You got to have a deep rooted hate to do something like this Music what’s up everybody it’s your boy dc duh, welcome in the hater nation. How y’all doing out there guys we are going to get into this today and i’m very very upset with this, because if you don’t necessarily know on how to get a bitcoin stack or keep your bitcoin stack is by completing one of these sets, you can actually Do really well by completing these sets and making a decent amount of coins, but ea has completely just changed the way that they normally always do things and they they’re really kind of scaling back on the on the on the coins, and i let’s go ahead and Get into what we’re talking about here, normally what i like to do is when i go into completing these sets. I look at certain sets and even though they cost a lot of coins, you normally can get a lot of coins back. If you do things the right way, so most of the time i would complete the the top set. So when it was the steve smith, i completed the steve smith in order to get adrian wilson back is not before i completed the the uh the autumn blast. One in order to get, i think, uh vine miller back or one of the cards back or something like that. Normally, because they give you the cards back as nat. It works out really well because you can use that card as well as get another card or whatever get that for the training and then sell the big card back and make a decent amount or keep a good portion of your stack.

So what do i mean? So, in order to complete this divine curse here, you have to put in the the chase, clay pool and the jeremy chen now the chase clay pool and the jeremy chan are going for about 700k each, so we’ll go ahead and check that out really quick. So this is going for 6.85 and the chase clay pool here is going for almost 800k, all right, so that’s 1.5 m’s to complete the jovan curse set, but what they used to what they did before and they did not do with this one is they gave You both cards back plus, you got the javon curse, plus you got the javon curse that card or the uh, not that card, but the javon curse power up card. But instead of doing that, ea says: hey people are actually keeping their their coin stacked. By doing that, let’s get rid of one of these players. So when you complete this set, you only get a choice of which one you want the way that i did the sets and the way that i’ve always done the sets and the way that i’ve able i’ve been able to save a good portion of my coin. Stack is by making these sets and keeping the cards so let’s say, for instance, and i give you an example: you wanted chase claypool you’re a steeler fan, you stealer theme team or you just like chase claypool. You want him on your squad.

What i would do is, i would go, buy both at 1.5. I will put them into the set. I would get all the players, i would get back. The javon curse sell the javon curse for 1 million, because he’s going about 1 million coins. I would get the training and normally it’s half so at 97. I think it’s, 71 000 or something like that. So half of it is 36 000 that you get back. So you would get a million coins 36 000 in training, plus you would get the card. So i would get the card for with training ratio so at 36k because you always want to talk about your training at 36k. 36 times 6. It was about 216 000, so that was 1.2, that you would get in value back and you get the card that you want. We will be able to get our chase claypool for around 300k, which means we saved 500k it’s, not always about you, know finding the glitchiest coin, coinmaking methods. This is literally how i have built a 97 overall team and still able to have a million coins, because i look for savings. I look for ways to save, save and get good players so, like i said before and i’ll show you the one that i completed, i completed two of them, but the ones that i completed are actually here and i’ll. Show you the one that i completed was the steve smith.

Okay, i completed the steve smith, you i got all three players back, i yicked all three of them for the training right i get all three of them for their training. I got or not not all three, but i get um jonathan abrams and joe montana for the training, and then i used the adrian wilson. The current adrian wilson card that i have on my team is a nat card. It is not the actual card, because i don’t care if it’s a nat or not i’m gon na use it and it’s a 99 overall, and he has the most pick sixes on my squad. So he’s gon na stay on my squad for a long time. I’M. Not gon na get rid of you, and if i do, i can get you know, training for the adrian wilson. If i wan na move on how you build it and ea just was like well, we see what you’re doing and we’re gon na end. All that i just i’m so disappointed in ea for doing that. Now i wasn’t gon na complete the set. But you know if you are a jeremy chin fan, or you know that jeremy chin’s, a good user, you had that ability to get him for like 200k 300k, but he is like no. You got to pay full price. You only get one back one. You have to decide which one you want, which means even you can complete it and you’re gon na get minimal savings for it and you can still get the card, but the problem is, is, i would just rather buy the car for 700, 000 and then later In the year, if i want to get rid of the cart it’s worth – maybe 300k – maybe 200k, i would rather do that than put in two cards and get one back uh just come on.

Yeah you got to do better. You got to do better than that. Like why would you change that that’s? How you’ve always done? It is literally how i have always saved points you get plus you save coins, you get a good player, you get decent training back and then you can turn that training even into more than 216 000. If you put it into the right set, you open up packs, you do other things. You can make a decent amount, but for them to literally take away one when you complete this, like you, have to put in two and you get two players back. You should always get that because it makes sense it’s how you save points and if going forward, you like yo, how can i save coins plus good good players? Look at those top sets go into any of them. Okay, go into any of these top sets that you may want to complete the same thing with the tariq kill. I know if you go to the to rekill, you get all four players back as nat, so let’s say you just want one of them: okay, get the rest of them, for the training sell it to rekill. If you want any one of these cards, these cards are, i believe, what are they 96 overall or 95 they’re 95.96? So if you want the frank cart, if you want any of those cards, the same thing with the super bowl pass, those are the sets.

It may be expensive on the front end, but you’re gon na sell the car back to rekill, i believe, is going for like 500k right now. So if you wanted, one of these cards spend the money, even though i mean the this is the this is expensive. I wouldn’t do this set right now i mean 300 000 each one of them are, i don’t know what is he going for? Probably about 160 170. I think he’s, the 95. What is he going for about 170? So if you completed this set okay, that’s that’s gon na cost you six hundred thousand seven eight. Almost a mill you’re gon na get back three for the training and you’re gon na get five hundred thousand back for the to re kill. If you don’t want it to re, kill on your squad, that is how you complete these sets now. Obviously, if you’re going to do this one it’s more for a theme team and you want to keep them all, so you spend a million and a million in those, and you can get all five players towards your theme team, which is really really nice. The same thing with the uh, the endowment can sue. You can get all of those guys plus you can get in dominic and sue, which is really really nice for the theme team. But all these sets come back with the players that you put into it. Even back with the most fear, i’m just i’m, so disappointed in ea for doing that.

Ea like bruh like come on ea. You got like why. Why would you do that? Why i just want? I want answers because that’s how you do certain things in the game: that’s how you just complete good sets. Is there one for the ultimate legend. I don’t think so. I don’t think there’s one for ultimate legend, but that’s how you complete sets man, you complete the biggest sets and you take one or two of those cards. You put them on your team, their nat, you sell whatever’s left you get. Coins get training to me. Is coin making methods are nice, but saving coins is is just as good and getting a good player out of it other than that guys, that’s pretty much it for the video. It is.