1 windows, 10. First, you have to download canon pixma ts8053 driver. You can get the software from link in description of this video click here to open the website before you download the driver check which windows you have and is based on 32 bit or 64 bit. You can check this two ways: method, one. You can check this by right, click, my computer, icon and select properties there. You can see your windows edition, look to see if your system type is either a 64 bit operating system or a 32 bit operating system method. 2 click on the start, button type about select system there. You can see your windows edition system type difference between basic and full featured drivers. Basic driver solution is used for the basic function of a printer for eg, printing scanning, etc. The full featured software comes with the printer driver scanner driver wireless driver, fax driver iris, ocr scanner, software photo editor product improvement, study, hp, help, etc, download the file from the printerdrivers.com website according to your operating system. Now, click on the download, according to your operating system, save the file wait for the download to complete. After the download completed click on the driver file. It will start extracting the files. Click on start setup, select region, click. Next click, yes to accept. Click, agree. Click! Next now, the setup wizard will prompt you to connect usb cable click. Next, if the usb cable is connected to the printer, please disconnect it.

Click next connect the usb cable from the printer to the pc click. Next then turn on the printer click. Next, you can connect usb cable now or do it later. I am not connecting now. I will do it later now. The setup will automatically detect the printer and start installation. Then click finish to close the installation window. Congratulations. You have successfully installed your printer now. You can make a print test, page click on the start, button, click on control, panel click, category, select, small icons, click on devices and printers right click; your installed printer icon, select printer properties on print test page.