A quick video give you an update for today, it’s march 1st um we’ve had a lot of earthquakes today, actually uh. We felt a few big ones in the afternoon and apparently there was one uh throughout the night and in the morning that uh didn’t wake me up, thankfully, but the one this evening or around. You know 4 30, that was magnitude of 5.1, and it seems like they’re not really slowing down. So i just wanted to give you an update with some of the news. That’S coming out, keep everyone up to date, uh everyone liked. The last video you know just sort of introducing it – a lot has happened within 24 hours, so that’s. Why? I wanted to get this video up as right away. So you can see here on the news uh it’s 5.1 earthquake that that happened at around 4. 4. 35 today and it’s the same area, the reikinis peninsula. So what they’re saying now is that there’s, a very good chance that magma is forming and that there is going to be some kind of eruption? And you can see here they did a thermal camera of the area and uh it’s it’s, showing the amount of activity that’s going on in this in this area here and now, keflavik airport is in this area here and reykjavik is up in this top right corner. Here so this eruption is basically right where the blue lagoon is, which is uh is not going to be good, and if you watch the video that i posted yesterday, there was some reports and some simulations that the university of iceland did.

That showed exactly where the lava was going to go and it was actually going to flow towards this main road here that connects the airport in reykjavik and they were saying that that’s a big concern. I mean it’s good for the people of grindovic and some of these other towns that it’s not going to flow towards them, but if the lava is flowing across that could cut off reykjavik from the airport now there is a way to get to the airport. Of course, without going through this road and you would have to go uh basically around the entire volcano – the eruption – i guess uh – go around the eruption and through gundawik and up to the airport here, depending on where the lava is going. So i mean this is all the news that’s coming in they’re saying: magma is likely to form and if we scroll down you know you can go through and you can read some of these news sites but they’re saying that all of this movement underneath and from The satellite images that they’re showing is that yeah it’s a really good chance that things are intensifying and that some sort of eruption might occur. So if we take a look at the map again for today, you can see still a huge amount of eruptions now. This is covering some of the stuff that we looked at yesterday with the numbers, but you can see you know it is still concentrated in this area.

Again, reykjavik is right here in this purple and the airport is right here. So this is straight right in in the center between the two and green device is right here down below, which is very very close to where all of these earthquakes are happening. Now, an important thing when you’re looking at this is you can see here. On the legend is some of these dots i mean the lower lower earthquake magnitudes, but these stars is everything that’s over three and you can see there’s quite a few of them that have happened over the last 48 hours. If we look at the table again, this is covering some of the stuff that we looked at yesterday, but over the last 48 hours we have 1800 over 1800 and quite a few that are over a magnitude of three and you can go on on this site. It’S very pointless, so it’s, v e d: u r dot! I s and they have an english section, so that’s perfectly free for all those people that don’t speak icelandic or read it. But you can take a look and you can see what date and time and the magnitude that is happening and when there is one there’s over three, they do bold it. So you can see exactly what’s going on there, where it happened and so forth. So if we scroll down, you know, we can see there’s a lot of earthquakes. Most of them are small tremors, but there are a few that are over three that are worth noting now what they have done, which is really, i think, a great thing, because a lot of people are excited to some degree.

I mean there’s. Obviously, a lot of worry about an eruption of whatever magnitude, but it is kind of exciting to be living in a country where there could be hopefully a very safe level of an eruption. If you can, if you can say that, but they have installed a live stream of kepler in case that there is an eruption so that, if you aren’t in iceland, or even if you’re in iceland – and you want to just sort of check out the stream every Once in a while, you can click on this and and take a look, so you can see here, it’s, just uh yeah, just a live stream of of what’s going on now. This one here is uh, not quite live. It was live so i’ll post. The link for for everyone to take a look at where to actually find this um, but you can, you can see here. You know it’s getting dark right now, it’s it’s night time, so it doesn’t really help. Unless i guess there is some sort of really big eruption, then then that would be something so if we’re scrolling down here on this page again, you know there’s a lot of news. Some of the earthquakes are 5.7 they’re, saying now that they could go up to over 6 6.5, even which is is quite, is quite big. Now these aren’t linear numbers, so you know from 5.7 to 6, is not the same as say from 5.

3 to 5.7. The higher you know, increments, you go the more intensified. The actual earthquake is so to go even from 5.7 to 6 would be quite quite devastating, i think, and then a 6.5 that could cause some serious damage towards buildings and infrastructure, which is a big, a big thing. So i just wanted to get all of this information out to you guys right away. I know a lot of people are are interested in this and sort of worried if you’re in icing you’re worried, especially if you’re in the grindific area, seeing how things are going to going to go. Perhaps this is going to kickstart tourism if you want to come and see the eruption now i did read on one news article that they are not sure if it erupts how long that could go. For i mean there are some eruptions where the lava just flows for weeks. It could be months and and that’s a big concern, because, especially if it’s going over the road that connects reykjavik to the international airport in keplervik, it’s, it’s gon na be it’s gon na. Be an issue sort of getting, i mean even small things like you know the coveted vaccines that’s coming in or just general cargo passengers. You know visitors to the country, whatever uh it’s a it’s, a very important road that we have there. So hopefully it is a very minimal amount of magma. If there are lava, if it does erupt, hopefully it doesn’t, you know, destroy this infrastructure of this road and causing a huge delay in trying to figure out what to do so again.

Just wanted to. Let you all know what’s going on uh i’m gon na keep an eye on everything. Obviously you know we’ve had a bunch of shakes today and uh, who knows maybe i’ll post a video tomorrow. If, if there’s been some big developments like there has been today uh and if not, you know, just click subscribe and, and that way you’ll be up to date with what’s going on leave a comment. If you have any more information, you know i got a lot of this stuff. I was just sitting around and noticed someone commented that that there is very much a likely hood, that there is magma forming uh. So thank you to the person that commented on that. Really appreciate all the input that i’m getting in and and all the support. So if you like this hit subscribe hit, the like button leave a comment.