I had three hours of sleep and right now i think i’m running purely on hatred, just hatred for the global pandemic and i’m. Like super tired, like you know what i mean anyway, it is 2021. A new year – and i got my first piece of new photography equipment in the mail today, and this is the iphone 12 pro max. This is their new iphone that just came out at the end of last year, and i just got it. This is the pro max, so it’s the one with the bigger screen. Well, since this is not a youtube tech channel i’m, not gon na go into all the detail about the spec of this iphone, you can learn all those on the apple website anyway, and instead we are going to talk about everything that is related to photography and Videography, oh and don’t forget to use protection i’m going to put a screen protector on it and use a phone case Music. At first glance. The iphone 12 pro max is actually pretty similar to the iphone 11 pro max that i currently have. In fact, this camera setup is exactly the same: three cameras, an ultra wide, a y and a telephoto lens. The iphone 12 pro max has a bigger screen. It has a 6.7 inch screen and it’s an all screen. Oled display the iphone 12 pro max is a little bit heavier and a little bit skinnier, and so little of a difference.

You actually won’t notice at all. It is water resistant up to 6 meter for 30 minutes, which is 2 more meters than the iphone 11 pro max. So you can feel a little bit safer when you’re doing underwater photography and videography. Alright. Now let’s talk about the camera, the main camera or the y lens has upgraded from f 1.8 to f 1.6 meaning it will do better in low light situations. The telephoto lens, however, is now at f 2.2, instead of f 2.0, but that’s, because it has a longer telephoto lens and it has slightly better optical zoom and digital zoom. The ultra wide lens is the same on the iphone 12 pro max and on the iphone 11 pro max, but the software and the new a14 bionic chip is supposed to make those wide angles. Photos better. Apple has introduced night mode with the iphone 11, but now, with the iphone 12 pro and iphone 12 pro max, you can use night mode with portrait mode, meaning you can take better selfie at night, especially with the new lidar scanner that comes with the phone. The new iphone 12 pro and the iphone 12 pro max also come with smart hdr3. What it does is that it uses machine learning to adjust different parts of the photo so let’s say the part that is like way too bright. It will not be overexposed anymore and parts that are too dark will not be underexposed.

Now, let’s, move on to videos. This time apple has introduced two new major features. The first one is hdr video recording with adobe vision up to 60 frames per second, which promises better color, contrast and detail. The second new feature is night mode time lapse, which will result in better low light performance and, unlike night mode for photo night modes for video, would automatically turn on when it detects the environment being too dark so screen. Size is not the only reason why i opted for the iphone 12 pro max instead of the iphone 12 pro. There are two features that are exclusive to the iphone 12 pro max, the first one being a bigger sensor. It is actually 47 bigger and the second one is in body camera stabilization, aka, ebis, meaning the camera will try to stay in place while you move both of these features will greatly help to get sharper shots and video, especially in low light conditions. Last but not least, there is one more new feature that i haven’t touched on yet, which is the pro raw feature. It is available for both the iphone 12 pro and the iphone 12 pro max for most digital photographers. Like myself, we are very familiar with the raw format. It is a photo format that retains more information, so it allows for greater flexibility when it comes to editing, i always shoot in the raw format when i’m doing my photo shoot, because i want to get the most out of my camera sensor, and this is apple’s Version of the raw format in their tiny little phones, but one of the major drawbacks of the pro raw format is huge file size.

According to the apple website, pro raw files are 10 to 12 times larger than the hdif or jpeg files. Well, the good thing is that, during black friday sales, i got a bunch of large hard drives, so i am ready to get more photos and videos. I’M super excited to try out this new iphone and see how well it performs, especially compared to my nikon mirrors camera. Well, let’s go find out Music, all right so now, i’m in the city at night. I want to see how well this iphone 12 pro max. Do in low light setting, so what i’m going to do is i play it against this nikon z7. The 35 millimeter f 1.8, which is the closest to the main camera that is on the iphone 12, which is 26 millimeter let’s, see how it Music goes all right. I’M gon na try to use the pro raw format on the apple iphone 12.. It promises better quality, better color, better contrast, it’s just gon na be a bigger file, size but i’m sure it’s gon na be worth it Music. While the iphone does have long exposure, where you can change the setting a little bit, it’s, not full manual, it doesn’t give you control over aperture, so i’m, just guesstimating on my camera right now using f 2.2, and then it does auto iso and hopefully i’ll get A shot that is closer to what i have on the iphone Music.

Okay, i’m kind of impressed like i just got some photos here right in downtown at this museum, and i know it doesn’t seem like it from where you’re seeing but it’s actually super dark. Here. The great thing about having an iphone is that not only got a great camera. I can also look at the picture instantly back on this giant beautiful screen and i got ta say i am very impressed there’s so much detail in this shot. I think i’m in love. This is great Music dude. Does this restaurant right here actually look really cool? I know it’s close right now because it’s like midnight, but look here like, oh, my god, all right, i’m gon na get some shots here: Music, Applause, Music, Music. So the shot that i’m getting here is actually a really good test of the camera, because we have extreme bright lights and also extreme darkness. The environment is very dark, but those lights on the rail are super bright. So with this, we can check out how good the smart hdr3 on the iphone is performing. Okay, cool Music. All right, i think i got all the shots that i need so let’s head out all right. So, looking at the photos from the iphone 12 pro max i’m, actually quite impressed it’s holding up really well against my nikon c mirrorless camera in fact it’s holding up a little bit too. Well, i mean that’s not a bad thing, if anything that put more pressure on professional camera companies like nikon sony canon to make better cameras for photographers all over the world.

So i see that as a win for photographers and the iphone 12 pro max for an extra hundred dollars with the bigger sensor, i think the photos are definitely better uh. What do you think? Would you get the pro max or would you get the pro or do you want to use a different smartphone completely to take photos? Let me know in the comments down below and don’t forget to follow me on twitter, instagram and facebook and join our discord to share your photos. Thank you for watching and i’ll see you next time iphone. 12 pro max. You know, let’s turn it recovery photography. What am i doing wrong? Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh and don’t forget to use don’t forget to use. Put oh and don’t forget to use protection. Kids, two more meters than the iphone. I got this.