The 110 inch model is winner of the 2021 ces best innovation award here’s how it comes together. First, the technology that goes into creating these completely new leds. Like the name implies. These leds are microscopic. It is literally thinner than a strand of hair. Can you see it it’s hardly visible, though there are 24 million leds here, as you can imagine, it’s not an easy thing to mass produce and we were only able to succeed using samsung’s, semiconductor micro processing, expertise, it’s not just about the size, though micro leds are Self emitting colored light sources in red, green and blue there’s, no loss of brightness or clarity, no other self emitting display. Does this you get incomparable true to life picture quality, but what good is quality if it doesn’t last samsung micro leds boast the advantage of longevity. Organic leds have a finite life span. If your cv uses them, you might be dreading the burning that’s when the led pixels degrade over time, leaving you with dimmer lights, discoloration. In contrast, samsung micro leds are made of inorganic materials which are longer lasting and more durable. They maintain flawless picture quality for 100 000 hours now. That is something to look forward to wait until you see how we’re using this technology, let me start with our design innovation. Our monolith design gives you an uninterrupted immersive viewing experience with infinity screen, so the screen integrates seamlessly into the surrounding space. Its elegant simplicity is further enhanced by new ambient mode plus whether you want your screen to blend in display weather conditions or act as a work of art.

Ambient mode plus can transform your space just watch what happens in our collaboration with the media artist, rafi, canada, Music, see. How cool is that next? We want to recreate a full theater going experience and for that sound is just as important as picture. Micro led comes with center speakers, a better support for ocs pro salon travels more freely through the built in speakers without additional equipment. This creates micro led’s arena sound, which gives you dynamic, multi, dimensional audio, but the largest screen experience ever quad view can also handle up to four inputs. At the same time, it’s like having four screens in one, for example, you can plug in four games, consoles. Call your friends over all of you together playing one legendary game, everything you want all on one screen so far, i’ve been talking about micro, led as the screen that breaks new ground in video, audio design and usability, but we’ve only just started to explore its full Potential that’s, because micro, led screens are made of modular forms. Take this. It looks like a single unit which actually made many modules. This means consumers will eventually be able to customize the size.