Music, no leds. The backlight is off Music, so it’s a common issue in this one is the one of the cough on the side. It goes bad so to start checking it we’re gon na disconnect one of the these flex cables here, Music, so one for a half screen and the other one for the other half Music. Oh, so you can see now so when i disconnect that side of the the screen connector, i can have the picture, and there is a lines here this line here will be. This is what is causing the the issue in the screen, so for this repair, the other half is going to stay white because the screen is not connected. So we know the the problem in this side of the screen and is a common issue for this sharp screen. You can see the sharp over there this screen. It has bare cove in the side sometime this side, sometimes the other side over there. So we know is this side because that’s what the side will disconnect? Is this one here another try you can do. You can disconnect this one from here: Music, let’s unplug, the tv first i’m gon na connect this one back: Music, okay. So now these two is connected, but this one here is not connected. We do have the backlight and we may have some kind of the picture. What it’s, blue and oh, you can see a slow motion, but we have the picture.

We still have that line. So this slow motion is from this bad coffee. Remove this bar just unscrew like a part of the top side and a part of the bottom one. Then you unscrew all the the screws that’s holding and, like you, move a little bit this one out carefully. Don’T put too much pressure on the screen, so next we’re gon na disconnect the tv let’s taking this bar wait. I’M gon na try. It come on Music Music, the next! So what are we gon na? Do we’re gon na start cutting these coffees. Like this, you start from the side slowly like peeling it, then you go next don’t put too much pressure on the screen Music, so carefully. You’Re gon na remove and peel this cove that’s connected to the screen. We’Re gon na move them. So this is a bad cove and then we just put them back together. No we’re, not gon na use it this bad one, and we put the tv together Music um. So the tv works now and uh you can see this line Music.