Well, let’s have a little chat about it. Well, what about you guys? How’S, it going hope you are keeping well today hope everything is good. We are hope. You’Re keeping safe and, i hope, you’re all keeping healthy, so yeah brand new year 2020 is gone. It was a really exciting time for cameras don’t. You think, but it’s going to be really interesting to see. What’S gon na be coming in 2021, and i just sort of wanted to cover just sort of some predictions as well as some things that have been talked about that should be coming out this year and also correlate with my last prediction. Video to see what all came out, what didn’t come out and yeah just sort of round it all up. So if you, if there’s any camera or gear that you’ve been really looking forward to that, you hope is going to be coming out this year. Please let me know in the comments down below as to what exactly you are thinking of now. A lot of these sort of things are going to come from rumor sites. A lot of these things are just pure speculation, so they’re not set down it’s got well there’s, some things that are said done as gospel, but most things are just all right in general. Chit chat, so don’t get too hung up on this here. Video but yeah it’s gon na be really interesting to see what comes out this year because, like i said there were some cameras that i had speculated for last year, that didn’t come out some cameras that did come out as well, but i want to see what Is actually going to come out this year, so yeah let’s have a little chat about it.

First of all, so sony have already kicked off the year so far with announcing their 35 millimeter f, 1.4 g master lens, which, oh my god, looks absolutely gorgeous. It’S ridiculous quality. I mean this is certainly one of the best lenses sony have brought out. It looks like but i’m sure that’s, not where they’re going to stop there that’s only the beginning of what they’re going to do i’d, say they’ll, probably bring out some more lenses as time goes on, but camera wise we’ve already got confirmation that they have an announcement On the 26th of january, so if you’re watching this, that would then be next week or it’s already been done depending on when you have watched this but yeah, we have an announcement from sony on the 26th of january, where they’re announcing a whole brand new camera. What they’re going to be announcing? Who knows personally, i hope that they’re going to announce the a74. That was one that i was kind of disappointed wasn’t announced last year, alongside with the a7 s3, but i suppose it didn’t take the thunder away from the a7 s3 uh so give the a7 for its own, separate so i’d say the a74 is going to be An absolutely stunning camera should have at least 30 megapixels flippable screen new menu system, anything that was given to us from the a7 s3. I hope it’s going to be coming into the a7 for so yeah i’m.

Really looking forward to that that or it’s going to be the a93, there has been talks online about people seeing an a93, maybe coming up. That’S meant to be quite a high resolution. Camera too hard to say, but it could be one of the two. My bet is more on the a7 iv, so yeah, hopefully we’ll see something like that, but i’d say throughout the year. We’Ll probably get like little updates with like say the rx, 100 range or anything we’ll see a definitely a lot more loot lenses coming from sony too so yeah. I don’t think they’ll do too much in regards to cameras, but it’s going to be really interesting to see what they release out, especially after last year from the likes of canada. Another one that seems to be getting the ball rolling for the new year is fujifilm. So 50 film did actually quite well last year with the likes of the uh, the xt4 coming out a whole load of different lenses like the 50 mil f 1.0, so they were actually doing pretty nicely last year. So it’s going to be really interesting to see what they bring out too. So if you follow along with fuji rumors, they have said that fujifilm are going to announce something on the 27th of january, so a day after what sony are going to be doing, and it looks like we’re going to be getting i’ve got these things written down Because it’s quite a good load of things, so there’s a gfx100s.

So this is more like a smaller rangefinder style off the gfx 100, which is an absolutely beast of a camera, so we’ll get a much more uh lightweight version of that would be really nice to see. We’Ll get the xe4, so xc3 has been out for what couple of years now so we’ll get the update to that. We’Ll, probably mostly have a lot of things with what the xt4 will have, but in that nice, smaller body we’re, getting some new lenses as well from this, so we’ve got the 27mm f 2.8 mark ii. We got a gf, 80mm f, 1.7 coming to their medium format, range and there’s, an to xf7d2300 f4 to 5.6. So some nice things it looks like they’re coming out uh on next week. So would be really interesting to see. I speculated last year that uh other than one camera fujifilm were kind of done with the 19 cameras, they’ll, probably more focus on lenses and doing firmware updates, but there’s, one camera that we talked about in the last video that wasn’t actually a nice. But we probably might see it this year as well, and that is the xh2, so the update from the ever popular xh1 i don’t know, i think i still think it would be a little bit stupid to do it. But a lot of people do like the xh1 series, plus it’ll, be much more manageable size compared to because the xs 10 was more or less similar to an x81, but in a much more smaller style, but the xh2 will probably be a little bit bigger.

I don’t know there’s going to be lots of different things. Uh that have been questioned about this camera, so it’ll be really interesting to see what they do but yeah, i would say they probably might finally do the x82 this year, but if anything from what fuji rumors are going with on the other stuff and yeah, some Really nice things coming out for the start from the fuji camp. Now the one camera company that really took over in 2020 was canon. It was pretty mind blowing what canon we’re doing for that year. We had the r5, the r6 load of different lenses for the r system, so big heavy investment into the r system, which cannon really needed to do, and it was absolutely fantastic. I mean yeah sure they shot themselves in the foot a little bit with a couple of things here and there m50 mark ii. You know we talked about that in the predictions video and yes, we got the camera, just not the spec that we were looking for. It was pretty i i don’t want to go into the m50 mark iii. Today, i don’t want to go down that rabbit hole, but, yes, cannon are really investing in their r system cameras, so they’re full frame, mirrorless setup and i’d say if there was anything to go by for what they’re gon na do for the r system. I’D say we’ll get a sports camera version of it, so there’s talk of an r1 or an r7 depending on what’s going to be.

There was a little pattern going around that looks like they’re getting rid of the shutter button, so it’s going to be more of a touch, sensitive style, i’m, i’m – actually, quite looking forward to that so um that’s that’s, quite ingenious, especially with the way touch sensitivity. Is these days with the likes of mobile phones and i’ll, be really interested to see that on a camera? So if it comes out onto the r1 or r7, whatever it is going to be, that’ll be really interesting to see uh. But yes, this will be taking what would be in the likes of their ever famous 1dx series, which is their high range digital slr sports, camera style of camera, but putting it into a mirrorless body. So we’ll hopefully get seeing something like that this year and i would say they’re going to just keep continuing investing into their our mind, cameras, so i’d, say we’ll see a lot more lenses coming out. We might even see for the first time an aps c. Our system, because yeah it looks like canon, have really killed off the uh, the mf series or the sorry. The efm series um but yeah i’d, say we’ll, probably get an aps c version of that maybe this year. So, who knows, hopefully, cannon might have something sports related and keep investing in vr system now nikon. On the other hand, yeah they actually did impress us a little bit. Last year we got the z5, which was their entry level full frame camera which at the start was quite abysmal to sort of think oh wow.

Well, everybody else is doing hi you’re doing entry though, but it was actually a really smart move from nikon and it looks like a really fantastic camera, but we also did get. It was a bit earlier than expected, especially since i talked about it in the predictions. Video last year, where i thought they were going to be maybe coming out this year, but they actually gave us a little bit earlier. They gave us the successors to the z6 and z7 so z6 and z7 mark ii, which uh look impressive, but not really. The biggest of differences, so it was, it was kind of a bit of a lackluster announcement from that. But from what i’ve seen the autofocus is a bit of an improvement still nowhere near as to what canon and sony are doing. But at least nikon are still trying their best here, but i still believe that there’s a market for nikon to crush because, yes, we talk about sony, doing sports cameras and canon doing sports cameras. But i still think nikon really need to up the ante and bring out a full frame sports related, mirrorless camera. So i would say – or i would like to hope – we get something like that, because after the d6 we definitely need to see a mirrorless camera from nikon plus, i would say, nikon are probably hopefully going to invest a bit more into their zed mine this year. So i like to hope, there’s going to be a lot more lenses, a lot more lenses that might have weird apertures from not what nikon are normally used to, because the one lens that was talked about last year was the 50mm 1.

2, which looks like an absolutely Stunning lens, so i hope to see more of those sort of stats for the zed mine, so i i i’m really hoping they can’t, just just pull it out of the water and just do something that’s just like wow. Nobody else is doing that so yeah one other camera company that took of the year by storm last year was panasonic, so we got yeah, we got it. The start of the year was the g100. We don’t really talk about that too much because it was quite abysmal, but they brought out the s5, which was their full frame, mirrorless camera, but in a much more smaller style, which was really nice to see now, they’re still working with contrast, autofocus. But you know from what i’ve seen if this camera looks really nice, because that was my main fault with the s1 and the s1r. Is that they’re absolutely outstanding cameras that had that ticked, a lot of boxes? Their biggest problem was that they were far too big and far too chunky, so it was nice to see them going to a much more smaller style with the s5 so yeah. It was really good to see that i might be uh betting that they might do an s1 and s1r mark ii this year. Maybe in that sort of smaller range or just some improvements here and there uh, it would still be really nice to see panasonic. Finally, take a grasp of phase detection autofocus, but i don’t think it’s ever going to happen, but i’d say they’ll, probably keep bringing out more lenses for the for the elmond alliance style of cameras with the s500, with the one camera that we’re still highly anticipating that We thought was going to come out last year, but then – and that is the gh6, so hopefully this year they finally give us this uh update from their ever famous video style micro, four thirds camera from the gh5 up to the gh6, because it’s been really uh Heavily anticipated it’s been, it was probably more into as much anticipated as the a7 s3.

So if we have an a7s3 style camera in a micro, four thirds style, then yeah panasonic that’s all they just need to do so. Hopefully, this year we finally get the gh6, but yeah panasonic really did surprise us a little bit last year and they’re still continuing but yeah. I still think there’s some things that probably should have came out last year that then but should come out this year. So other than the big hitters, some things that i’m really looking forward to this year are from other companies the likes of samyang and viltrox and all hopefully bringing out more and more lenses they’re going on because you’ve seen my channel, i love the samyang lenses. I’M. Very i’m always very happy about them lenses and i picked up the viltrox 85 mil f 1.8, not the long again and i’m going to be doing a review of that very soon, but i’m really hoping viltrox start bringing out more full frame lenses. Now there were some things here and there off some full frame lenses for the sony cameras that they were speculating on, but we haven’t got any full confirmations of that. But i really do like to hope that viltrux do you bring lights over because their lenses from what all i’ve got to experience so far are absolutely outstanding and especially for the price – and i would say, we’ll – probably still get a lot more lenses from the likes Of tamron and sigma sigma are really uh doing very well on their lenses.

They released quite a good low last year, be really interesting what they bring out this year, because we were seeing a lot more of their sony lenses that were quite big and bulky. Getting cut down in size, so i have something a little bit more smaller, so i hope to see that more with sigma this year so yeah it looks like it’s going to be quite an interesting year, not not really too much that i can speculate on. But you know things can change and again most of these sort of things are coming from rumors. Most of these things are just speculation, so try not to take what i say as gospel, but again, if there’s, something that you’ve been really looking right for from these companies that they should be bringing out or what you might expect from them. Well, let me know in the comments down below. Let me know what some of your thoughts, let me know what you’re thinking of what you’re really excited about, and, of course, while you’re there don’t be afraid to like share subscribe, hit the bell icon. So you can stay up to date with future videos. Your support is always greatly appreciated. So you subscribing to the channel means i get to pump out more content, so it’s always greatly appreciated that you get to take time, watch the videos and just share the love, but until then guys take care and enjoy the rest of your day.