As you can see right here, guys, i’m gon na be hooking a lot of people up and also i’m gon na be buying some free v bucks. Okay, basically, i’m gon na be buying b bucks. Okay, so i could basically hook some people up with that. All right, and basically, if you want to be one of those lucky winners, make sure you smack the like let’s get up to 500 likes in this video, and we do get 500 likes in the video uh, basically going to hook up five more lucky winners. Now, once again guys, i have super duper great news for you guys and i’m super excited for this all right and i’m gon na try to give you as much information as possible all right now, once again guys they actually released it. Some sneak peek uh. What type of skin is coming out on april? It look like there’s gon na be two new superheroes with two news: two new styles, okay, which is pretty pretty cool now i’m gon na. Let you guys know that this magazine right here, uh they’re, basically gon na, have it available all right and they will have some codes all right. So let me read it for you, okay, so i want to you know just tell you, information about the fortnite x batman comments, uh. It will come out on april 20. Okay. So if you guys want to know it’s going to come out on april 20, okay and the price is gon na cost five dollar each okay, uh harley quinn – is on lock at number one and batman with all six calls from all six comic book.

Okay, so it look like you’re gon na have to buy the comic book to unlock harley quinn. Okay. Now, this is how she look like okay. This is how she look like when it does come out on april uh 20th, all right uh. It will be available in mexico, usa, brazil, spain and other region. Okay, guys so do not worry about it. Uh, you guys can actually buy the comic book at the fortnite store, uh yeah you could buy in the fortnite store or in the store in a regular store right guys – and this is how it’s gon na look like all right once you do a lock um Harley quinn, all right, which is pretty pretty cool, but guess what guys there is a batman new style, alright guys. So you will unlock batman 2, which is kind of for free, because if you do get the codes, you will unlock batman, and this is how batman looked like all right. It looked pretty cool and it’s gon na look just like this all right and i cannot wait for for them to release it on april 20th. So i could get all the comic book and just get all six calls from all six comments, all right, but they are five dollars. So if you add that that will be thirty dollars in total all right, i know it’s gon na cost you money to buy the comic book, but at the same time it’s a win win situation, because you also have the comic book and you also got the Codes which is actually free and you get to unlock the metal, batman, okay and the new harley quinn style.

You get to get harley quinn style for free if you redeem the coast, okay, guys, which is pretty pretty awesome. If you ask me so yeah so now, i’m gon na talk to you about other stuff, beside that all right, um, the fortnite crew, monthly pack and all that okay, and also the next riff that is coming out next thing. I do want to talk to you about is um. You know this skins uh. This one is going to come up pretty soon, all right, so you will get the season. Six battle pass. Okay, so if anybody is basically looking for the season, six uh, basically uh – you will be getting all of these plus the season six, so i recommend to get it because at the end of the day, is more like a win win situation. If you ask me all right and you’re going to be getting all of these stuff, all right, uh, plus a thousand v bucks. So if anybody want to know um, you know if you’re gon na get the thousand v bus. Yes, you’re gon na get the thousand v bucks. Okay, so you’re gon na get um the skin you’re. Also gon na get the webbed all right, you’re, also going to get the the pickaxe okay and you’re going to get um uh the back backplane, okay, another riff! That could be coming out in a nearby future is basically family guys. Well, we could be getting the family guy pretty soon uh piddle uh, peter griffin, yeah we’re gon na get peter griffin.

Okay, as you can see, it just showed that we should be getting the next one or um once again, because they show proof this is safe right here. You see that all right, but anyway, at this moment we could be getting another skin. Okay, so i’m, just showing you what type of skin could be possible for the future. It could be post malone all right or it could actually be um. You know four guy. Okay, because this is the last riff i’m, just basically telling you – which one could be coming out pretty soon it’s like a petition, you know what is the next uh petition riff, which it could be four guy. It could be post malone skin because i heard this an event all right uh. It could also be um fine night of freddy. Yes, i said it. It could be fine, now freddy uh, for the people that want to find out freddie. It could be. It could be the bundle i could be, whichever one all right. That would be great all right. Another thing i do want to talk to you about um. If we don’t get the to find out freddy then uh, we should be getting another different skin, but um. These are all the skin that i mean basically it’s in the listed it’s my list all right and i think um. We should be getting that anyway, guys um trevor scott. I heard that there is some confirmed day.

I heard it could be this friday, so i might make a separate video for that all right and it looked like um trevor. Scott um also released another new music, all right, which is kind of crazy, that he just keep releasing music and we have not received his skin, also guys um. We should be getting the miss mighty. She could be in season six. I think she’s in season six. I i don’t know if, if we don’t get her in season six, then she might be in this season. Five battle pass because we do get her loading screen, so there is a chance that we might get her pretty soon so um. If that was the case, that would be really really awesome, so we could be getting her pretty soon, okay guys. So if anybody’s asking, where is miss midas, she there’s basically 80 chance, like her chance, went like from 50 chance to like 90 chance that we might get her pretty pretty soon so i’m super excited yeah. She is in the files, and she is now in the api. Okay, just out of her today, all right, which i’m super duper excited all right, but anyway guys. Thank you so much for watching. My video do not forget to hit the like subscribe turn on that notification. I do appreciate that guys, um for supporting the channel and sharing it and liking the video, but once again guys.