com and today we’re, going to talk about lastpass well, lastpass is going to become a whole lot, less useful for the free tier starting in march and today we’re going to talk about what they’re doing and my recommended alternative. So stay tuned let’s get at it Music. So here we have the verge article talking about last pass as announcement about their free tier becoming a lot less useful next month. So what are they doing? Well, so what they’re doing is it’s starting march 16 that only they’re only going to allow users to view and manage their passwords in one category of devices, mobile or computer, so mobile users will be limited to ios, android ipad, android tablets, smart watches so on, and So forth, computer subscribers will be able to use their passwords on windows, mac, linux, lastpass, browser extensions and windows tablets. So, basically, as a free tier user, you’re being asked to pick between the two options options: either your pc or your mobile devices um, you know, look they’re, just they’re they’re looking to convert free users over to paid users, and let me just say first off that Their paid tiers start at three dollars a month for a user um, so that’s not it’s, not a huge amount, but you know if you’re used to not paying and you don’t want to pay, and – and you know you you – you want to do stuff there. There’S lots: there are free alternatives out there for you and i’m going to show you what what they are.

First off, what i like to call bit warden. So this is a personal favorite of mine and, as a matter of fact, it is the product that i use. We use it. I use it personally and i use it for our business. It is awesome they have been third party audited and they’re it’s an easy product to use. If you notice right up here, you will see that i have mine plugged in, and so you will see that there’s browser plugins there’s phone plugins for it and everything. So it is an excellent alternative to lastpass and you might say: well what does it cost? Well. Let’S just go check that out first off here on the personal side, the basic account is zero dollars per month and they don’t restrict you um. You can in that free plan you can install it on all your devices um, you get unlimited vault items and everything. So let me let’s just look at that comparison. First of all, there’s a premium account which is a dollar a one dollar a month, that’s amazing or the family plan, which is three dollars and 33 cents a month and and the nice thing about all these plans. So we’re going to look at the personals and then we’ll look at the business plans, and so let me scroll down to the comparison and you can see so first off free plan, one user, one user max on no max on your no real max on your Collections same thing in the premium family basis, six users, six max unlimited collections bit: warden apps, unlimited storage, sync to all your devices.

This is this share items secure, password generator. I use this a lot to generate passwords so that i don’t repeat stuff encrypted files attachments. So you can take and add a file in the vault, and so just look at this and two factor: authentication. Look. The free app offers two factor: authentication too amazing, amazing, so cloud hosting self hosting options you get all that for nothing. So that being said, there’s a 10 a year option which gives you some extra stuff, and what do you get well? First of all, you get more storage of those those encrypted files. I think in in the free version you can’t attach files to it. What else do you get well get all these other things, and then the family version so now let’s take a look at the business plans over here in the business plans. Look at this free version for the business plans that includes two users, that’s amazing. So if you’re running a business and you don’t have a password manager and you’re just a one man shop or two man shop, this is perfect, for you. Let’S go! Look at the comparison on that too, so, first off teams and then their price three dollars a month per user. So you get two users on the free one, one user, by default, with the unlimited amount of users on the on the teams and then the same thing with the the enterprise. Now, on the free version, you do get a max of two collections and you might be like well what’s a collection, so when a collection is basically allows you to share between groups.

So you can. You can have a collection that um you share out with the other person in your user group, it’s a little complicated, i don’t i’m not going to go into how all that works. If you want to look at my other bit, warden video that i’ve done previously check that out so yeah again, basically, the the business versions is pretty much the same as the the personal versions but they’re just the business version, um and and they’re great now. You might be asking yourself well, i’m, already a lastpass user and they’re they’re doing this to me. What do i do? Well, you click over here and say import data from lastpass and here is bitwarden’s documentation on how to import your lastpass data into bitboard. First thing you do, is you go here and you log into your lastpass, you go down to advanced options right here and then you find export option enter your master password and then your data will be exported and so and then you have a csv of all Of your data so now scroll on down log back into your bit boredom and go under account options. Advanced export form fills and you’re going to take right here. So it shows you right what it looks like comes on down here. Take that data and then you’re, going to from the web bar web vault import that date that csv into pretty awesome huh that simple everything that you had in lastpass is now moved over to bitword, and you might be asking yourself well, i don’t use lastpass! Well, there are several options here, so if, if you have passwords in chrome here is the tutorial how to get them out of chrome and into bit order or if you’re, using one pass, and you want to switch over to bit bit one password or if you Have them in firefox and you want to get them in excellent, excellent, excellent, great way to do all this stuff right here tutorials now there are other products out there prior to using bitwarden.

We used a program called keepass and keepass is an excellent password manager. So here it is the desktop application here’s it. Let me just show you the screenshot of what it looks like uh. It works pretty. It works very excellent. Um you install it on your pc, you stole it on your pc and boom bang boom. You got all your passwords there, it’s it’s a great great program. I don’t like it as well as bit warden, because it you have to sync that database. Somehow what i used to do is, i would put the keepass database in my dropbox, and so i would open it in dropbox from my desktop and then also there’s, the mobile app, which you can connect to dropbox and sync it up there and it works pretty Good but it’s not quite as easy as bit warden so that’s it. So that is all i have to say about password managers today, if you’re unhappy with lastpass’s changes, consider switching to bitwarden or maybe even keepass, i’m kevin stevenson with getmythegeek.