So if you’re in australia that’ll be happening on friday, but if you’re in canada or the us you’ll fill this aspect on thursday march, the 4th. So what does mercury conjunct, jupiter mean or promise for the day so first up to understand that we just have to keep one little technical thing in mind, which is to remember that, because mercury has recently been retrograde in aquarius. This aspect is actually the third. In a series of three aspects that mercury has made to jupiter, going back to the very start of january to about the 9th of january, so uh yeah 9th 10th of january, that was when jupiter mercury, first conjunct jupiter in aquarius. So, in the past couple of months, mercury has conjunct jupiter moved further forward in retro in in aquarius gone retrograde, while retrograde, conjunct, jupiter again station direct, ended the retrograde and then has come forward, and this is the third and final time that mercury will conjunct jupiter. So it’s important to understand that while it brings a positive energy of perhaps opportunity or luck or support to thursday march 4th, it also represents the completion or culmination of events that began back in that second week of january. And so just when you’re thinking about how this relates to your own personal life and circumstances, there may be a positive development on thursday march 4th and it may be a standalone thing. But it is just as likely to relate to something you’ve been working on over the last couple of months, almost like you’ve been thrashing out a plan or a strategy or your vision for the future for the past couple of months, and this aspect helps to bring Things together, it helps you find a way to arrange all the pieces into some kind of coherent setup or system.

So now, let’s talk a little bit about the meaning of mercury, conjunct jupiter, mercury, conjunct jupiter. I see this aspect as an aspect of bringing positive news or welcome news. Mercury. The messenger aligns with jupiter the greater benefit in aquarius it’s, a sign that is neutral in many ways for both mercury and jupiter from a technical perspective, jupiter the essence of the planet. Jupiter is associated with or the the core qualities of jupiter are heat and moisture, which are also the qualities associated with the air signs, so there’s an undertone of comfort or familiarity for jupiter being here in a in an air sign in aquarius. So, even though mercury and jupiter don’t have any special talents or skills or strengths or weaknesses, they’re, certainly going to work together in a way that might have a helpful, supportive or possibly even abundant quality. So what could you expect? What might you consciously put your efforts and energy into on thursday march 4th when mercury conjuncts jupiter it’s going to be a great day to send important com, important correspondences or documents, uh mercury? Being about communication on all levels, from old school paper, letters to sending texts or whatsapps on our modern devices, mercury conjunct jupiter is a great day for sharing sharing news, that’s, positive or uplifting, maybe sharing words of support. Maybe you tune into the generosity side of jupiter and you offer encouragement or you provide some help to someone because you’re in a position to do that.

It could be as simple as speaking favorably about someone to another person who’s in a position to help that other individual. Maybe you act as the connector or the networker they’re doing mercury, but in kind of a jupiter way, if that makes sense. So mercury conjunct jupiter on thursday march 4., it’s a great day for promotion for marketing for selling yourself or speaking positively, about your own skills or about others. If you need to have a significant conversation in your personal life or in your professional life, it’d be a great day to schedule that kind of high level meeting if there’s, something that you want to go well or something you want to have an open conversation about There is a real curiosity with mercury. Conjunct jupiter to both mercury and jupiter represents slightly different things. Of course, jupiter represents, like the larger picture, the overarching concept or ideal that we might be aspiring to, and mercury can sometimes talk about the details or the specifics of the way that larger plan is going to be enacted or put into play so that’s. Why? It can be a great day because we get cohesion or we get agreement between the details and the plan like coming up with the specifics that are going to help you do that large undertaking that you have been working towards. So this is a great aspect for a variety of topics, especially in business and planning. Though mercury is a planet to do with trade and the marketplace.

So there is the idea of being able to pull a favorable deal together now for many of us kind of regular people in everyday kind of lives. This could be having a productive conversation with a business partner with a client with your boss, with a romantic partner where you’re actually able to come to an agreement about how you want to move forward. I think the idea of agreement and alliances is a great two great keywords to keep in mind for mercury, conjunct jupiter, almost like there’s that symbolic signing on the dotted line. This is our statement of intention, or this is our action plan and we all agree to how we’re going to move forward. So the other side of mercury, conjunct jupiter, is to keep in mind that it is about looking forward. Jupiter um is a planet that loves to think about what’s. Next, where are we going? Where is our meaning? Coming from what adventures or experiences do we want to open ourselves up to to make life rich and fulfilling aquarius is a sign that naturally looks to the future that visionary quality of aquarius, i think, is appropriate to tap into here and so with mercury conjunct jupiter There is a sense of even clarifying within yourself or maybe choosing within yourself what you want to work towards what the future holds for you or the kinds of experiences, opportunities or plans that you want to put your energy into as you move forward.

So this is a great aspect for thinking about what’s. Next, what does the rest of 2021 hold, or even what am i looking forward to in 2022, so making plans for the future looking forward? It’S definitely not a time to get stuck in the past or who did what or said what it’s more about? How can we go forward from here and putting the plan together for that? So let me know in the comments below how this aspect is showing up for you. Mercury, conjunct, jupiter it’s happening at 17 degrees aquarius. So if you want to really personalize this aspect in your own chart have a look to the topics of the aquarius house. In your personal birth chart, and if you want to get even more technical and specific do that through the lens of the also bringing in the topics of the mercury ruled houses and the jupiter ruled houses in your chart, the two mercury world houses will be the Houses that have gemini and virgo on the cusp and the two jupiter ruled houses will be the houses that have the signs of pisces and sagittarius on the cusp. So you might find that it’s possible to get an agreement between at least two of those areas of your life, if you’re not sure what i mean by rulers of things check out my video on the rulers of the chart. So we look at what rules? What and that’s a recent video that i just recorded if you need more information on that, but otherwise i just want to send you good wishes for a satisfying fulfilling day on march 4th with mercury, conjunct jupiter.

I hope that you do receive some good news or that you’re able to make an inspiring meaningful plan for your future. If you like this type of aspect of the week, video it’s a short extract or a taste of what i offer in my monthly astrology guide, subscription i’ll put the link to that below in that subscription. I include videos that cover every aspect each week of every month. So if you’d like to hear more from me about the current astrology, like the astro weather, check out my monthly astrology guide subscription, you can sign up via the link in the comment section below all right team. Enjoy the mercury jupiter aspect, i’ll be back with more soon for the aspect of the week.