com – and this is your salute – photo news fix. This fix is once again brought to you by storyblocks and their massive inventory of studio quality stock footage if you’ve ever been in need of a quick video clip for b roll after effects templates or motion backgrounds. Storyblocks has you covered now we’ve been using b roll from storyblocks extensively over the past six plus years, whether it’s this sleepy beagle or this puppy playing oh aren’t, they so cute storyblocks has you covered. Storyblocks has been there for us with royalty, free clips, audio graphics, and they could be there for you as well to sign up for story blocks head on over to pro first up, i need to start off with a correction from last week’s fix. You made a mistake, my friend when i said that sony soars above canon that was before i knew canon actually soars above sony being that they launched a satellite with a dslr in 2017. at ces. Last week, they showcased their cesat 1 imaging micro satellite, which is said to be the size of a wine barrel, as if i have any clue what size that actually is. Is that, like a 55 gallon drum or something nonetheless, this satellite is equipped with a 5d mark iii, but no lens was specified now i wonder if the next satellite that they put up will have an r5 being that space should be pretty damn cool to keep That puppy from overheating, i kid i kid.

We love our r5s, which we’re using right now by the way to film the fix, because they haven’t overheated on us since we’ve been using them here at the factory phone call that i’m just gon na. Let go to voicemail next up mike cannon, be preparing to release dual pixel af squared or what might be better known as quad pixel af. Tell me more about the quad machine. According to canon rumors, a reputable rumor site, a solid source q path, as i will be calling it from here on out, might find its way into the tentatively named r1x and will improve autofocus accuracy, no matter what orientation the subject or camera is in, and i Support that the source goes on to claim that there’s a possibility that the r1x will have a global shutter. If you don’t know, a global shutter would do away with the jellowing effect jello pudding pops when using the electronic shutter aka rolling shutter. Now, if that didn’t help you out, let me put it this way with current electronic shutters when a picture is taken, it doesn’t capture the entire sensor at once, it basically scans, but with a global shutter. It would capture the entire sensor at once, like how kind of like this aka. This would be a huge deal that i don’t think they’re ready to pull off just yet, but if they do wow man 49, did it again, hey guess what we did last week.

We passed the 10 000 like mark on a single fix, which means five random people who comment this week are going to get the fro pack bundle. We do it again yeah next up. We have some really really good news about nikon. They have confirmed, they will be shifting their focus towards mirrorless cameras it’s about time. Nikon i’ve only been saying it for like a couple years who knew now. I know i said that this was good news, but that really was just a positive smoke screen for the reasoning why nikon has shifted their focus according to toyo kazai in japan, nikon’s financial situation is worrisome. Their operating laws from april to september 2020 was 449 million dollars compared to the same time. Last year they had a 168 million dollar surplus for the fiscal year. Ending in march of 2021, nikon is expecting to post a massive 820 million dollar loss. When you compare that to canon’s 616 million dollar expected profit for the same fiscal year ending in march 2021, you might say that nikon’s in trouble right even madeleine k and nikon pr agrees according to hirotaka akami, who leads nikon’s video division. He says that nikon’s poor, showing can be directly tied to its slow transition to mirrorless. No, who didn’t see that coming, i told you so you never believed he goes on to say and i’m gon na paraphrase this now that he wasn’t afraid of hurting the dslr market but felt that the evf and amount of shots per battery could have been improved Before they released it now, first off, let me just say: nikon’s evfs are fantastic and so is their battery life, but waiting for all of that to be perfect before entering into the mirrorless world, have you ever seen an old olympus camera? Their evfs were terrible.

The interview continued on for a while talking about how well the z system is actually doing before finishing with a very telling and troubling statement. Ikagami notes that nikon recognizes the importance of cameras for more than just stills and promises. The company will be looking to invest in movie, shooting capabilities. Can you say vindicated? I told you, though, maybe now the nikon fan people will stop crying when i spit the facts at them like come on man like seriously the video capability isn’t there that’s why we switched over to canon here at the factory and finally, it looks like canon and Sony are duking it out for the top dogs in japan. Bcn awards has released their cameras and lenses market share report for 2020. now keep in mind. This is just in japan leading the mirrorless camera field is sony with 27.4 up from 22.7 in 2019, followed by canon with 23.8 down from 31.6, followed by not nikon, but olympus with 23.4 down a whopping .1. I wonder if the new jip produced cameras will make the list next year. Stay focused. Moving on to the dslr share. Canon leads with 51.9, followed by nikon with 44.8, which is up from ‘.3 last year, but that makes sense, since they were the only major brands. Still focusing on dslrs and in third place rico, they call me uncle rico. No, not uncle rico with three percent. Three wait: isn’t rico, pentax duh. Those numbers are certainly interesting, but i would be more curious to see what the splits would look like if they were done globally.

Do you want to know something funny, though, the winner of the super huger mega camera giveaway didn’t choose a canon or a sony to find out what he chose. You can check out the link down below or click the box on the screen right here to check out the last fix go ahead and click on the screen somewhere over here as well. Don’T forget to like share comment and subscribe and that’s where i’m gon na leave it jared. Polin froknowsphoto.