Sorry rex, i couldn’t tell you, because i got an invitation to join trash. I thought i was gon na be in smash. What i thought i was gon na be in smash. What i thought i was gon na be in smash. I thought i was gon na be in smash. Welcome everyone. This is honest, restart and today, we’ll be talking about pyra and mithra, coming to smash brothers. Well, another one potentially coming to smash brothers, another character from xenoblade chronicles 2, the character i’m referring to is rex now i know that might seem a little lofty a little crazy. I think it probably is. I think this video probably shouldn’t, be taken too seriously. This is more for fun, but maybe there is something here now before i really get into this whole possibility this iceberg, if you will of rex getting into smash brothers, i first want to talk about just how awesome pyro and mithra are. I am excited for zelda chronicles 2 as a whole to be represented in smash brothers. The series is getting a lot more publicity. Now, a lot more people are looking into the early chronicles 2. it’s an incredible game. One of my favorite games on the nintendo switch once you get into it. You can get a handle on the combat system, which i think is really deep and engaging, but it’s kind of hard to sort of, learn and understand. Once you do that, and you get into this game and get into the story, you get to see the worlds and the characters.

It is an incredible incredible experience, so i’m just excited to see some zoomy chronicles, 2 love in smash brothers and pirate mithra, i think, are great representatives for the series. Absolutely. I think they made a great decision with what they’ve done with the movesets and such i’m. Extremely excited, i watch this trailer pretty much every single day and i think it’s amazing, as does the piece of cardboard in the background we’ve been talking about rex and pyro and mithra getting the smashboards for so long and most of them are there well, you could Already argue, all of them are there because well, even though it’s just pirate mithra as the playable characters from what we’ve seen so far. Still we get to see rex with the taunts and also the final smashes so it’s not like he isn’t involved to some extent. He already is well – maybe maybe i am maybe i am a little crazy to think that there is a chance that there might be a little bit more here. Maybe, and maybe when we get to see the stock represents in march, we will see a little bit more. Maybe there will be another playable character, that’s we’re talking about today, but before we jump to things, let me first talk a little bit about my social media. You may see various things here on the screen. You can check it all out, it’s linked in description below and, of course, if you like what you’re seeing here, you can subscribe and maybe also leave a like that would be greatly appreciated.

But now let’s get on to this weird little concept i have of rex, maybe getting in to smash brothers still, even though we already got the zealy chronicles to reveal for pyra and mithra so here’s. My thinking here, okay, pyro and mithra are amazing, awesome characters. We already talked about that, but they come as a package deal in zooming. Chronicles 2 rex is their driver they’re, the blades, blades and drivers work together. They cannot fight alone; well, they can, but they fight the best together and to some extent we see that with the taunt and the final smash. But the idea always was for rex, alongside pyra and mithra that’s, what we’ve been sort of hoping for and predicting for the last two years or so when we go back to the final super smash, bros ultimate direct i’m, not talking about the sakurai presents i’m talking About that final actual smash direct before the game actually came out where they gave us the last bit of information and character reveals towards the end of the direct we got. The rex me costume. It was a bit of a consolation prize as sokratis explained i’m. Paraphrasing here, but he said something along the lines of wanting to get rex and xenoblade 2 more involved the game, but they didn’t really make it due to time constraints. So we got rex as a me costume. Instead, at that point, a lot of people felt that it was no longer possible for xenoblade chronicles 2 to have some sort of involvement in the fighter’s past, because there were spirits, there was a me costume.

They just didn’t think it could happen, but, as we have seen, spirits can happen. We’Ve seen different smash characters, break different types of fan, rules all throughout the dlc. It almost seems like sakurai, has done it on purpose. It almost seems like every time we get some sort of crazy reveal it’s to sort of subvert our expectations and that’s been pretty exciting. But if you were on the side of the people who felt like myself that spirits or me costumes, couldn’t deconfirm characters, you may have agreed that rex pyromithra made sense for smash. Brothers soccer won them in the game. They were the starring characters from one of the biggest newest games on the nintendo switch a big nintendo series, and it really was just a matter of time and as time has shown, that was the case. It was just a matter of time. A lot of people doubted that they could happen when we got the reveal from biloth, because it was a nintendo character, but it was from a series that came out after smash brothers, so it sort of suggested that characters from arms and zoom chronicles 2 couldn’t happen Of course, with the next big dlc reveal min men from arms that dispelled that idea. On top of the idea of spirits, deconfirming characters, minimum was a spirit. Ben was a part of arms and there she was in super smash, bros ultimate as a part of volume. 2 fire the fire’s pass at this point.

There was also this idea that we wouldn’t be seeing a lot of nintendo characters in the dlc, but with bileth and min min. That idea was starting to break down, but even after amendment, people were thinking that the rest of the dlc would just be all third party characters. I never really felt like that made sense. This is a nintendo fighting game, while third party inclusions are definitely a big deal and they’re exciting and they’re gon na continue to happen. I think there’s also got ta, be some nintendo characters, so we got another with pyra and mithra and smash brothers, but looking at the reveal, many of us expected that they would start things off with a smash reveal as they usually do. This was not shocking and at first when i saw what it was i was like. Oh yes, rex and pirate mithra were coming to smash brothers. However, as the trailer drew on, we got to see more environments and character interactions from the xenoblade chronicles 2 series. It was starting to feel like something more potentially maybe xenon, chronicles 3 or a dlc, presumably chronicles 2, maybe 0 chronicles 2.5, or something along those lines that’s just how involved it felt with the zoomy chronicles story in world rex was all a part of this. He was the main character for the first part of this trailer. He was significant, but when pyro shows that she got the invitation, she says i got an invitation to smash, not rex, and then rex says what i thought i was gon na be in smash and then pirate tells rex just sit back and leave it to me At this point, it becomes relatively clear that pira is the character that is coming to smash brothers.

Not rex, we see a whole move set with pyra and we just see taunts with rex and then later on. They reveal mithra in epic fashion and it’s. The same thing they have taunts for rex and rex is part of the final smash but that’s it. So then, is there anything that suggests that rex could be in smash bros that’s. What this whole video is about, it’s a bit of a joke, because i not really sure it’s going to happen but there’s, something part of me that that wants me to believe that there’s something deeper here, something bigger going on. So is there anything well, maybe so, looking at pyro and mithra, what we can sort of gather from the trailer? Is that there’s something like what we’ve seen with pokemon trainer or zelda and chic back in the day, a character that takes up one slot but transforms into different characters? And they each have their own individual movesets. But the one move that is downbeat to transition between the different characters, zelda and sheik – no longer function that way, but pokemon trainer still does in smash ultimate. So looking at pokemon trainer, there are three different characters and there still are. Eight alternative skins are still eight different colors for each of those characters. So considering that the same should still probably apply to pyro and mithra, they should still have eight alternative, colors that’s. What i think is definitely gon na happen, because every character in smash bros has them even characters like pokemon trainer.

That has multiple characters in one, but most of the alternate colors are just that alternate colors that change around the patterns that perhaps suggest some other character from their particular series and that’s pretty much it. But there is a few exceptions. We take a look at hiro. Hero is four different characters and each one has an alternate color. This would be the closest comparison to what i’m sort of hoping for right now. I think there is a small chance that an alternative, skin or two alternative skins for pyrimidra could be rex again. I’M not saying this is super likely, but i think there’s a possibility here, because most of the attacks from what i can see in the trailer all have to do with the actual blade itself. If we consider how zooming chronicles 2 worked as a game, it was either rex attacking or pyro or mithra attacking, depending on whatever blade you were using and then for the big specials they fight together, as they show in the final smash. In theory, they could just swap out pyromithra for rex and whenever he swaps to the different moveset, he just changes his weapon to the mithra blade or to the pirate blade, depending on which one he’s using and it could still work. There is a bit of a height difference between pyra and mithra and rex, but i feel like it is still technically possible, but just because it’s possible doesn’t mean that they’re gon na do it it’s already, probably taking a lot of work for them to make.

Basically, two whole new characters. Just for one dlc. Why would they go through the extra bit of trouble to make sure rex could also work as an alternative skin for pyro and mithra. It wouldn’t be nearly as much work as creating a whole other new character, but there would probably need to be some magic done to make sure it all fit together with the hitboxes and such something that i think is worth noting is. If you take a look at rex’s character model in terms of detail, it’s not too far behind pyra or mithra it’s, definitely far more detailed than the other xenoblade characters on top of gramps. But the argument for rex still may be getting into smash. Brothers goes a little bit deeper than that. If we take a look at the smash banner, we see that pirate mithra have been added. There is some space around them. They could move things around every time they update this smash banner. They move the different characters around, but not too far from them. You may notice something interesting joker’s not too far away and joker’s taunt character. Morgana is right next to him in the smash banner, a taunt character. Now let’s go back to the reveal trailer for pirate mithra. What we’ve noticed is that rex is a big part of pirate mithra. He is a part of the taunt and the final smash and of course he plays a very important role with the reveal of these characters in the reveal trailer.

Not to mention rex is the main character from their respective game. When you consider that morgana who’s, just a taunt character, isn’t a smash banner and rex who’s, more than just a taunt character, isn’t it’s kind of strange, maybe they’re, saving one more surprise for that sock right presents. Maybe during the sock write presents right before they show off the me costume characters. They also show off the alternative colors, and a couple of them include rex, as opposed to just another color variation for pyra or mithra. I don’t think it’s entirely out of the question, but this rex situation is strangely similar to what happened with chrom back on smash for wii, u and 3ds, but when they revealed robin and lucina. The question came up what about krom and then, of course, krom made. It in, but just as a part of a final smash, so it’s far more likely that pirate mithra are the playable characters and the rex love is coming in the form of the taunts and the final smash. But we look at the smash banner and how rex was not featured at all and morgana for joker was, and we think about how much of a focus rex got in the trailer it’s a little strange. Not to mention that, while krom was just in a final smash in smash for wii, u and 3ds, he did eventually get added in smash ultimate, as an echo fighter there’s a few more things to consider here, going back to that trailer.

The trailer definitely gave me vibes of potentially like a xenoblade 2.5 or xenoblade 3 for a little bit. I knew from pretty much the beginning. It was probably a smash reveal, but it definitely had me questioning, and we have seen the past – that smash bros has been used to tease different games that are on the come up, for example, luigi’s mansion when they revealed the castlevania characters. They also had a strong focus on luigi in this haunted environment. Not too much later, we got confirmation for luigi’s mansion 3., so it’s possible. They could have been using rex and xenoblade 2 as a whole, for this reveal to sort of build up. Some anticipation and excitement for the xenoblade series, which could potentially lead into a xenoblade 3, reveal later this year, monolithsoft came out with xenoblade chronicles 2 back in 2017.. They have several different studios. They’Ve been working on multiple games, we’ve seen multiple hires from years ago, and we still haven’t seen what those projects have amounted to sure they came out with definitive edition. But again they have multiple different studios and we’ve, seen them hire for different development projects, and we still haven’t seen the fruit of those efforts and it’s been years. 2021 could be the year where we see an announcement for molosov’s next big game and there’s a strong chance. It could be xenoblade, chronicles 3., but how could this relate to rex getting to smash brothers? Well, as you may have noticed, zuma chronicles 2 has been getting a lot more attention lately, zombie chronicles 2.

Getting a lot more attention definitely would bode well for a xenoblade chronicles 3 announcement later this year, but rex is a big part of that. Rex is the main character in xenoblade, chronicles, 2. and perhaps that’s why they had him as a big part of the focus in the trailer, because he is important to the game. But imagine how much extra a little bit of focus the series may get if they have another crazy surprising reveal for zombie chronicles 2 and smash brothers. What if, during these sock break presents, he gives us that 180, that curveball, that oh wait rex didn’t get the snub like ribbon girl or spring man or krom. What, if rex, actually does get in? After all, rex thought that he was supposed to get in smash brothers. Maybe he still will – and maybe by doing this – that theory that me costumes, deconfirmed characters will also be crushed. We have seen different types of fan. Rules continually sort of trumped with the different smash reveals, it almost seems, like ryan, has been doing this intentionally, and let me remind you guys: sakurai is a big fan of xenoblade chronicles 2.. He might not be a fan of rex because he could be getting the snub, but maybe he is also a fan of rex and maybe he’s going to get the spotlight during the soccer presents as a potential alternative skin to pyro and mithra. I really do think that this is a possibility, but just that a possibility i’m, not actually crazy.

Even though, occasionally i talk to a piece of cardboard, i don’t think this is super likely when we’ve seen situations like this, usually what they show is what we’re getting and that’s fine, because pirate mithra look amazing, seeing rex is a part of the taunts in the Final smash, i think, is enough, but again i’m, just really pointing this all out, mostly for fun, but i would be lying to you, but i didn’t think there was at least a chance, which is why i made this video joking about this iceberg of depth. Of the possibilities for rex, getting into smash brothers could happen, but again, pyromithra coming to smash bros alone is incredibly exciting to me, that’s enough, but i guess we’ll find out what’s actually gon na happen when we get the soccer presents later this march. What do you guys think? Do you guys think that there’s something to this idea or do you think, it’s a pie in the sky dream? Let me know what you guys think in the comments below anyways everyone. This is on just restart. Thank you.