Give me a fumble. Please give me a phone, something something something something it’s a try, hard bro it’s, just unbelievable bro. This is crazy man, you yeah man. No one buys your bro. I swear bro. Nobody buys your bro. Your company will fall off next year. Bro 2k 2k football is taking over again man, bad ass game, bro i’m about 20.. How the does this game? Let the person come back like that, bro something you did with the game sliders or some or you hacked my bro hate this company bro some bro. I lost bro that’s, not even right, bro it’s, not even fair, bro that’s, some bro. That is not even fair. Bro i’m up by 28 man come on man. Damn bro nice, though damn it. Man drop my tv and bro can’t. Let this dude come back dog man, damn bro! I just got this tv doug. What the this is why nobody buys this bro look at that. He just recovers that bro that fumble was meant for me bro. This is really doing some up ass right now. Bro then maybe he passes like a dumbass Music like a transformer in his prime bro. That dude is not fumbling, that this is, as Applause come on. Moss, come on moss, come on moss, Music, uh boy bro, my controller crack bro. Damn these bro. These controllers are so cheap, bro sony doesn’t, do the better bro bro my shit’s, literally cracked bro.

I can’t slam it anymore bro. Damn then, you get better materials for this bro it’s out of hand, though dude such a sweat, the way he was using the linebacker. So i didn’t get a touchdown man, damn it man up my damn tv and Music bro. I literally just got this controller bro. The buttons work, but bro sony breaks way too easily bro. This is unacceptable. Bro at this point, there should be no reason. A controller breaks this easily bro is ridiculous. Music. We lost out of those playoffs it’s, just it’s, just skill wise. They just match me up with just like the dominant players that are leading the leaderboards bro it’s, not even a fair matchup, bro they’re just too dominant bro. These controllers should not break this easily. Bro man look at this bro. I just got this bro. I literally just got this bro. This is stupid.