I mean, i think that was one of the things that really caught the attention of a lot of people and put iceland on the map. Was this country that halted air traffic because of an eruption over the past week, or so there have been a lot of earthquakes in the grinderwick area, which we can also feel in reykjavik and many other parts of the country, and some of them have been pretty Substantial i mean we’re looking at the news and the weather sites are breaking taking a look at how many earthquakes are actually happening, but before we get into the actual details, the reason that iceland actually has so much geothermal energy and activity as well as all these Earthquakes and volcanoes is because the whole country is divided between two plates tectonic plates, that is on one side. We have the european and then the north american plate. This is one of the things that a lot of people come here to eisen to to see, because you can actually scuba dive and snorkel in between the two plates it’s a quite a popular tourist attraction, but now we’re actually seeing first hand what this actually means For the people living here now, i’ve lived in iceland for quite a while. Now – and this is the most amount of seismic activity i’ve experienced and the earthquakes that are happening are there’s a lot of small tremors that are happening and you can kind of feeling them shaking.

But there have been quite big ones and to the point where the news agencies are starting to set levels of emergency higher. The blue lagoon has closed down and sent its employees home in preparation, for you know, potentially larger earthquakes or maybe even eruption, and one thing that i want to do in this. Video is sort of clear up the facts. Look over what’s going on and go from there. So a lot of the earthquakes are actually originating in the rickeness peninsula and that’s closer towards kepleric airport, so where everyone’s going to be coming in and all of that is the earthquakes, aren’t necessarily super close to any large populations. The closest thing would be, as i said, the blue lagoon or green device, which is a town in the wickedness peninsula, and there have been over 1700 earthquakes over even just the last 48 hours. If you take a look at this map here, you can see all of these dots from the icelandic weather website. That shows exactly how many earthquakes, they’re measuring and the intensity of each of them. One thing that we want to make sure is everyone kind of knows what to do in your house. You know you’re being told now to secure all your bookshelves and make sure the things that are going to fall off the walls if there’s a bigger earthquake there’s. Also a lot of talk about how much time has passed since a last big earthquake or eruption and they’re, saying in that area, it’s been nearly a century, since a big earthquake actually happened in that area.

The good news is, they say, there’s, no, real, clear signs that there is magma or lava movements going on, and so i think, it’s it’s hard to predict from what they’re saying if there will actually be an eruption, but they don’t believe that that’s going to happen. They think that the earthquakes are going to lessen over the next week or so, but it is very clear that it can’t be ruled out that some sort of eruption or or magma and lava comes to the surface. I mean the earthquakes have been strong enough, that they have cracked some roads, so it’s uh, it’s, it’s kind of a everyone’s kind of tense right now here and when we’re all just kind of taking it day by day now, it’s living in in apartments. Like a lot of people do here one thing that i i remember first asking other people is you know what do you do if you’re you know a couple floors up and you know the weather’s been really bad, you know, how do you get out of the Building as as quickly as possible, how much time you know i come, i come from a place where we don’t have a lot of earthquakes and some of the buildings here are quite tall but uh, it’s, sort of i’m. Realizing that you just get a feel for how the earthquake is, if it’s gon na be something a little bit small and then just act accordingly.

Now i have sort of this packed bag to go beg just in case. I do need to leave uh and be out of the building, and i have my car, which is obviously gassed up and, and things like that, but i don’t i don’t think anyone is is really you know turning their lives upside down at this point, you know They’Re we’re very aware of what’s going on. There are earthquakes, things are shaking and i had some friends who you know some things fell off, their walls and plants are being knocked over, but it’s nothing super super crazy. Yet they do say that there could be all of a sudden, a larger earthquake. Today, for instance, we had a magnitude 4.3 that we felt in the region and uh it’s just sort of a day a day daily thing. Now it seems uh with a lot of shaking, i mean i think i felt a couple of couple dozen little tremors here and there, and i think today there was uh, two or three bigger, bigger earthquakes, which is again very strange now. As i said in terms of actual eruptions, i don’t think it’s gon na happen. I think what they’re saying according to the news is that these are going to subside. The earthquakes should settle down and they’re they’re, comparing it to being sort of in the eye of a hurricane right now, where we’re in the middle of it, and it might get worse on the other side, but it might just stop so uh.

I guess you know. They’Re doing all they can they’re putting all these sensors and and trying to measure as much as they can. They say that it’s hard to measure the magma because of all of the tremors but um. You know i just want to give everyone an update on what’s going on. I think it’s it’s, something that a lot of people here are worried about, especially in in greenville or they’re, very close to the actual seismic activity and the locations that these are originating. But uh earthquakes occur all over this country in varying degrees, and i know green to bake over the past year has had quite a few and and hopefully this this sort of subsides and everything kind of goes back to normal by next week and everything in 2021. Doesn’T turn into this eruption, and we can, you know, not go from 2020 into another sort of chaos here in iceland with a an eruption. And but you know, the the worrying part is that it is close to the airport and if there is lava that comes, it could potentially flow over top of the road that connects uh from reykjavik to the keplervik airport. And hopefully that doesn’t happen. But also too, you know they. They do say that a lot of these quakes could occur in the middle of the night, which i’ve woken up to a couple that have been. You know two in the morning or eight in the morning.

It’S you don’t need to set an alarm clock because you have you: have the earth shaking you awake, but thankfully nothing has been too too intense. Now i was in the recognized peninsula a few weeks back and now i posted a video on some of that stuff and i’m looking forward to going back and taking a look at what kind of changes all of these earthquakes have done to the area. I know from the reports on the news that there have been a lot of rock slides and and changes to the landscape in that regard, but um, you know it’s going to be interesting, i’ll post another video with an update just to see if it’s changed uh Once it’s safe to go back, but in the meantime i mean, hopefully it looks just as it is it did. When i was there last time i mean you can take a look at the video i posted a few weeks ago in the geothermal area there and it’s it’s quite a beautiful place. So it would be a shame if, if a lot of large rocks were to destroy that and we would have to go and rebuild so, i i’ll keep you guys. Updated stay tuned subscribe to the channel. If you want to keep updated on what’s going on, and i look forward to posting a video of the area once everything has calmed down and we look forward to having more people come to iceland, hopefully this doesn’t put iceland back on the map with a big Eruption but uh when it’s safe to travel again.

I hope everyone comes and takes a look. Hopefully the videos. I’M posting. You enjoy it’s hard to travel to iceland right now, but you can watch those in preparation and where you want to go so until next time.