However, we do get five free raid passes and three free remote raid passes, so it would be a waste not to use them so we’re gon na go for one of each of the birds and then we’ll just see what is left for the last few. So i’ve got a articuno here, uh one of my favorite of the uh, the legendary birds; second, one of course, being maltress, but we’re gon na see how we get on with this let’s see. Who is up for a bit of a raid? So we do have four in the lobby that should be enough to take down this articuno and uh yeah. Hopefully we get a shiny, nice and early on so that really didn’t. Take long at all. First articuno is down with the minimal of effort and uh wouldn’t. It be great to get the shiny on the first check, friendship increased. We like a bit of that and yeah 28th of february guys. Can you believe we are at the end of february already and the weather hopefully is turning. It is an absolutely gorgeous day. Are we gon na get a shadow, a shadow, a shiny and uh first check? We are not 1676., so, while i’m trying to catch this articuna, that is being difficult to say the least uh incensed pokemon go podcast episode. 3 drops today as i’m recording this late afternoon early evening. So by the time this video goes live episode, 3 will be out.

Please check it out. It is quite a good one. We talk about the upcoming events in march. We also give our opinions around some of niantic’s recent decisions and what we thought about the the kanto week. Event that has just finished. Are you gon na stay in the ball it’s about time? No, i am having absolutely no look. I forgot how much of a pain in the ass some of these legendaries were there we go. All i had to do was rub my eyes and we we got it in the ball, not the best. In fact, it couldn’t be an awful lot worse, but uh one down plenty more to go and uh yeah my kanto week didn’t go particularly well. I couldn’t find a shiny for the life of me. However, yesterday, just before i went to the supermarket, i did manage to get my shiny for the week. I always like to put it pretty close to the deadline and yeah. I finally got the shiny, slow poke, which was a new shiny for me, so not knocking that one shiny slowpoke for a while and there we go shiny, slowpoke finally caught so the second one we’ve done we’re doing these in order today, zapdos is down uh, minimal Effort four in the lobby and still 90 seconds these – these birds are not anywhere near as difficult as they once seemed. So are we gon na get a shiny on our second raid, of course, sir, today after today, these birds will no longer be in raids.

We are going to get new raid bosses back tomorrow and zapdos is not shiny, so, starting tomorrow, first of march, we have landorus back in rays in five star raids. The incarnate forms that’s the one with the cloudy uh bottom doorway sitting on a cloud, but we do have the chance to get this in its shiny form, which is awesome. All three of these uh weather trio will be back over the next couple of weeks. I think we get about a week just under of each one and the shiny forms are available and after landrus leaves raise on march 6. We get tornadoes and then thunderous on march 11th, so yeah these they’re stunned it’s not sticking around for too long but let’s face it. People are going to read these once they get the shinies they’re not going to be interested, so we just need to raid the hell out of it and get to get our shinies fast, okay, so other tier five raids that are gon na be out in march. The therian form of thunderous will be out from the 16th to the 30th of march and then from the 30th of march, the therian form of tornados will be out. These will just be the normal versions, not the shiny versions. The weather is just great today, very, very sunny, quite warm actually for the time of year and yeah first time wearing the ray bans for well for this year.

Certainly, and there we go maltress, probably the easiest of the three to take down that’s down again. Once again, in good time, only three of us in that one thanks chaz for jumping in really do appreciate the assist there and let’s see. Could this one be be our shiny of the day? Hopefully we get a shiny, i mean. Obviously nothing is guaranteed. You guys, you know my luck, you know my luck, but there we go it’s a normal mulches 1936 again, not having much luck with the uh, the quality of these birds and certainly not with throws like that, and there we go that’s a little bit better. So yeah march is looking up in terms of tier five raids, it’s nice that we’re getting something new, it’s nice that we’re getting new shinies it’s been a very long time since we got something something new in five star rays and i think that’s luck yeah. I thought so that one is absolutely terrible, so research breakthrough, rewards for march are actually going to be pretty good we’re, finally going to get something worthwhile. Having gibbel is going to be our research reward for march and it’s quite nice, that it’s a five week month, because that gives us five chances at a shiny gibble. This moltres is almost down on spotlight hours march, 2nd we’ve got crabby a decent spoiler hour march, 9th drowsy march 16th, volatile now that’s, the one i really want. 23Rd we’ll see cersket and slugma on the the 30th, which i’m not too bothered about the last two.

But here we go not shiny Music come on last one. So what else can we look forward to in module? We’Ve got the searching for legends event, which starts on tuesday march and night. We’Ve got an incense day featuring psychic and steel type, pokemon that’s on sunday march 14th. The charge up event starts tuesday, march 16th and weather week starts wednesday march 24th. We go into these in a bit more detail in the incense podcast, so check us on all good streaming platforms wherever you download your podcast we’re, also going to be getting weekly free, bundles containing 10 ultables, 10 raspberries and a remote raid passenger shop each monday in March and quality of life updates trading pokemon will have a chance of rewarding candy xl for the pokemon you’ve traded. The chance of receiving candy xl will increase. The greater the distance between the pokemon catch location is welcome, with your buddy will now give a chance of earning candy xl and catching legendary, mythical or evolved. Pokemon is now guaranteed to reward candy xl, so get your meltdown boxes out, because uh that’s an easy one to max out to level 50 since the the candy xl will be guaranteed. Also, this coming saturday is going to be fletchling community day is one i’m really looking forward to and uh yeah. I think i have to work for some of the day, but i will certainly be giving it as much time and focus as i can, because uh yeah fletchling is a pretty cool shiny.

First gen 6 community delay that we’ve had so. Thank you very much for watching. Please give a thumbs up like this. Video subscribe if you’re, either new to the channel or haven’t done so already, don’t forget to check out incense pokemon go podcast on apple music, spotify or wherever you get your podcasts and i’ll catch.