I want to talk about the search engine optimization process. This process is not very difficult, and, according to google there’s about 200 different search criteria that they use in order to find out or to evaluate which content they’re going to put in the top of their search results, that’s very daunting and not too many people are Going to follow these 200 things one by one, it would take you forever to write content right. So if you follow what i do in writing my content and i’m going to show you. I just started a blog a month ago, well, six, seven weeks ago, something like that and i’m already getting results from google. It takes time it’s not a deal where you know, it’s a one hit, wonder and you’re gon na get seo right out the gate and you’re gon na be seeing number one on the first engines the first week. It doesn’t happen like that it takes weeks and sometimes months in cases to get to the top of the search engines and to get traffic or organic traffic to your website. But let me show you the process that i do with the search engine optimization process. Now the very first thing that you have to do before you create any kind of content before you create a website or create a domain name or anything. You got ta do some keyword, research. Now i know this is daunting and i know some people hate do keyword research, but i actually like doing keyword, research and it’s, not really that hard to do.

All you have to do is keep in your mind the search intent. You know what is it that you want your post to uh, do for you or for your website? What is it that you want your post to do so? You may be an affiliate marketer and you might want people to come to your website to see your post to buy your products. You might be a a blogger that uses their blog for advertisements and getting paid through advertisements and things like that. There’S. A lot of different reasons why people create blog posts and a lot of times people do a google search looking for a solution to a problem of some kind or looking for some kind of answer, and that is what is called the search intent. So when you look up something on google, you want to make sure that the question that you’re asking or the answer that you’re giving is related to the search intent and let me show you what i mean by that now before i get started with doing this, I want to introduce you to a couple of my little friends. Okay. First of all, google google is your best friend when it comes to search engine, optimization or keyword research. The second best thing that you could do is have what’s called the mozbar and it is a chrome extension. I think you can use it on firefox too, but what it does is when you do searches.

It actually puts the domain authority of the website that the competition website there in the search results along with the page authority and how many backlinks it has to that. That cert article and also i use the keyword everywhere tool right here and what this does. This is also a chrome extension and firefox 2 and what it does is when you look for keywords, it gives you the actual searches per month, the cost per click, which means people are actually paying for this certain keyword and the keyword competition to the right. It also gives you some history on the keywords right here. So with those three tools which google is free, the mozbar is free. The keyword everywhere tool costs you uh ten dollars for a hundred thousand searches, now that’s a lot of searches. I i still have uh. I still have four thousand credits left and i i got my hundred thousand credits last year sometime so for ten bucks, it’s well worth it and it’s a lot cheaper than some of the uh keyword, research tools out there, some of them cost you fifty dollars a Month, some hundred dollars a month it’s just outrageous, but those are the three tools i use for keyword research now in here i put in make money online and when you type in make money online, what do you think the search intent is okay. So if i go ahead and click on this and see what comes up first of all ways to make money online, okay, so you type and make money online.

That is a broad, broad, broad, broad niche right. It encompasses a lot of things: affiliate marketing, how to make money online ways to make money online, uh all kinds of things that have to do with make money online. But what google brings up in the search results for make money online is they’re going to bring up websites that have domain authorities of 75 with 453 backlinks, a page authority of 50. You know a domain authority 93 now for a broad search. Query like make money online, google is going to show the websites that rank the highest that show the most authority because google trusts these websites. Now, if you drill down a little bit more, if you just click on this right here, it’s going to give you more suggestions now here is more direct to the point you might say for a keyword, intent. You know how to make money online for beginners. I make money online for free make money online with google. As you can see, the search intent is more direct and what people are asking for, but still the competition for. These keywords are really high. 85. 74. 74. 66. I try to keep my competition real low. Like right in there, 10 11 12 all the way up to 18, i would do but uh. It just depends on your website. The content that you write – and you know, can you outrank other people, so this right here would still be too high for me, even if i clicked on let’s see which is the lowest one here.

I believe it’s this one: how to make money online in nigeria. Even though that’s kind of funny, but look at the websites that come up okay, 59 is is getting down here, but these websites are in nigeria, probably yeah. So you can see that some of the competition now this right here i will compete with, but i don’t live in nigeria. So you know that that’s kind of out there for me, but just it’s just goes to show you the content that you know just by clicking on this and even going over here to the long tail for the keyword everywhere too. You can see other suggestions and if you go all the way to the bottom of the google searches, you can find other suggestions down there as well. The important thing is here is to find keywords that you can actually write for, so i want to show you a keyword that i think i could rank for. If i tried to so now, here’s a keyword search term. How can i make a thousand dollars a month blogging, so that’s kind of like make money online how to make money online but you’re more specific, on how you’re going to do this, and so, as you can see the first search term, the first blog post here To be searched is only got a domain of 37 and a page authority of 37 of only 141 backlinks. If you scroll down, you can see websites even smaller the domain authority of 19.

. Now these these are search terms that you can compete with. So if you click on this post right here to see how it’s written you can see right right away that okay, the first thing they do is they have these bloggers make okay. So what was the search term? How can i make a thousand a month blog? So here they have, these bloggers make a thousand dollars per month, which is kind of a late keyword to the original keyword, which was. How can i make a thousand dollars a month blogging but see? This is on the top of the searches or or one of the top searches, because it has a late keyword. Bloggers make a thousand or what it’s not exactly saying how to make a thousand dollars per month. But you see where i’m going here. So if i go to uh take this url and i go to another free tool that i use called work counter all right, and this is where you can write your titles for your blog post too, and you’ll stay within the 60 carrier characters. If you follow this, and you can come up with good uh titles, for your for your blog posts, you can keep within the 60 character limit and try to optimize your block your titles as much as possible. But if i go to here to more tools – and then i go to web page word count and stick that url in there and hit count, works.

You’Re gon na see there’s four thousand words in that blog post. So here this guy is uh. Let’S see one two, three four he’s, fourth from the top, with 4 000 words, and if you click on this first result, then you come over here to the word counter and you put the url in there now remember. This is the first result. 9638 words: now: do you really want to try for this keyword? Do you want to write that many words? Do you want to write a blog post that long that’s, what you have to do to try to outrank this, this blog post and you try to have you have to try to make it better than this blog post and what’s? What the content is so that’s? How you rank with keywords now, once you find the keywords that you want to use, i use this uh plugin called write math that helps a lot with seo. So if you have your title and your search phrase, which my search for this blog post is search engine, optimization process, right, it’s, the process of doing search engine optimization, so the first process is finding the keyword. Second process is using the keyword in your title. So focus keyword, you put it in there, then. If you click on this right here now, it’s going to help you with the seo of the the first part of your blog post, which is the title which then i use the word counter as my tool for keeping within the 60 character limit and trying to Create a long enough title to where it covers the whole 60 words, but, along with search engine, optimization trying to get people to click on it, you need to make it sound, interesting or make them want to click.

For me, i put seo for first page ranking. So maybe somebody might want to click on it check it out. Just because of that, but, along with the title, you need the permalink. You got to have your keyword phrase in your permalink and in your search and in the description or the meta description. Okay, what i do also is, i take the meta description, the first line of the meta description and i put it in the actual blog post, but, as you can see, you’re going to want your your it tells you right here, focus keyword and seo title and Meta description in the url appears in the first 10 percent of the content, which i’ll show you in a second. The focus keyword is found in your content and you haven’t used this keyword before. So. If i go to edit this post you’re going to see that the first sentence of this post is exactly what i have in the meta description and then i go down – and i put the keyword phrase in my content right here – and i have an image here With the with the alt tag, with my search phrase in there and also my first paragraph, is going to have that plus and another a heading tag with the search phrase and it goes down now. I have a video and, as you can see in my content i’m sprinkling around this keyword phrase and then i have it in another video here then i have it here in another image and as you can see, i try to make my content engaging to where People will actually stay around and that’s a big seo.

Ranking factor is if people stick around your website, so if they click here to watch this video hello, this is ray and they decide to watch it all the way through this video is 13 minutes long. They stayed on my website for 13 minutes, that’s a big deal for seo man now also, this is sending signals back to youtube, saying: hey man, this guy’s content is being watched, so youtube is going to rank your videos higher in youtube and so people that go To youtube are now going to come to your website because you have a link. Let me show you this in youtube and they, like my content, see there’s a link right there. They could go right to my website and read this right and you know that’s how you get people see already. I just posted this. I got three views already. People actually go and visit. This youtube channel go to your website and that’s how the cycle goes. It used to be in the past, people had mentality, and you do need backlinks to rank your sites. I’M, not saying you. Don’T need backlinks, because backlinks are very important, but if you’re doing it, this way, backlinks will come naturally and almost automatically people are going to be linking to your stuff right and so google likes it. This way they like natural content, natural links, people coming to your site, naturally not all this for stuff. You know going to visiting websites begging for backlinks try to get your content posted on their website.

You know it’s that was very tedious, but now do it. This way you don’t have to the search engine optimization process that we’re talking about is very simple. So if you like what you’re watching on youtube, please go down there and subscribe to my channel and tick that icon bell.