I’Ll unleash the eye of shining justice, okay, Music. What huh i’ve got your back nia Music one day, pirate just disappeared, never fear! I got this. Maybe things will get interesting now have some guts torah Music? Let us know if you need a hand. Morag looks like the z. Kinator is ready to rumble. Oh, you have got to be kidding me Music. Where have you gone i’ll find you don’t get too carried away there chum. What have we here? This is where you were pirate, sorry rex, i couldn’t tell you, because i got an invitation to join trash, give it all you’ve got what i thought i was gon na be in smash, not if i show them first child behold the power of the egypt, Music Shredder spiral genius, you’re, pretty much owning them, and these are seasoned fighters, they’re, no pushovers don’t. Let them off easy, just cause they’re weak. Let me handle this i’ve been expecting you no way we can lose now. Music, oh yeah, mithra, cutting it close. Huh hey! Were these guys planning good to hear that sweet foul mouth again, super sonny, spin raging charge detonation blow super sonic. You can even use that oh yeah Music what’s here you two can swap the tweet another, seemingly impossible task handled, adapter i’m, just making sure the power of the aegis is being used correctly. Quite the spectacle, zooda old fella wait: grumpy, oh yeah Music. You got ta teach me your thingy with the blue flames, Music ultimate, lightning, fury, slash max sure, i’m, really feeling it i’ve, never expected to see you two again let’s see what you got well now that you’re in smash.

I won’t go easy on you. These guys. Look serious too Music smash.