All the details will be there and also make sure you like this video and subscribe if you’re someone new and you enjoy daily content, now let’s go ahead and get into this here guys, because there are two games that are absolutely blowing up the resellers market. Right now at this point – and you might be sitting on a gold mine of like 300 or 400 dollars, plus so the first game that we’re going to talk about, is xenoblade chronicles, special edition or xenoblade chronicles 2 special edition on the nintendo switch. This is the north american version of the game right now on ebay, i’ve seen prices up to 299 dollars for a brand new copy of this whole thing like complete in box now. This is mine that i have right here and once again, 299.99, the highest that i’ve seen it might even get more than that now. The cool thing about this is, is that nintendo actually made quite a bit of these it’s just that all of the xenoblade fans kind of just like bought them up, but there was a point to where this was actually discounted. Like i remember, in 2018, there were like copies of this floating around and actually down to as low as 60 to 70 dollars brand new on amazon. So it did seem like it was lagging in the sales just a bit and once they were gone, they were gone. Nintendo did not reprint these at all, and now you can fast forward.

However, many years later now, what three four years later or whatever the case is, and now with super smash brothers ultimate getting pirate and mithra, so many nintendo switch fans who are into smash brothers or who want to learn more about these characters. All of a sudden are rushing to play the game, and a lot of them want to kind of get the full experience with the game and kind of see everything that’s. Why that version shot up so much in price now another one that’s very surprising, but at the same time we all should have seen coming. Was this game right here? Xenoblade chronicles, 2 tourna the golden country. Now this is an expansion to xenoblade chronicles 2.. It tells the events 500 years earlier, with some of the same characters and everything and you kind of see what happens to the aegis, blade, pyro and mithra everything that formed the events of xenoblade chronicles 2. You see what happens there now a lot of people went with the dlc option pass. So if you have xenoblade chronicles 2, you can purchase that in the game. It’S 30 for the expansion pass, you get torna and you get all of the dlc. But many opted to do it this way, which was the physical way having it right there on the cartridge, because it is a standalone game. You can actually just play this stand alone. You do not necessarily need xenoblade. Chronicles 2, like they’re, two separate games right, so with this version you can just play it straight from the you know, straight from the whole menu screen and everything it’s physical.

Whatever the case is right, and this was as low as 28 at target back in 2018. They were just trying to just get rid of the last ones they had. It went on discount many times, and now the prices are all the way up to as high as 179.99 for a brand new copy of the game. Mine is sealed, it’s brand new, so that’s pretty crazy as well to see these prices just shoot up. Now i looked at some of the other games too xenoblade chronicles, definitive edition. You have the work set here in the west. The european one is more valuable, so you guys can check out those prices, but here in america it’s over msrp, but sometimes you can find it under or right around that and then also xenoblade chronicles x on the wii. U that’s around msrp as well 80 to 90 for like a used one. I didn’t really see too many brand new ones with that, but it’s out there and, of course, all the other xenoblade games. We have xenoblade chronicles on the wii that’s, pretty cheap they’re still used copies, because nintendo did reprint those quite a bit and then xenoblade chronicles 3d on the nintendo, 3ds and that’s. Also not really rare too. You can find that no problem as well complete inbox for good prices under msrp for right now, at least so i don’t know man. I think it’s pretty cool to see these here, but i think it’s also awesome to kind of go over just like the phenomenon that super smash brothers ultimate can cause for different franchises in japan, we’re, seeing so many people rush out to the stores and buy all Of the copies that were unsold of xenoblade, chronicles, 2.

, now it’s, probably not too much when it comes down to it right, because i don’t think nintendo printed, like 10 million copies of this, because obviously this game isn’t going to sell that much so there’s no need To print so many of the cartridges, but at the same time it’s just cool to see fans want to get into the games and want to play them again before the official drop, because what’s happening this week. Of course, the mr sakarai presents with super smash brothers. Ultimate, pirate and mithra, so people have been rushing to kind of play the game now, of course, the game is still available digitally. If you want to pick it up there, you can definitely do so, but a lot of people want to have that physical game experience. Have it right there in your hand, corner of the golden country for those who haven’t played it yet it’s a standalone. You can play it there and you can actually get the experience of xenoblade, chronicles 2 and knowing who pyro and mithra are just by playing zito bay, chronicles to torn of the golden country right, like it’s, better. If you play xenoblade chronicles 2, the original base game, but ton of the golden country will tell you everything. Well, not everything but it’ll tell you most of what you need to know about mithra for the most part pyra, not so much but mithra for sure. So you can still play that and it’s not as long as the base game, but it’s very, very good.

You can start with that, since it is a prequel and then go from there or if you want, you can just start with xenoblade chronicles 2, but it’s a very long game. But even if you want to get the dlc that’s coming out like you want to know who these characters are just playing from the beginning and getting about maybe 15 to 20 hours in that’ll. Get you a good idea of some of who these characters are and what’s going on in the world and get you probably more hyped for the super smash brothers ultimate dlc, because for me at least when i first started getting into xenoblade, like i think, especially with Xenoblade chronicles 2. It was something that was just completely different than what i’ve played before, and it was something that i thought like man like i’m, not sure if there’s anything else like this on the market. So i think that’s why, with these prices going up and pirate mithra coming into super smash brothers, yeah there’s, a lot of people who are upset because they don’t know the characters. They don’t know the game. If you’ve played xenoblade and you at least give the game a shot right and you legitimately try to get into it, i think that pirate and mithra are very deep, great characters that a lot of people really like like once you get to kind of know them And by the end of the game, man you’re just entranced, with what’s happening with the world and everything that’s going on.

It is a phenomenal experience, so there’s a lot of passion, love and support that so many xenoblade fans have given to this series and to see xenoblade, chronicles 2, be the best selling monolith soft game of all time to see it do so well and to see Actual more xenoblade characters coming in because pirate and mithra are counted as two characters: it’s, not just one it’s counted as two characters. That is just awesome, and i think that it’s something that’s well deserved. In my opinion. Now this week we have super smash brothers ultimate dlc, coming masahiro sakurai. He has a presentation which i will be live streams now. The presentation starts at 6 00 a.m. If i’m not correct, if i am wrong, i’ll make sure to post it but yeah. I think it’s 6am so pretty early for west coast, boys and girls, you know, but for everybody else, it’s not too bad east coast, boys and girls 9 a.m and then, of course, overseas boys and girls. You know it’s, obviously much later afternoon evening. Whatever the case is depending on where you live so it’s going to be a great presentation, once again, i will be live streaming. It i’m going to have a ton of fun we’re going to just like have some fun talking about the franchise xenoblade chronicles 2. The games, what we like about it, you know what the future is going to be. I will start the stream about an hour or so before it goes live because, like i just like to talk about this type of stuff, so i think it’s going to be a lot of fun and the coolest thing about these.

Mr sakurai presents with you know these games is that he is usually a big fan of the game or he researches everything meticulously. So these are very entertaining even though it’s only gon na be on these two characters with pyro and mithra, and only on the xenoblade franchise. He usually gives you a history lesson it’s like a really cool history. Teacher in class that, like you just, are just focused on because they’re so charismatic and know what they’re talking about that’s, what i think of when it comes to masahiro sakurai, like he’s, like a dude that, like no matter what he says, you’re just like hooked onto Everything that he has to say because he’s so knowledgeable, and he knows what he’s talking about and he’s such a great game, designer game producer and he’s. One of the major major major reasons, if not the huge big reason why super smash brothers is as good as it is over all of these decades when it comes down to it so i’m very excited to check out the mr masahiro sakurai presents like i said. I will be live streaming: it we’re going to have a ton of fun and he’s going to give us a breakdown of what xenoblade chronicles 2 is pirate and mithra the characters their attacks? I mean i’m very excited and i’ve already declared this on my streams, and i guess i can declare it again here. This will be my main.

This will be my name when it comes down to it. A lot of you guys are newer, but back when xenoblade chronicles 2 was coming out. I literally covered this game almost like every single day, new blades that were dropping any bit of combat information. I put out a combat tutorial for people how to play the game. Some tips and tricks and everything which you guys can still go back and watch it’s still relevant to right now, if you’re just getting into xenoblade, because the game is kind of complicated when it comes to xenoblade, chronicles 2 xenoblade, chronicles, 1 and x chronicles x to A degree are not as complicated, although x has a bunch of crazy stuff like with the mechs and everything, but xenoblade. Chronicles 2 is definitely one of the more complex rpgs out there and on the nintendo switch of course. So you guys can check out my xenoblade chronicles 2 guides if you need a little bit of help with the combat and everything, because i think it is a little bit confusing, especially in xenobi chronicles 2, because there’s no, like really good tutorial, you have to buy Them then read it, whereas torn of the golden country gives you a full tutorial with actual missions built into it, so it eases you into the combat and kind of how everything plays out, but man, i am super, excited to talk about this pyra and mithra. Dlc smash ultimate really excited to kind of see more people trying to get into super smash brothers and get into xenoblade chronicles 2.

With this announcement and everything – and i cannot wait to see how pirate and mithra play. But what are your thoughts on these crazy, rising prices of xenoblade, chronicles 2 tone of the golden country, the dlc physical and also xenoblade, chronicles 2 on the nintendo switch, and i also wanted to add it into. I think, the actual regular copy of xenoblade chronicles 2. The non special edition has also shot up in price as well. I know i didn’t talk about it beforehand, but that’s also shot up in price, which you guys can see as well so it’s just kind of nuts with all of this. But what are your thoughts on it? I’D love to hear what you guys have to say in the comment section below all right, guys that wraps it up for this video here check out the links in description. We’Ve got twitter going to give us a follow on there. Stay updated on all the latest gaming news and information also make sure you like comment and subscribe and share this video.