50 was just added to the staging servers and with that said, we’re not done with the bounty hunters appearing through the portals. In the fortnite universe, just yet not only has another one just opened, but we’ve got another one to appear after that and considering the fact the season is ending so soon on march 16th, with season six, starting immediately after that, i figured we’d go over today. Every hidden reward that you guys perhaps need to know about that’s in the game right now that you didn’t know about, or is upcoming teased by epic games or in the games coding and considering there’s, only like 20 days or less, even at the time. If you’re watching this video of chapter 2 season 5, this is probably the most important and time sensitive video that you can watch until the end of so make sure. Of course, you’re sticking around and watching the full thing. Because trust me, you don’t want to miss out on any of these things before it’s, too late to do with the alien skin, peely, gladiator and so much more quickly before we dive into all that. However, i want to challenge you guys right now how many people can subscribe and hit the big red button, because 70 of you aren’t, which also sadly means for that 70 – that aren’t subscribed they’re ineligible of receiving a gift, as i give five subscribers every single day. Even when i don’t post videos to this youtube channel before you allow me to prove that.

However, this is all made possible by the amazing support you guys are showing rocking code friendly machine, of course, inside the fortnite item shop as an epic partner. This directly supports me in the channel, and obviously i try to give back to you guys as much as possible by not only sending gifts but also hiding as many comments as possible and showcasing people. Who’Ve done that on screen, letting me know, they’ve used my card also speaking of being showcased on screen. If you want to be gifted potentially in the next video make sure you subscribe to the channel with all notifications, turned on and then comment your epic games id down below. So perhaps i can get around to gifting you out of the thousands of comments i get on every single video and with that said now, let’s not waste any more time and dive into our first secret or hidden reward or what may be appearing out of our Newest open portal, so in terms of this portal, where it’s located and been opened at or what’s going to be appearing out of it. First of all, this is codenamed kepler in the files. Not only has this appeared not so long ago today, but dataminers have found the full image in the background of what we can see vaguely when going toward this portal and that being this, and not only that, but before this was even revealed, it was confirmed that This was going to be a male skin, with a built in emote attached to it, and, whilst these so far being very interesting hints, i want to play a hint that fortnight published right now before we confirm what the skin actually will be or character appearing out Of it and that being in itself a reality log by agent, john jones, the newest one anyways, like we’ve, seen for most of the characters that have appeared throughout the zero point in the fortnite world from other universes, so make sure to pay close attention to what’s Said here and i’ll meet you guys on the other side, to either confirm or deny your suspicion reality.

Log 426 uh! I must have got my coordinates wrong or something because, as far as i can tell, this is just a very normal spaceship on a very normal shipping route running on tech. That seems to be from 1986, so that’s a little concerning, but crew’s been real. Nice super chill it’s, just uh, i don’t know if their cooking is agreeing with me, though i got some oh some kind of heartburn i’m gon na see if they got like a space and acid or something so with this brought to your attention. With the background of the image indicating where this character is going to be from which many people already speculated to be early in isolation, it seems we’re going to be seeing the xenomorph from alien versus predator or alien isolation in itself appear through here and rotate throughout. The item shop honestly, i can’t wait to see what this looks like considering the xenomorph is such a unique design compared to any other character. We have and obviously it’s a nice contribution to our battle, pass integration or collaboration skin this season being predator, being largely involved with him and i’m. Just saying we predicted this in the last hidden rewards video. So if you’re not already subscribed to the channel, considering when we’re predicting stuff like a month in advance, then i highly recommend you do so moving on to our next hidden reward, believe it or not, also contributing toward a free season.

6 battle pass. If you save these free v, bucks, which is what we’re going to be talking about, is granted to all players and in terms of moving on and talking about free v books. I say that phrase very lightly, considering i know there’s a lot of stigma surrounding three v bucks in fortnite and all that jazz. Well, it turns out, as of recently, for whatever reason i don’t really know: fortnite have decided to come out and anybody who’s purchased any form of loot llama in save the world they’re. Currently, rather now recompensation of 1000 v books to all players – who’ve, you know been affected by this or even taken part in purchasing one and, despite this being very interesting, considering it’s, just a random thing to do directly before the start of a new season, especially being More than enough ebooks to save, if we get them to actually buy the battle pass for the next season, and even though this would just be a nice surprise for those players, who’ve actually purchased ever in fortnite history, a random loot, llama what’s, interesting about this – is It seems most players, if not all players will be affected at some point, and what i mean by that is, some players are actually getting these 1000 v books, but not even earning save the world, let alone purchasing every loot llama within it, and with this bug Happening, fortunately, for those players, who’ve never spent a dime on save the world, nor any loot llamas with this being very fortunate for them.

This is kind of unfortunate on other players, behalf who obviously haven’t been affected too, but not also purchase save the world. So that leads me to believe. Epic games might just take a hit and think hey we’re gon na reward everybody 1 000 v books. After all, they’re constantly updating their game to give the best almost equal possible experience around the globe across every server, as you can see from their fortnight status twitter. But we also know too this isn’t the first time they’ve given out v books to everybody. Considering there was the fortnite mega sale and even recompensation for those players who got the green arrow skin substantially early before it was even revealed by fortnite, but then had it vaulted out of their lockers and speaking of fortnite crew. Subscriptions we’re briefly just going to go over what the next match, crew pack skin is or what you’ll get throughout it for being subscribed. This was originally teased through this image on the fortnite game, twitter, which they’re then followed up with a day later, just outright showing the skin and, despite this guy being called lambro. Obviously we get all the cosmetics also on screen, but in locker form early that you’re. Seeing right now and i’m, just saying, if there’s a month to be subscribed to the fortnite crew pack or bundle in itself that then you can cancel after this month, ends i’d make sure it’s a month where a battle pass is releasing considering the fact.

Well, if you cancel your subscription before march 16th, which is when season six and inevitably the battle pass for season six releases, two, you will not get the battle pass and if you cancel as soon as you’re rewarded the skin, you will not get the extra 1000 V books, that’s granted to all monthly crew pack earners and, despite this, being kind of confusing any time after 7 p.m et on february 28th. This is what you’ll see in terms of a reward screen, giving you the cosmetic outfit set for lambra, but no v books and then upon your billing information taking the payment out for that specific month being march. You will then get the same reward screen again, but containing 1 000 v bucks on it and obviously you’ll still need to be subscribed. When march 16th rolls around to get your hands on the battle pass as it states in all of the fortnite crew trailers. So yeah, just a heads up don’t cancel your subscription straight away, because, if you do, you might need to resubscribe, and this could end up costing you again and of course this is one of the most beneficial months. Considering we get a battle pass out of it. Not only that, but 1 000 v bucks too, and if you’re lucky enough to have 1 000 v books given to you by epic games to do with a fortnight loot, llama situation and save the world and then get the 1 000 v bucks from the fortnite Crew pack, if you then save these v books and get the battle pass for free being already subscribed when march 16th rolls around, you can already give yourself a very good head start by purchasing the battle bundle instead of the battle pass.

Considering this is 2 800 v books, but it’s always discounted if we earn the battle pass and obviously you’ll have more than enough being 2000 v books on your account and believe me, i know it may be hard to save these v books on the lead up To season six now considering we’re still yet to see some really cool skins appear, especially out of the portals not just being the xenomorph skin that we’ve already covered, but a potential family guy collaboration that being a peter griffin skin that initially started in terms of speculation. To be a thing off the fact that thanos being an extra large skin in fortnite had his files updated, meaning another extra large skin, fitting his criteria or size would be coming, and you know how ages ago we had this fanaf collaboration speculation based off the codename French fry in the files either representing foxy or freddy fazbear. Well, it turns out, with the implementation of the street fighter skins in the item shop. A back bling of this got decrypted in terms of its textures french fry, and this is what it showed. One of the most iconic family guys scenes throughout the series anyways the chicken fight scene or the original one, and as we both know, peter griffin and the giant chicken being ernie are rather large guys. So this would make sense in terms of these files being updated. For thanos, and even furthermore, to coincidentally point toward this kind of, you know how, in this package, all these items correlate to different bounty hunters or characters appearing out of the zero point within fortnite from other universes or franchises one of the main ones.

That was also mentioned even in the flash reality log being a bear. Claw back. Scratcher is also shown in family guy right here, held by peter griffin, which has a striking resemblance it’s only a matter of time. Now, before we have any more or no details developing off of this in the 15.50 update contained within the game’s coding when downtime occurs and speaking of this update in itself in terms of other skins upcoming, one that’s been teased in front of our eyes. This entire season is this peely gladiator statue at the coliseum named location in fortnite, chapter 2 season 5., despite pealey being one of the wacky characters like fish, stick, making frequent appearances in different forms in fortnite. It seems now. The next confirmed stage is for him to become a gladiator, not only because of the statue in game, but more specifically something teased recently in a fortnight official post over on twitter, where, as you can see, despite this very cool image at promoting seeker rotating throughout the Item shop, for the first time in the very distant background, it seems the statue has come alive of gladiator pili or one of them anyways and he’s flossing behind this wall, and with this being something i predicted at the start of the season i’m gon na. Take my hat off again saying: if you know you’re not subscribed already considering, we predict things months in advance, make sure to do so and with this being too good of an opportunity to miss by fortnight, considering they already had this literally made in terms of textures To actually have as a statue in game, another thing correlating to paley what we might see either as a back bling.

Considering i mean i don’t know how i can see it appearing as a character, considering it’s completely frozen here’s. This carbonite peely, which obviously is in reference or kind of a spin off of han solo being frozen in star wars. Maybe this turns out to be something: maybe it turns out to be nothing, but again only time will tell hopefully neither of these possibilities either. Carbonite peely is a bat bling or the gladiator piliare flop, like the female fish stick or princess skin. You know this one that was teased in this loading screen that never came to fortnite, even though this is official artwork by one of the epic games developers. That literally, was never updated or heard of since then and last but not least, moving on to our final rewards now, but first of all, i just wanted to remind you that, yes, you can still get the breathless blades harvesting tall for completing some of the epic Quests considering their weekly quest within fortnite, however, at the time of them being released, it seemed like they were attached to valentine’s day also nicely correlating to the topic of star wars and something that’s been hidden in the game’s coding or slept on for. Quite some time is the mandalorian pickaxe. As you guys know, we already have the best requests for mandalorian upgrading his armor to its full potential from completing them all and even the best umbrella that we could have unlocked in a limited time for the mandos bounty.

Ltmr event, which isn’t available, sadly anymore and considering mando’s a boss in game with his own mythic weapon being one of two with one of these mythic weapons being the best garambam rifle. Did you guys know that there was originally created a harvesting tour of this meant to be releasing attached to mando’s, set in chapter 2 season 5 and as season 5 is ending soon? What does this mean? Are we going to be seeing this at all? Is it going to be a scrap, cosmetic or item attached to mando’s sets well, despite you, seeing game play an early locker showcase of this in the background right now, meaning it’s a cosmetic that’s, 100 complete and could be released any time or any day. Now, if epic games wanted to, i sadly have a bad feeling. They won’t add it considering they already haven’t and they had a perfect opportunity too in the mandos bounty event or ltm, and if they were to add this now in another mandala bears tournament, perhaps or event that comes to game. It wouldn’t make sense, considering we’ve just seen one, but yet again only time will tell in this situation – and you can already bet if this is granted in any way, shape or form to all players, possibly i’ll. Have it covered here on the channel so make sure if you enjoyed today’s video you’re, not only slapping a like in it down below but make sure to you’re, hitting that big red button and turning on all notifications.

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