My name is talha, and this channel is all about showing you how to become a highly paid id pro fast. Let’S get started Music in order to access the google workspace, go to your favorite browser and in the search bar type in When you will hit enter it will take you to google workspace. So here you can see that this is the main page of google workspace. If you talk about google workspace that what it is, it is a manageable and easy to use communication and collaboration platform. It includes all the productivity apps like gmail calendar drive, docs sheet and many more google workspace comes with new features as separate tools have integration with each other in order to get started. You’Re gon na click on get started, but first of all let me show you the apps, so click on what’s included – and here you can see that you have gmail, you have meet, you have chat calendar. You have forms slides sheets, google keep and many more here. You can see that we have different plans for business starter, we have business standard and we have business plus in business starter. It starts from six dollars per user per month in which you have custom and secure business. Email 100 participant video meetings, 30 gigabytes of cloud storage per user. You have security and management controls. You have standard support in the business standard, it’s 12 dollars per user per month. It has custom and secure business email, it has 150 participants.

It has two terabytes of cloud storage, which is awesome. You have security and management controls and you have standard support. So here you can see that we also have business plus most people, they buy the business standard or the business starter. You can pick one, it will take you to a page, something like this. So here you can click on the business name. So let’s say that here i want to include the business name as skills build training, and now it would ask me the number of employees, including me, who are going to use it so i’m. Just gon na check this two to nine and you can check whatever situation suits you the best now from here. You are going to select your country and now you’re gon na click on next now you’re going to put in your first name last name and current email address. Once you have added your contact info now, click on next here you can see that it is asking you: does your business have a domain? So if you already have your domain name or url of your website, then you’re gon na click on i have a domain. If you do not have a domain, but you would like to buy one, then you can click on it and you can buy your domain from google domains. If you do not want to buy a domain and you want to move forward, then you can click on.

Third option, which is essentially, i would like a free dot page domain, keep in mind that if you have selected the third option, then in that case later on, you can upgrade to buying a domain. If you want, i already have a domain, so i would check this and then i would click on next. So here i am going to put in my domain name, which is essentially z, a e i o. U i do not use that domain so, for example, purposes i’m using it here, so that you can understand that how to follow this procedure and get started with google workspace. So once you have done it when you, once you have put in your domain, name, make sure that it’s accurate, you do not have any mistake and then click on next. So now you can see that it says email sent to z, a z, a i o. U.Com and then it says, won’t be affected until you set up email with this account, so i’m gon na click on next. So here you can subscribe to google tips and tricks, they would email. You so i’ll say no thanks. It says, educate your users i’m going to say, okay and then it would ask you how you will sign in so for that you want to give here your username, so it could be anything like it could be info. It could be admin, it could be editor. It could be anything that you want, so i would do here info at z, a i o: u dot com which is most popular, and then i am going to give here a password, the password it has to have at least eight characters.

After entering your password, you are going to click on here, which says recaptcha. I am not a robot, so once you have done it now, click on agree and continue. So now you will get to a page, something like this, where it says your google workspace account. Has been created so now we are ready to move forward, so we’ll click on go to setup. It says: welcome to the admin console click on next, and here you are in the google admin. It says, welcome let’s set up google workspace here. You can see that it says activate gmail for domain Then it says route your emails to gmail inboxes. You want to activate it, so click on activate once you have done that now, you need to sign in. There are basically two methods you can sign in to activate from here, or you can switch to verification method, which is manual which is little bit difficult. What i prefer is that i would like to click on sign in to activate. I would directly sign into my, which is the domain host provider, and it would verify directly from there, so i do not have to copy some of the technical stuff or some of the codes from here to there. I don’t need to copy paste that i would just quickly click here and then it would take me it would open up a pop up. So now it has opened up this window where it would ask me for the confirmation to access my godaddy account.

So what i’m going to do is that i’m going to click on connect and now it would automatically confirm the access to my domain name. You can see that it is activating the gmail in the process. It is very fine that if i really own that domain name – and it is also after verification, it is updating email settings with, which means that i do not have to do any of the settings manually as well. All of it will be automatically done. You can see that it says you can close this page and return later. Four minutes left, so we just have to wait for four minutes and then it would be done so here you can see that it says. Welcome let’s set up google workspace, so it might happen that when you’re trying to activate your gmail using your domain host provider, maybe for the first time it would show you an error. So what you can do is that you can retry and then finally it would be successfully set up. So here you can see that the second optional for now optional thing that we have it’s create new users. You can add new users for your team as well or you can skip it for now and you can do it later, but we like to do it right now, so we will click on create, and here you can see that it says. Add your team’s email account. You can add up to 10 users during your 14 day, google workspace free trial.

You can also create free, alias email addresses like info and sales or stuff. Like that click on continue here, you can see that it says, create new users for your team. This is me, which is essentially admin i’m, going to add another user, and the way to do that is you just click on add another user. You enter their first name, you enter their last name, you enter their email, username that you want to give, and then you can also assign them an email, alias which is optional, and then you can save the user. For now, i would not like to create another user. What i would do i would hit on continue if you want to create as many users as you want, you can do so by following the process that i have just shown after that click on continue. I would click on skip for now and here you can see that it says you are all set. You can add your billing info. If you want our domain is verified successfully. We can check if we are receiving the emails, so you can send a test email from here. If you want to create a new user. I have already shown you the step how to do that. You can try out gmail and other apps from here. You can set up your mobile devices, you can migrate your emails and documents. You can enhance your email security before we go. Let me show you that how you can send test email click on send test email.

This is the subject. This is the email message, and this is the email address where we are sending. We’Ll click send, and here you can see that test email sent. You can go to your gmail. You can see that this is my inbox, and here i have received the test email. So that’s it from this video hope you have enjoyed it thanks for watching, do not forget to subscribe to our channel to get the latest videos to help.