What is it? Why is it and how, in this video today, we’re going to be learning the inner workings of google what’s what’s, some other search engines, bing people still use bing doctor go that’s a good one. I, like doc, doc, go yeah yeah yeah, but yes, we will be optimizing for search engines. The goal is to one day to be able to go over to google type in randy and have my ugly mug come up on the front page it’s. Actually what? What comes up when we search it now, huh, i tell you what we’re gon na do we’re gon na use the search engine to take down the search engine? How does google work okay here? It is here: oh there’s, a video, oh it’s, three minutes long, yeah digestible. We like this. We liked it let’s absorb. We will be search engine master by the end of this three minute. 15. Second, video. This is key information right here. We’Re gon na have to log it we’re gon na have to type it in in trusty notepad. What goes into a google search spiders how many times the keyword is on the page. So if we have a description, okay on the home page that says randy, randy, randy, randy, randy it’ll come up quicker. Who knows? Do the words appear in the title title in the url directly adjacent what the does directly adjacent mean directly jason when you type up the search, there’s, a string, you just put in appear exactly as you wrote it remember the spiders if a spider finds your name In a page then follows a link in the page and finds your name again: ah, okay, okay, directly adjacent adjacent aka.

If a spider looking sees that name on other pages, does the page include synonyms for those words what’s a synonym for randy sexually, aroused perhaps randy synonyms, lustful heart sexy, yes, Laughter now synonyms in this case would of course just mean my name so randall, thomas randall. Okay, synonyms randall. I don’t like this one, every single time you try type out randall, you leave off an l and i hate you for it or you pull these ones: e l, l, a l, e there’s, just so many possibilities. We’Re gon na save this bad boy into folder and it’s gon na be called big rando’s notes. That’S another synonym, big rando, making google mybitch.txt all right moving on. Is this page from a quality website? Hmm, alright, firstly times i actually did some optimization of this site. Yesterday, look at that look at that speed. You click the fun page boom instant last time. It would take so long because i was fetching data on each request and it would have to wait for that fetch to come through from stripe to get the fun total right now. It’S, just like a static, static, server, side, props function. That happens once every 10 seconds that updates it and it’s just static it’s cached it’s good it’s, sexy that’s. What we’re going to be focusing on for this next ever optimizing this out of the website in every way, shape and form so we’re starting off with seo, and that kind of is just an all encompassing make your site good.

And then google will show it type thing. The better google can understand your site, the better we can match it to people who are looking for your content here at randy.gg enterprises incorporated limited, we have original. We have original content, learn enough to be well on your way to an optimized site. In addition to that, you may want to consider hiring an seo professional that can help you order your pages hiring an seo professional. We don’t do that here. Okay, we become the seo professional. I actually unironically love search engine optimization. This is so much fun to me. I don’t know why, but this is just really interesting. So let’s set up the google search console and let’s continue from that search. Console overview page to every page shows a summary of your performance on google search visit, the page to see a summary of the most important metrics and notifications, including search reforms, index coverage and the mobile usability metrics. All right, let’s open the overview pitch processing data. Please check again in a day or so come on. Bro come off don’t. Do that to me, man i’ll tell you what, while we wait for that, while we wait for that to happen um in a day or so let’s do some more research on seo great unique, accurate page titles. What do we got here head? That is the title: rainy dot gg now here is the next question: should we make the title of the page, randy.

gg or just randy it’ll, improve search results if we just go randy but then it’s like why there are lots of randy’s yeah but there’s only one Randy that really matters, you know all right, so let’s look at the fun page i’m sure this has a title as well. The description is icky. What should the description be? A website? A website full stop there? We go all right description done, just heading tags to emphasize important text. Our i don’t do that i’m gon na write. Something really banging in here. It’Ll. Take me a while to come up with it, but one day, i’m gon na be sitting there. I’M gon na be in the mood and just pure genius is gon na flow through my mind onto that description tag, but for now description now with this it said the more times the keyword appears right, the more likely it is to be searched for right. So what if we change fund to randy’s font? None of this is headed. Every single element here is a div. I need to fix that long story short. There is a whole bunch of stuff here to learn and i have only touched the very tippity toppity of the iceberg, so i’m gon na wait for that uh data to come in via the um by this the google search console and figure out what it is. I need to do in the meantime i’m going to keep reading this and trying to figure something out.

Great boys i’ll see you another time. I don’t know when i’ll be live again, hopefully soon, hopefully soon. Oh um, keep your boys posted Music, stay safe, stay strapped and remember always be clapping.