This is imperial.com, which is our academy, but with that out of the way let’s get into this video. So for you to understand what is a great conjunction, what is this conjunction between jupiter and mercury? What does this mean? Well, a conjunction. Is this astronomical event where two astronomical objects, in this case planets jupiter and mercury, actually appear to be aligned from earth, so they don’t actually come close physically together, there are still millions and millions of kilometers miles between the two but observing from earth. Looking into the sky to two planets actually comes so close that we call it a conjunction. This is an incredibly powerful, energetic state and energetic change that you need to be aware of, and that is exactly why i’m filming this video for you. The first thing you need to know about the conjunction between jupiter and mercury, that this is the perfect time for facilitated shadow work, whether we call a shadow work working on your inner child, going back and fixing up the issues rather than tapping and looking for tapping Into abundance also going back looking at things that have been holding us back, what has been grabbing on our vibration, our vibrational frequency, our energy.

What drains us? What makes us feel not enough about ourselves our traumas, past experiences, doing the shadow work is essential during this period of time. In manifest episode 148, i will go step by step how to actually perform shadow work. So, if you’re interested, please subscribe with balance notification down below and if you haven’t already like this video, i would appreciate that, beyond and beyond and beyond, because that’ll not only supports the channel but also helps other dream. Chasers within our community find this video and actually tap into these insights because keep in mind this is time. Sensitive video people need to hear it. So please tap share comment, click all the buttons, the youtube likes when you click for people to actually be able to see this video. Thank you. The second thing that you need to know about this conjunction between jupiter and mercury on march 5th 2021, is that this is the perfect time for manifesting signs of confirmation. What in the universe i mean by that? Well, throughout this week you have already manifested this video it’s a sign of confirmation, but you will see more signs more content from other creators. You will manifest synchronicities of events, you will think of something and that it will occur and you’ll be mind. Blown but don’t be. This is how the universe works. There are 12 universal laws that are beyond the physical loss of gravity, for example, and this week is absolutely perfect for manifesting those signs of confirmation of what of what you already know.

This is personal for everyone and whatever it is that’s on your mind, right now, here you got yourself you’re thinking of it you’re. Thinking of that thing, your relationship, your business, your career, your university, your potential to become a model whatever it is that’s on your on your mind, right now, when you manifest that sign of confirmation, you know that this is divine guidance for you and tapping into that Intuitive framework that curiosity intuitive frame of curiosity and figuring out that i have a flame, a flame of curiosity within this area becomes your job to then nourish it into a massive flame to turn it into a passion to turn it into a relationship to turn it Into a blossoming flourishing career but it’s your responsibility to also spot these science body synchronicities, and this conjunction is the perfect time where energetically things will start aligning and you will get confirmations left and right just become aware and allow yourself allow yourself to be happy. Allow yourself to be fulfilled. The third thing that you need to know about the conjunction on march 5th 2021 is: this is the time for authenticity ascension. That means that the universe will be giving you all the sights all the people will be showing you and guiding you through and by you all the events, all the things will be aligning to show you that it’s finally, okay to be you, it has always been. Okay to be you, but this is the time for you to experience that little bit of stress a little bit of energy shift.

Perhaps something negative will happen where it’s your responsibility to take in the lesson and realize wow, if i would have just acted the way, i wanted the way that feels most natural to me. It would have not happened and i can prevent it in the future. You don’t have to be the version of you that your dad or your mom, or that your teacher, so that the society or that auntie mary, wants you to be it’s more than okay, in fact it’s the best you can do for you to be yourself to Be most authentic version, the people that will facilitate support and nourish and ultimately bring you closer to there with their vibration. With their positive attitude, those people will stick around. Those people will keep supporting you now. The people that don’t serve you, the people that are not very good, for you – will kind of fall out slowly but steadily and it’s. Okay, it’s, okay, to go through transitions, where some friends will turn out to be the friends, the good friends, the long term, friends and some people will turn out to not have been friends at all. They were just seeking short term validation from you. They were just benefiting from you without trying to somehow add value to your life, so start being yourself. This is the time for authenticity ascension. The fourth thing you need to know about this conjunction is that it’s also a perfect time for relationship healing now going post conjunction period after it happens.

This is the perfect opportunity to look at your friends. Look at your parents. Look at your romantic relationships and heal spread love. I want you to be kind to others. I want you to spread. Positivity spread love everywhere. You go and be at that level of vibration, because what do we know from science from quantum physics, literally the vibration? The attitude that you put out the vibration of your atoms are you laying in bed? Are you static? Are you scrolling on internet? Are you comparing yourself? Are you atoms becoming stagnant and you are literally feeling you’re about to fall asleep because you hate your life or do you go out there? Do you take that leap of faith? Do you actually give it all you’ve got and go all in on that relationship or in saving that friendship or actually looking your relationship with your parents or your siblings, and realizing that these are the people that are connected by blood to you. You literally have the same blood running through you as them, and these are the only people that will ever have that, apart from your kids, of course, in the future, this is the opportunity to make things right. This is the chance to forgive. This is the chance to be loving and instead of deciding you’re bad, so i’ll be back to you, and other people are good. I’Ll be good to them, be positive, be loving, be forgiving to everyone. Everyone is inherently good to you for the best of you.

If that person wants to support and be in that way, inherently good to you, wonderful if they were just a lesson for you to once again become inherently good and inherently vast version of you, that’s also incredible, but you’ve got to treat everyone with kindness. You’Ve got to push yourself out there first with love and only then will not expect something in return, but at least know that you’ve done everything you could you’ve been your best version. You’Ve been kind you’ve been loving, you’ve been supportive right, you’ve encouraged someone to go out. There take a leap of faith instead of sitting out there and waiting for them to come to you first, do not expect like you know, do not have that mindset like anyone owes you anything. The universe will do its thing, but all you’ve got. Is you and ultimately you are the person from birth till the end of your physical 3d life? You are the person you’ll spend the most amount of time with so might as well bring up and show up as the best version of you, rather than the complete opposite of that. The fifth thing you need to know about the conjunction between jupiter and mercury. On march 5th of 2021 is this: is the time for inspired alignment upon signs? What in the universe, does this mean? Well, it means that you will keep seeing science. The universe will try its best to guide you and to literally show you left and right.

Look around it’s okay to be you it’s, okay, to forgive it’s, okay, to heal, it’s, okay, to to love after being heartbroken it’s! Okay to to think of yourself and believe that you’re not a failure and keep on thriving and manifesting abundance after failing a test or failing at a certain area of life, because you have blown out of proportion. While you have just failed a small thing. You’Ve made a mistake: we’re all human beings right you’ll, keep seeing signs to take those sleep of faith, but it’s not enough to just see science period. We’Ve got to align upon signs, we’ve got to align divinely and be the best version that we can be not just physically hustle hard work and all that it’s not just about hard work. We know all know the people that barely do any work and barely make any money, but also people that barely work and make a lot of money, also people that work very hard and make a lot of money as we think that you deserve, but also people Work hard not make any money it’s not about working hard thinking that you’re worthy of making money. If that is the logic you’re following you will end up being very unhappy because you will base your validation and the monetary value that you receive being paid based off. How hard you work and the week that you are sick and you’re not able to run your business.

You will think you’re, worthless and that’s exactly how a lot of these silicon valley and tech, um founders and ceos fall victim of what’s. It called unexpected and undeserved wealth syndrome that’s what it’s called where they don’t think they’re enough. They deserve it. So what we’re going to do instead is divinely align to the signs. You see the signs you follow your hobby to follow that boy or a girl to follow that relationship. Follow that friend follow that relationship with your parents. That is not lost yet it’s, never too late, it’s, never too early, never too late, so align on what levels on action level, but also on emotional level, on spiritual level, on mental level, educate yourself, meditate more be a calmer human being. That is when you can bring the best version of you when you’re calm when you’re at rest, when your mind is at ease and everything is wonderful, you’re viewing things with awareness as they are. Instead of this ease, that’s one disease actually happened. There’S quite a big disease around the world, going on right now, let’s not get monetized and call what it is. But we all know what it is so stay home, be safe. Take care of your significant others and your loved ones, but we’ve got to align. We’Ve got to become the best version of us, because no one else is going to do it for us we’ll manifest the friends we’ll manifest the people, the opportunity for abundance, that the universe will bring on to us in our life.

That is destined, and we remember destiny is not that this will follow. This we’ll follow this and it’s a straight line: it’s like a pizza slice where okay, this has happened, but now you have the opportunity to align for more abundance or alive for less abundance, and the next is a bigger pizza slide. And then you have a bigger pizza slide and at the end of your life you’re, either ending up down there laying on the death bed with a tear rolling down your cheek, realizing that you regret so much you haven’t done, and you wish that you have taken Those leap of faith that you have followed, the sign that you have asked that girl out that you have started that business upon the idea that you have that you had, even though you didn’t have the money to fully fund it, the money you’ll figure it out. The money will somehow be found either on the street or an investor there’s abundance of money, if you’re limited to thinking only in terms of two thousand dollars per month or four thousand dollars per month, there’s no limit to how much money you can make per month Have you ever thought of that, so a line align a line it’s not enough to see signs aligned upon them? If you enjoyed this video, please leave a like. That would mean the world to me. This is time sensitive content. We need to get it out.

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