Qned comes with bigger, brighter pictures, better blacks and better color. The only way for lcd tvs to get bigger and better is for the details to get smaller and more precise, qned make against backlight array comprised of sac light array compromids in the use of more individual lights, more individual provide dramatically higher peak brightness, perhaps just as Important lg’s mini led technology on the led technology also results in blacks that are deeper and more of our other lcd tvs, other lcdt dude for dimming, which can employ up to thousands of individually controllable zones. These tvs can also express a wide color gamut and have outstanding color accuracy. Qna uned, with mini led backlights, will be evac. Lights will be available 4k and 8k series sizes, ranging from 6 to eighty six inches six inches. Many of the new core technologies and design are also coming to lg’s nano cell lcd lineup in 2021, as the undisputed global leader in oled is global leader Music, as a cinematographer. Getting my vision across has always been important to me, especially now, with people spending a lot of time at home and watching more content on tv it’s, even more important. That viewers have a way to see things clearly and get a feel for what tone and style the cinematographer was trying to convey. I want people to have an elevated experience when they see my work to feel the emotions of the scene. It should feel realistic and larger than life.

This lg qned tv with mini, led technology, helps bring my vision to life. There are tools and technology that can help you create an authentic space. To tell a story. Part of the visual storytelling is detail. It helps elevate. A story oftentimes, those are the things that people remember when they have finished, watching a film finding those little moments. It plays a big role in how i approach cinematography, whatever you’re capturing color, plays a hugely important role. The worst thing is, if you see one of your films on a screen and it’s, not reflected the way that you shot it what’s most important is that the color is reflected authentically it’s, really nice. When you do see your work represented correctly, technology has just taken off. The growth has been exponential and the incredible sharpness and clarity that you get on screens now is magical. It just allows for that much more detail in your storytelling. Those are all things that transport the viewer, the experience for the filmmakers is actually often really intense and life changing you want your audience to have a similar experience, even if they were not there in person, you want them to walk away from the film feeling like They were there and experience your story in a realistic way. As a cinematographer, i want people to be able to get the best view of my work, no matter where they’re watching how people watch the documentaries that i create has a big impact on how they view the work from tone to emotion.

I want them to be able to be immersed in the story with realistic details, bright display and lifelike contrast. The lg qned tv with mini led technology delivers on that. So this is the 86 inch qned 99 featuring mini led technology, so lg does have other technologies at different price points. That’S, where this comes in this is mini, led and they’ve, made improvements to led displays to behave, sort of more like oled displays by shrinking each individual led you end up with a lot more across the display. This is like 30, 000, close to 30 000. Around 30 000 individual leds. What that can allow you to do is to turn off some of those lights in certain sections to create the absence of light and get a blacker region in the past. When you had bigger leds or fewer leds, because each individual was larger, what would happen is if they would turn off? If you had some dimming going on to create black sections, you could see with your eyes if you were looking. If you knew what to look for, you would see with your eyes where that dimming was taking place and it can be a little bit distracting. So, by having more leds to work with mini led technology, you get a superior experience to traditional, led and you’re, paying a little bit less than oled so that’s, where this one comes in 86 inch also 8k, and this one’s available in 77 inch as well.

So the specifications outside of the display itself sort of similar to the signature display that i looked at at 8k can also do 4k 120 hertz gaming that’s.