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We recently hit 30 000 followers, so shout out to you guys. I’M. Probably i think i’ll have like tick tock viewers and followers coming to my youtube channel. So if you’re new to the channel, welcome i’ll, keep you guys up to date here on the youtube brandy, but shout out to the tick tock fans. Brandi yt is my tick. Tock, so if you guys want to follow me man, but here’s, the item shot from today, we got the seca. Skin, obviously has a bundle. We got the elite bag bling. We got the arenas blasting pickaxe. Then we got the cerberus glider legendary glider. Once again. Do that look at that three heads like three wolves: is that a wolf correct me if i’m wrong down below that’s like three wolves and one body wow that looks amazing, so we’re going to purchase it? You already know using cold brandywit hashtag ad let’s go ahead and purchase it. I don’t know why i always get this screen every time i have like refunded or something i don’t know. So we’ve got the zika skin. We got the bag bling. You already know man it’s it’s, the brandy thing. We got ta rock the default skins to show the backlinks and the emotes off. We have the pickaxe pretty sick. I, like the like purple effect when you hit it and the glider holy that’s so mean bruh, and then you guys can purchase everything separately if you guys choose to which is pretty nice as well.

The red knight skin is back with the bag wing pretty sick. You already know we got the crimson x pickaxe back. We got the trigger fish back on return with the bag. We haven’t seen this in a while. With the styles, we got the bubble, fledge animator wrap we’ll purchase it. Why not? I feel like, if you own, the skin, you might as well like purchase the same wrap from the set. So why not? You know it’s pretty cheap as well too. We got the gum bomb skin back with the all right these skins, i don’t know how i feel about it. Man like these are literally this, like am i, like, i don’t know like they look the same. Obviously this one’s a burger and this one’s a tomato, but i don’t know guys i’m, really not a big fan of these. So, like i don’t know, yeah like uh well we’ll pass for now, we’ll see we’ll see the shogun has come back with the bag. Bling. Pretty sick got the night bean skin back with the bag, bling all right, all right, so we’ll purchase the shogun. I guess you already know code randy wants. He has checked out. I, like the skin a lot huge bagley, though we’ll never wear this holy on the default looks so hilarious. All right. We got the knight being we’ll purchase this as well. You know it is pretty sick, i’ve always liked. The skin is a little sweaty nice by ugly as well.

Look at that has like a little pink effect on blue looking sick on the default skin claim that over here we got the recon ranger skin back in return, pretty sick uncommon got the brand new hearty hearts, animator wrap. I think this was supposed to be for valentine’s day. I don’t know probably wrong, but we’ll purchase it. Why not? I don’t, know i’m pretty sick over. Here we got the full tilt: emo traversal yaro, the naruto run the razer roof emote, and then we still got over here. The street fighter skins pretty sick. If you guys want to be gifted the bundle, the gear bundle you guys can be gifted separately and then the flash bundle which i don’t know when flash is going to be leaving guys. But let me know down below which one do you guys want from today’s autumn shot because everything does look sick, all right, so the uh i don’t know man, not it will pass all right. Yeah we’ll pass you i really don’t. Like those yeah, i mean uh. You know we’ll just buy, why not we’re not buying the pickaxe, though man? Oh, my that’s, actually a nice backlink on a default yeah. I will pass on the pickaxes, though, because, like i’ve been recently rocking the star wind, a lot and battle pass. Oh, my that yeah that’s actually sick, the bad blings are better than the skins. You guys know the defaults, they look sick.

So if you guys want to be gifted anything from today’s shout out item shop, let me know down below in the comments or epic games. Username letting me know which cosmetic you guys want and if you guys are purchasing an nd, be sure to use supported, critical brand new it as i’m, an epic partner with a hashtag. That being said, let’s go ahead and talk about the brand new fortnite update 15.50. So you guys know we haven’t received a four night update since last week, um, which i don’t even remember what that update even brought, i believe it brought out the flint knock pistol back in return that’s. All i remember, i believe, and we only got like three league skins, which obviously the zika skin was part of the leak skins in the last update. So what are we getting? What are we gon na be getting in this brand new fortnite update? So, first of all, you guys know we got the brand new fortnite crew pack, literally coming out march, first or literally february the 28th, which is on sunday. So obviously this is going to be available before the update, because the next update won’t be this week guys, but the update would be march 2nd or march 3rd on tuesday or wednesday. So obviously i will be making another update video on monday, because you guys enjoyed this video before the update drops but i’m pretty sure um. This could be the last update of the season guys.

So we could expect this update to be a little bit huge compared to the last past, updates that we’ve had because if you guys look at the lower left, it says chapter 2 season 5 through march 16th. So we literally only have a few days left literally like weeks left until season. Six is already here guys. I know it sounds far away still, but trust me it’s gon na go by fast, especially that this could be our last update here in fortnite we’re. Obviously, not gon na be expecting any other updates after that, which is gon na make season six come by faster. If this is the actual last update that we have here in fortnite, but obviously since it is like the last patch update as usual, we could always expect brand new skin leaks. Obviously, we’re gon na be expecting um the brand new crew pack, which obviously this would be before the update and then i’m pretty sure, like if i’m. Looking at my videos, i really don’t think like i’m gon na be honest guys. I really don’t think we’re gon na be getting anything crazy in this update, like i said, we could be probably getting yet another unvaulted weapon, but literally like there’s literally like i have no idea what’s going to be coming out because you guys know fortnite. They don’t like do updates every week. Now they usually take one break one week break and then the next week they drop an update.

So it’s like a pattern, so i believe other than like skin leaks and then the brand new fortnite crew pack. That they’d already announced i’m pretty sure nothing else would be coming out in this update. If you guys know anything else, that’s gon na be coming out. Let me know down below in the comments, but other than that you guys can always inspect the item as well. Take a look, you guys can take a look at the fortnite crew pack, which obviously looks pretty sick. Look at that with the bag bling, you guys get the pickaxe, and then you guys get the rat. This is actually so sick man. Let me know what you guys think about, but, like i said other than that, maybe we could get like the family guy collab. I know there’s been a lot of rumors about that. I made videos about the foreign family guy, potentially coming as a collaboration soon and as though you guys know after the street fighter skins and the flash bundle does leave i’m. Pretty sure we’re gon na be getting our last two hunters available in the item shop before the update, so this could maybe be family guy in fortnite. If not, this is gon na, be a total random, other um encrypted and decrypted brand new hero skin, whatever in the fortnight item shop as a hunter cosmetic once again, so i’ll keep you guys updated whenever we do get leaks on that, which i probably won’t be Doing until next week, because that’s when fortnite, does announce the next upcoming hunters in the item shop, but for now that’s all we have.

Let me know what you guys think about the brand new fortnite patch update 15.50. Let me know if you guys are going to be excited for it once it does arrive next week and let me know what you guys are most excited for which you guys are looking forward to, but here’s the news tab just to keep you guys up there. We got the seeker bundle in the item shop as well with the obviously the skin. The whole set obviously got the brand new lambro crew pack, which i’ll make a video when it does officially drop sunday. So i have notifications on all and follow my tics. I made a video about my tuk tuk it’s blowing up and we’ve got the shockwave limited time back in return. You guys know a lot of the ltms are returning. So if you guys want to play with me, add me a brand new youtube. I play with all my subscribers and viewers other than that guys. Thank you. So much support drop a like subscribe.