This a little guy it’s amazing. I can tell you uh, since it came out at the end of last year, i’ve placed an order with bnh for this guy, with 16 gigabyte ram and 512 gigabyte ssd storage. But with that configuration it was not available. I don’t know why, but i was waiting and waiting and waiting and the month is gone and it’s not available. So i decided because of so many reviews on youtube and people saying good stuff about this. Computer and people say not so good stuff about this computer. So i decided to check it out myself and the only available was eight gigabyte ram and 256 gigabyte ssd. So i said, okay it’s time to check it out and finally decide if this computer is good or not for myself, and i did – and i got it just couple days ago – i’ve set it up with my studio and i can tell you i’m impressed already. First of all, uh i’ve, downloaded fcpx or 10 for free trial for 90 days, which is generous from apple. I don’t know it’s it’s it’s generous, so i downloaded it and i played for a few days i’m for years and years, i’ve been using adobe, premiere pro and all the adobe stuff, and it was okay but some stuff i didn’t like anyway, since this came out And it’s a free trial, so first i was hesitating like oh. There will be so much to learn with fhcp fcp ace, x, fcpx, okay, so surprise in couple days, i’m running around it’s, not that complicated.

If you like me, been using premiere pro it’s, just different name of the tools and different places they are in, so you need to just figure out: where is it and that’s it, and basically the basics are the same so anyway. What i want to show you today, it’s i’m impressed like come on this 699 dollar computer, doing this unexpected stuff, which, if you’ve, been doing videos for a while, you know for sure that’s to work with 4k uh in pretty good. You know. Flow computer must be at least 3 000 or even more, but for before the beginning, not less than that. Otherwise it’s not gon na perform good, but this guy. So what i have here is four time lens 4k, all of them with different file formats, and on top of this i have some graphics here, so that’s five lines and when i’m scrubbing through this look, what’s happening, it’s very smooth, it’s, just scrubbing without any hesitation. I i could not get that on my old computer, which is 32 gigabyte of ram and endless amount of storages couldn’t do it, but let me do a screen recording, so you can see better look, no problem at all, even with graphics. There is no problem at all, and now i want to play to you the whole two minutes and 50 seconds. Everything is smooth. Everything is working. Fine, i don’t know why is it so smooth? Even who knows? Okay, here we go.

This is probably the hardest part. There is so much going on. There is some additional effects and wow it’s still running without hesitation. This is um the this is unbelievable, absolutely crazy. I loved it. I love this. I love this computer it’s, something about architecture. I guess but that’s impressive and i can tell you there is actually not just four videos on four timelines. I did some little bit of color correction on almost all of them. I think on all of them, and even with that which usually takes a lot of computer powers, i didn’t see any problem. Oh, that was firework Music. As i previously said, my old system, which is windows, has 32 gigabyte of ram and a lot of storage and processor is not the best for today, but it’s it’s kind of four years old, but it’s still pretty good and in a premiere pro. I couldn’t get this type of performance because it’s always staggering and stopping it’s. Never i mean probably a couple of times it crashed. I mean the whole system but to play back just like this. It was not possible – and this is kind of i don’t – know – it’s it’s, a heaven it’s a heaven. I mean to have this nice playbacks. It will make your life. I mean my life and yours too. If you’re gon na buy way much easier and it will speed up my process a lot also, i have found that some things i already like better with fcpx than premiere pro.

There is some things which is really working: fine i’m impressed i’m impressed big time. If that is so good, i wonder now and um, just just today, i received the one i ordered from bnh, which is 16 gigabyte of ram and um 512 gigabyte of ssd, and i wonder if this will perform even better is there need for 16 gigabyte ram Or 8 will be enough. Uh i’ll probably go with 16 anyway. So what do you think guys about this little boy, little guy i’m impressed big time, hopefully in the future. I wouldn’t have any problem with that. Some people uh report like there is a bluetooth problem with this computer. I haven’t got any big problem with that. Yet probably yet i hope never and if you have any suggestions, just write your comment: what do you think about this and is it really good system or you would prefer to have intel mac with better ram and better storages by the way storages are not a Big deal with this computer, i forgot to tell you that i’m running whole thing, not internally. I mean the fcpx not internally, but from this ssd drive. This is samsung t5, which is pretty slow, drive it’s about 500 megabyte per second that’s, what they advertise, but i’m running this program from this hard drive without any problem, as you’ve seen also uh i’ve connected this hard drive ssd through thunderbolt, and this dock it’s, the Lenovo thinkpad dock, which is working great.

I connected this to one usb, i mean thunderbolt another one. I connected this dock call digit, and here is a nvme m2 ssd, which is about four times faster than this little guy and i’ve connected it through call digit. They call it soho hub or dock, which is connected to second thunderbolt, 3 port and, as you’ve seen, it’s it’s working smooth, very smooth, no problem at all. I mean i love it so uh. What do you think folks about this system? The setup i got uh? If you have any better suggestions, please do please comment uh. So far, i’m happy i’m gon na check out my uh 16 gigabyte mac mini the one i bought in the beginning of december and if you have any suggestions, if you like this video, if you got some good useful information, please write your comment.