If you want a chance to be gifted, all you have to do is like the video subscribe to the channel and turn on notifications and then comment when you’ve done. Your steps, guys don’t, forget to watch this entire video to the end to know what’s going to be coming in the 15.50 patch notes, update hello, guys, welcome back to a brand new video here on the channel in today’s video guys i’m going to be speaking about The 15.50 patch notes and when the update will end up coming to fortnight, just before we start this video guys. If you’d like to go and support me here in the fortnight item shop, you can actually go and use my code, hypex, replays, hashtag, add and as well. If you do use my code, guys, go and tell me in the comments below, because i will go and like your comment and maybe even pin it so yeah guys as well. If you do like any uh, if you do like anything in today’s item shop guys, i do try to give my subscribers every single day on the channel. If you’d, like a free gift from me, all you’ve got to do is make sure you are subscribed to the channel with post notifications on then, when you have done these steps guys go and comment down your epic as then. It would be easy for me to gift you and as well guys anything that is actually bought with my code will go straight back to gifting and giveaways to you guys, because i know you guys support the channel so much but yeah.

If you didn’t already know, i do stream half an hour before the item shop does go and drop. Obviously, if you didn’t know you can actually come and watch it and we will be trying to give some more people on there as well and it’ll. Be much appreciated if you do come and watch the stream as literally not a lot of people do know that i do stream, but yeah guys, obviously now i’m going to be speaking about the patch notes. So, first of all guys, obviously, as you do know, we are going to be seeing the new fortnight monthly crew pack and i’m going to quickly show you guys if you haven’t, already seen it so yeah here is the fortnight monthly crew pack i’d like to know What you think some people said they didn’t really like it, and personally myself, i don’t really see myself wearing this skin, obviously because i do not really like it that much i mean it’s, not too bad, but obviously the pickaxe i’d probably use this pickaxe is not Bad whatsoever guys but yeah don’t forget to go in the comments right now and comment down below what you rate: the monthly crew pack, but yeah guys. That is what we’re gon na be seeing on march. The first i believe. Obviously this could be different. Oh yeah, the first on march 2020, is when we’re going to be seeing the fortnite monthly crew pack now guys.

That is obviously insane and we’ve got lots of things to actually be speaking about in this video. So if you haven’t already a like and sub, is always appreciated. If you’re going like like right now, guys don’t forget to go and comment down below that you have win and light because it is much appreciated, but yeah guys. The first thing we’re going to be speaking about in this video is obviously the fortnight uh fresh bundle coming very soon to the fortnight item shop. Now, obviously, this locker bundle. If you haven’t already seen the video i did make a video on it. You could go and look right now, guys if you want, or straight after this video, where i did speak about what will be coming in this fresh locker bundle and obviously exactly what you will be seeing and everything like that with this bundle and exactly how much It will be, but yeah guys, obviously we’re going to be seeing the full the fortnight uh fresh, set coming to the full knot item shop. Now that is going to be pretty insane and lots of leakers that did find this in the in game. Files said the earliest we will be seeing it is next week now. I believe, the fortnight 15.50 patch patch notes and the update sorry we’ll actually be dropping next week, so we could be seeing the skin drop around then, and that is going to be pretty cool. Guys no i’d like to know what you guys actually think about this fresh locker bundle and secondly, guys, if you didn’t, know already we’re going to be seeing a fortnight and family guy collab.

Now that is insane guys. Obviously, we may be seeing a peter griffin, skin and a stewie or like a brian or something like that skin come to the fullness shop. Now this is not 100, but we could be seeing the skin drop next week. So that is insane. If we do see it now, i’m going to throw a picture up on the screen right now of obviously what it mostly would mostly look like the like. Obviously the peter griffin skin, but obviously epic games will most likely change it. Obviously, because it will not look right in fortnight with the skins we have now, but obviously guys next, if you didn’t know already, we have got to see the new alien skin come very soon now. Obviously, this will most likely look like the predator skin right here. Just a bit different and obviously, if i can find a picture guys, i will throw it up on the screen right now and yeah. Let me know in the comments below of what you actually think about this skin. I think it will be insane. It may be. A quite a big skin so i’m not entirely sure if i am going to be buying it but i’d like to know your thoughts in the comments below but yeah guys as well. We’Ve actually got a leak from malika on twitter, saying that we that the vanos vanoss is actually been found in the in game files. I believe, obviously someone to tell me about this, and they did say that vanoss was found in the in game files to actually come back now.

This could actually mean we could see a van or skin or even the infinity gauntlet game mode return. Obviously, as we do know, the floor is lava. Game mode did return a little while ago, and i think epic games may be bringing back old game modes for people that haven’t already played it back back in like season four, i believe the infinity gauntlet came out. People that haven’t played it obviously have a chance of playing it. Now we do get to see the infinite gauntlet game mode, because obviously i did play it back in season four. I believe it did come out and i really did like this game mode and some people that haven’t played it. You would really like this game mode and i can’t wait for this game mode to return. If that is the case, but yeah guys, that is the 15.50 patch notes update if you did go to enjoy this video don’t forget to go and drop a like on the video and subscribe to the channel with post notifications on as it does go and end Up helping out the channel and we’re on the road to 2500 subs. So, if an avenue, if you haven’t already don’t, forget to go and subscribe to the channel and as well guys if i didn’t miss anything out in this video about the patch notes, go and leave it in the comments below. As obviously, i will be reading every single comment, but yeah guys as well i’d like to say thank you to everyone that has been going to use the code, hypex, replays and obviously, like i say in my streams.

Obviously i i gift one person. Obviously, the arts every item shop, so obviously i haven’t gifted the person this time shop today. So if you would like to be the person that does be gifted this ice cream shop, we’ve got to do is make sure you’ve followed the steps at the start of the video but yeah guys. That is the end of the video. I do appreciate you watching.