Today, a very special announcement has declared. I have declared the astronomical calendar of march 2021. it’s in the description below you should check it out now before we start, please hit the subscribe button. Like my videos, write your comments on the comment section below and hit the notification button, also known as the bell icon for notifications and make sure you watch the video till end now let’s get started first, astronomical event comes and takes places at the at the 5th Of march, so we set it in the 4th of march just in case now we need to go and switch the place to south the sky. As you can see, this is the southeast sky and we need to go to mercury and you can see that it’s, jupiter and it’s mercury. Let me see, look it. The the mouse is not working, but don’t worry now let’s target jupiter, as you can see, jupiter, is in the the best time to watch is 525. Let me see at the point of 525 at the altitude of 7.’ degrees and the other fact of jupiter and mercury conjecture is jupiter will pass by 0.03 degrees. Now let’s get into number two number, two, the flyby of asteroid air purpose. You know asteroid air puppies is the most infamous asteroid in the earth’s history asteroid. A puppies has a diameter of 1000 foot, also known as 370 meters, and if the asteroid crashes into earth, it will release 65 000 times more energy than the hiroshima and nagasaki and the upcoming flybys of asteroid.

A puppies also known as the god of chaos is 2029, 2036 and 2016. to watch the asteroid puppies at 2021. You need to go to at the constellation of hydra, located in the look located located in in this car. As you can see, this is my name for to a puppies and it’s the perfect opportunity to look and study it and the best time to view is 11. 50 p.m in bangladesh. But if you don’t have telescope don’t worry 2029, you can watch it without telescope. It will come super close to earth, but not hit the earth, so you can see it with a naked eye. Now number three number three and the last astronomical event we’re showing on this video and there are more astronomical events, but this one is a type rare it’s, the most not the most one of the most rarest event will happen now to track it. We need to get into mercury and set the date to 9th march now. Let’S wait for us until it desk. As you can see at the astronomical twin light star at the no, not the astronomical the nautical twin lights start, mercury will be visible and jupiter is also saturn and moon. This is called mercury, saturn, jupiter and moon’s closer pool. This approach is a very very very so you need to see it’s like an l in 35 degrees, with a very large problem, actually it’s blue, but it looks like a very large ball.

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