We are back with another video um and today ea has said you can get madden for free. So if you don’t have matin and you have ea play, you can go ahead and download a copy of madden for yourself right and get yourself started. Then you come over here watch my channel. I do giveaways and hopefully you win and it helps your team out, but you got to remember subscribe to the channel. If this is your first time watching one of my videos, man subscribe to the channel, i definitely appreciate it. It helps it out so let’s get in here. Ea uh put some stuff out. If you look right here, we have good morning, we have our good morning pack and then we have ea play celebration pack and we have ea play monthly rewards. So we have monthly rewards let’s go ahead and open up the good morning, see if we get anything out of here. It’S gon na be real short and sweet, nothing real long. I don’t know why i did that. I am working on getting something different from my internet maps because i try to do a game play and my internet was is just choppy, so let’s go into the monthly rewards. So what i am going to do is uh. We do another gameplay, oh man, not these things. These things suck we’ll do another game. Plan i’m gon na do uh. I think i’m gon na do um.

I mean there’s, really nothing to nobody to go after. I mean man these these things these right here, man it’s, nothing, but a gold pack really don’t, give you anything uh. I did it again. I did it again so um yeah man, not really nothing going on really nothing new we do have um don’t forget tomorrow is uh. They are going to be doing wild card. Wednesday is tomorrow, but instead of doing wild card wednesday um or they normally do like veterans or anything like that, they are going to do um some power ups power ups, we don’t know which power rip is going to be, but we are hoping that some of The power ups are people who really need it man. He used to really be good on getting power ups out and getting people powered, but now it’s, just garbage. So most of your favorite players, don’t, have power ups and then, sooner or later you have to sell them get rid of them. Then he comes out with another card and you got to pick that card up. I mean it’s, just you know. If they kept with the powers, it would be just good. I mean i don’t think it’s really that hard to do power ups and put them in the game which they really should be doing power ups to put players. So players could get boosted up but other than that not let’s get into this ea play celebration.

Pack let’s see what this is. I don’t know oh shoot. Okay, are you giving us a team of the year for free, okay, i’ll, take a player for free, nothing wrong with that i could take jamal adams and sell him. I’D have jamal adams now and i could put him on a cell blocks because i’m gon na keep jamal adams he’s not going nowhere. I need to get fred warner but i’m, not really using fred warner like that, but man this is actually cool. I wonder what the prices look like for them see how bad they dropped, since they gave us free, let’s, look but that’s, not bad at all. Man, that’s, actually good. So man, if you’re part of ea sports, you involved in it in ea, you can get you a free team of the year, which is not actually bad at all i’m. Okay, with that let’s see what the prices are on, these team of the years now see. If the price has dropped, since yeah prices did drop, uh huh jamal adams is going for 196., which is still not bad. You could pick up digs for 200. Russell wilson is going for 201. I mean the prices are dropping on these fred water at 205, which is not a bad thing man. This is bad. This is actually good. Look at that sold for 196., okay, i’m. Okay, with that yo let’s go get into some uh let’s get into uh let’s open up some packs.

My little packs right here. I like these little 16 series. Five, like little gold packs i’m gon na open a few of these, not looking too big let’s open up a few again. If this is your first time watching any of my videos, man once you think about subscribing to the channel, hit the like button, because it definitely helps the channel out um comment down below what, because i got a gameplay play coming it’s going to be coming. Yeah what’s up yo, so we are um. These are my little favorite packs man i like to open them up. I did pull some good stuff out of it. Yesterday i wasn’t recording when i was doing them, but if i’m looking to get some training, i definitely use this for getting my training, because again you could pull 86. You could pull you pull some elites out of it and you just quick, sell everything you ain’t, keeping all this. You got 81 in the first round, so that’s cool. We get a team of the week 79 that wasn’t nothing 75, so we’ll take the 79 let’s. Go ahead and hurry up and quick sell it hear all the noise in the background, neighbors doing some stuff today house, looking out all these trucks coming in on my side now, it’s almost like good morning good morning, man, if you watch it, you hear beep beep Back it up for the dump truck yep let’s, probably see mint truck so we’re pulling 85, which is real good that helps out, and if you know anybody uh that right like to watch madden videos or anything like that share it.

Man tell them share this. Video share the people, so they can watch so they can subscribe to the channel again everything else man. I definitely appreciate nothing, but much love from you know that you guys do watch the video take the time to watch. It comment down below um again, like i said i had to make that big. I just wanted to open up a little bit more, so we quick sell all these, because just you really not pulling nothing, you know unless we pull something big like 89, which is good. I can’t do nothing with it, but do some training right i’m working i’m on my road to get to 90, so i can get my 97 and i think i’ll i’ll put the 97 on tariq hill and i’ll sell his power up um, but, like i said, I have jamal adams, i do have jamal adams already, so i could take that off for jamal adams. Sell them, like i said, we’re gon na do a game play on night train lane right, uh, comment down below. Tell me what gameplay you guys really want to see and then i’ll go out and go get that player. So we can do a game play on it. Do a feature on it. Um before we up out of here. Let’S, do some training let’s check out the training, uh let’s check out some training. Let’S do some training. We got eight, we could do about three right or three or four let’s.

Do some training, nothing big! Do not forget, get your copy of madden. If you got. If you have ea ea play, go on there download your copy of madden. If you don’t, have it snatch, it up start your road on ultimate team. So that way, whatever you do now will carry over to madden 22.. I think i’m gon na do one more and get up out of here see if we can walk it off, can we walk it off? Can we walk it off nah? We are not in there. We cannot walk it off. Let’S see. I want to walk it off good. I want a good elite to walk it off. Don’T want to power up that don’t want that man look like. We can only do one more with over come on baby boom. Come on give me a power up: let’s walk it off. Ah man, they killed me with these jersey man, killing me with the color rushes, nothing. I will take 30k yo. That is it man guys. I do appreciate you if you took the time to watch this video don’t forget comment down below um. What gameplay you want to see what player you want to see a game play on um don’t forget to share the video hit the bell notification. So you know when i upload another video and again i do appreciate everybody coming out stay checking out the video. If this is your first time think about subscribing to the channel it’s on the journey trying to get up there and trying to make this channel be big and blow up and uh just hopefully uh, i got your support man.