Iceland might be moving into very dangerous times due to a huge earthquake activity more than we have ever seen before, but that is not the worst news. The worst news is that it is next door to the capital of iceland reykjavik. I have spoken about it before that the reykjavis peninsula has been behaving very strangely for the last 40 months. We have seen at least five lava intrusions. No one of them ended up with a volcanic eruption, and the earthquake activity has been huge. We had a 5.6 earthquake near the capital just four months ago, so the scientists believed that the energy release back then would keep the area relatively stable. The day before yesterday we got a 5.7 followed off with a 4.6 and around 4 000 aftershocks and over 60 earthquakes were larger than 0.3. So we have never seen activity of this kind before and we think that this is just the beginning. The whole peninsula is shaking everything is on high alert, and what we fear most today is that the reykjavik and the neighboring towns will be hit by earthquake up to 6.5 earthquakes of that size come every 50 years. We had one in 1921 again in 1968, and the current earthquake swarm is just 5 10 kilometers away from this mountain that is providing those huge earthquakes that can cause major damage in reykjavik and the greater capital area, and you can see on the map that everything Is just going crazy just beside it, but i heard the theology say today that it is unlocked in the moment, but under pressure something would happen just anytime, but the earthquake risk is just half of the story.

Five lava intrusions in 14 months are saying that the region is getting ready for volcanic eruption and if we move back to basics, reykjavik is not built on an ideal spot. If reykjavik were to be settled today with the knowledge we have about geology, we would have found another place for it, that’s for sure, and that goes for cap like airport as well, the blue lagoon, the power plants that are there and overall you can say that The reikinis peninsula is the youngest part of restaurant and it is a part where the area’s rich comes ashore, but iceland is, in fact just a part of the city that happens to be above sea level, and the areas peninsula is very burnt area. It is just the layer of the layer of the layer of lava young ground still under construction and the constructions on the reykjanes peninsula. They have a behavior pattern. We have 800 years with minor activity like earthquakes and such but the big events. They come every 800 years or so, and it so happens that it is around 800 years, since we had the last major eruption and then to the biggest news and the worst news. Scientists say that when this region is ready and the eruption starts it’s a period that can last for 200 years, 200 years of drifting plates with earthquakes and very frequent eruptions, very close to reykjavik, perhaps as little as 20 kilometers, and that is literally so scary position That the icelandic media isn’t covering it as they should, in my opinion, maybe not to scare people or something like that, but i am just repeating what scientists have been saying for the last 20 years or the reykjam’s peninsula is due for eruption.

So we should not be surprised, but we are surprised – and i did not think that my generation would live through to see the surroundings around our capital be burning. I review most, but everything points in that direction now and many geologists are saying that this is just the beginning. We will have eruptions in the near future, perhaps not in next days or weeks even once, but the reikiness peninsula is building up for volcanic activity. That activity could be partially offshore, but most likely they will occur in the middle of the peninsula, with a rows of craters that could span like 10 kilometers even longer where the ground opens up like a zipper spits out. The lava closes up again takes a break and starts again after a few months. We are very used to earthquakes and all kinds of natural disasters in restaurant. We had to evacuate the whole town in 1973 westmania and we did that overnight, but the capital area that will not be evacuated overnight. There are major traffic problems there and the road infrastructure in city can’t even get people to and from work in time and in worst case scenario. That would be volcanic eruption close to the city with a whole lot of ash or perhaps poisoned gas and the wrong interaction. That would leave us in grave danger and the same goes for kepleric the towns around the kepler international airport and one of the eruption sites. The possible eruption sites is just in front of the north south runway, and it makes it even more serious that about 80 percent of icelanders are living in this part of the country.

This is the most densely populated area in iceland. This is the last place where we want to have volcanic eruption simple as that, so everything is on high alert. Now the civil protection agency has declared the official warnings on the whole peninsula and in the capital as well, that blue lagoon had to close after the 5.7 earthquake. For the first time due to earthquakes, it is very close to the epicenter of this ranch it’s in the middle of lava field and where lava has flowed, it can flow again. So those are a really really strange time here in iceland, but when i started this channel, i decided to dedicate a part of it to geology, not because that i’m – a geologist – nor am i expert in this field – that i have always kept up with what’s going On in the country – and the reason is simple, i’m a photographer – and i love to take pictures and videos of all kinds of formations that we have in in our nature and very often i want to know how this formation got there. Why is this mountain here? When did it come what eruption and such iceland is still in the making? That is what makes our nature so special, and i have gone many many trips around this region where this earthquake swarms and i absolutely love this place because it’s just so wild rough and i even have a video online where they are comparing it to the landscape.

On mars – and that is a video from nasa and in this bit i’m driving just like five kilometers from an epicenter, and when we look closely, it is just the lava layer at the layer of the layer, iceland’s youngest part. So, even if it looks all scary, it’s also it’s strange to say, but it’s also exciting in a way because volcanic eruptions make such good footage – and that is a part of my job to sell footage. So, of course, i will be going south to reykjavik. If something happens and like i promised in some of my first videos about theology, then, and if something happens, i will do my best to provide you with some of the best footage and to do so. I am equipped with extremely good zoom lenses because it’s hard to get close sometimes, and i will also be equipped with the drone, so even if i’m excited about the possibility that i might get the photoshop just like this. I am worried about how long is this going to go on one or two eruptions in one two years that is no problem to enter, but to spend decades and even centuries, like the forecast with this next door to the capital is just something that is so Threatening that the icelandic media is not ready to cover that story, they are covering very well what is going on today and yesterday and the day before, but they are very reluctant to go to the bigger picture or the words of the scientists who have said for 20 years, when this region is ready, it’s gon na make a mess for 200 years, and i so hope that they are wrong.

But in the moment, when i’m finalizing this video friday afternoon, this is the earthquake picture. We are seeing. We thought the aftershocks were decreasing, but then we got a 4.7 today and it’s picking up again and what we fear the most now is the 6.5, the threat of the six point fiber to hitters. Now, earthquakes in iceland. They do not get larger than 0.7, maybe 7.1, but iceland is a young country, the iraq isn’t as hard as in the older countries, so they give in from less tension i’m. Currently in north iceland – and there was earthquakes, shawn going on just north of me last summer – i’ve had to get around to shake been with me many times and and we were afraid that the forecasted 0.7 earthquake was about to come because north of iceland, we have The turner’s fracture zone and that zone is ready. There is enough built up 10 similar to provide us with earthquake app 2.7, so it is not just reckons. Financial overall 2020 was the biggest earthquake year. We have ever seen on record and the time lapse. I just made and i’m linking to shows you that development from january 2020 to february 18th just few days ago. So this is a situation pretty strange, i must say, and as i’ve always said, this is iceland. We can expect anything but it’s just a bit more than we expected now, so we hope for the best. We hope it’s gon na affect us, and we hope that this isn’t going to be as serious as it looks now.

But i do, however, have the feeling that, before this tension onto the country will come to rest, there will be some major events, perhaps the south of the country, perhaps north of the country or maybe even on both places. And then we have the volcano underwater yogurt. As well, the volcano cutler is due. It has been very peaceful there for 100 years. The volcano hackle is also ready and overall, it looks to me, as we are going into a period of record breaking activity both in regards of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. So for those of you who are here for scientific data as well, i am providing you with a link to an interview with mr pat lenderson there. It goes in detail over the rickens peninsula and other links and if you’re a first timer visiting please consider to subscribe. But i will be updating this section of my channel on regular basis and when i have a time i’m trying to pick out some good documentaries and stuff that is already on youtube and translated for english speaking audience. And i have already translated some documentaries. So you can so you can see them already and i hope you enjoy them, but i am getting into the weekend and while i was reading this, i was checking the earthquake meters. If something was happening, i feel it from south my research that there’s a lot of tension in there a lot of tension, and this will be one strange weekend for many of us.

So if you want to see it in almost real time the earthquakes here i’m leaving links for that as well.