Compliance work by scanning the email for content that matches the settings configured and applying actions such as rejecting the message or to send the email with a notification. So, for instance, we can reject outbound emails that contain sensitive information, such as a credit card number. We also choose to remove attachments that are found in inbound emails, so let’s now try to create a rule to quarantine emails that contain the word confidential. Firstly, sign to your google admin console and navigate to your apps select. Google workspace and click gmail head to the advanced settings found at the bottom, ensure that you have selected the right organizational unit to apply the rule. So in this case, we will choose the test unit head to the compliance sections and configure your content. Compliance to create a new rule so enter a short description that will describe the rule. We only want to apply this rule towards our internal emails, so check the last two boxes. We then add an expression that describes the content. You’Ll be searched in the interest of time. We’Ll, select, simple content match and identify all emails that contain the word confidential. If the emails contain the word, confidential, you’ll then want to quarantine the email for further action, select quarantine message and choose to move the message towards the confidential folder. We also want to notify the sender when the mail is quarantined. Click show option for additional parameters such as the address list, the account types to affect and the envelope filter then add settings and save to apply the rule now let’s try to send an email containing the word confidential.

So if the rule is successfully applied, a message will show will show you that the message is quarantined so head towards the aiming quarantine into your confidential folder. So, as you can see, the email that we’ve just attempted to send was quarantined, so the administrator can choose to deliver the message, reject the message or take no action. So if no action was taken, the message will be deleted when the vault retention period expires. So over here, we’ll choose to deny the message. So, as you can see, the delivery to the following recipient has failed. Compliance.